Saturday 22 February 2014

Sesame Curryleaves Spice Powder/Ellu Karuvepillai Podi

I cant imagine my pantry without spice powders, monthly once or twice i'll prepare varieties of spice powders. These spice powders will definitely helps you whenever you run out of veggies or lazy to cook your lunch. Once i came back home after my long stay in India, the first thing i prepared back at home is this spice powder and a thogayal with plantain stem. Yes i missed spice powders that much eventhough i had so many options to buy or to prepare at home. I picked this spice powder from a supplement we get along with a Tamil magazine called Aval Vikatan, this spice powder goes for simple ingredients and gets ready in a jiffy.

The original recipe went for white sesame seeds, but i prepared mine with black sesame seeds apart from it, i followed the original recipe without any change. Since i had fresh curry leaves which i carried all the way from India, i dont want to miss a chance to give a try to this podi. We enjoyed thoroughly this flavourful  podi with hot piping rice topped with gingelly oil.This post goes  for the CC Challenge of the month.

1/4cup Black sesame seeds
1/4cup Curry leaves
3nos Dry red chillies
2tbsp Urad dal

Dry roast the sesame seeds until a nice aroma comes from..

In the same pan, dry roast the curry leaves until they turns crisp.

Now dry roast the dry red chillies and urad dal until they turns brown.

Let all the ingredients gets cool completely.

Now take everything in a mixie jar and grind as fine powder with salt.

Serve with rice topped with gingelly oil or ghee.

Conserve the spice powder in an air tightened box.

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Srivalli said...

Very flavoursome podi Priya...and so healthy as well..