Friday, 12 October 2018

Anda Pudhina Pulao/Mint Egg Pulao

Pudhina pulao is quite an aromatic one pot meal to dish out with less efforts if you opt for a pressure cooker. Indian pressure cookers are real blessings if you want to dish out one pot meals easily and quickly. Today am posting a delicious, flavoursome rich and definitely an aromatic rice dish prepared with a spiced mint leaves paste along with already boiled and pan fried eggs. An easy pulao to dish out especially for weekend lunch or weeknight dinner. Served along with a simple raita or a delicious gourmet gravy, trust me this minty egg pulao will definitely please anyone's tastebuds easily. Since i cooked this pulao in pressure cooker, you can dish out this flavourful pulao in an ease even if you have sudden guests at home.

Egg Pudhina Pulao, Egg & Mint Pulao

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Egg Bhurji Tikki/Scrambled Eggs Patties/Egg Cutlet

Have you ever tried dishing out tikkis/patties with Scrambled eggs aka egg bhurji. I have tried my hands in dishing out some tikkis with scrambled eggs. Trust me, this tikkis came out extremely delicious and we enjoyed thoroughly having these incredible cutlets with some spicy chutney for our evening snacks. You might have noticed that am posting three different dishes with an ingredient, yes my theme for this week's blogging marathon is One ingredient in three ways, obviously after making a lipsmacking Egg white cubes kurma, i couldnt stop myself dishing out this easy yet a delicious evening snacks for this theme. You can prepare these tikkis before a day even for a get together or a party as these patties stays prefect in fridge for a day.

Scrambled Egg Cutlet, Mutta Cutlet

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Egg White Cubes & Vegetable Kurma/ Mutta Kaaikari Kurma

Kurma is an aromatic flavourful curry which can be prepared with meats or vegetables or else with both meats and vegetables.Kurma is definitely a gourmet gravy as this curry is prepared with couple of spices and coconut cream. Kurma is our favourite curry as this dish can be served along with any sort of flavoured rice or simply with cooked basmati rice or else with rotis or naans. Obviously Kurma is a fabulous gravy to serve with any sort of the dish. I have already dished out couple of varieties of kurma but still some variety of kurmas are yet to cook and post in my space. One among those kurmas is this Egg white cubes kurma with couple of vegetables. Usually whole boiled eggs are used in kurma hence this kurma is definitely a different dish from the usual egg kurma.

Egg Whites Kurma, Kaikaari Mutta Kurma

Sunday, 19 August 2018

Galette de Sarrasin/French Eggfree Buckwheat Crepes

Do you know buckwheat crepes are quite popular in Brittany region of France?. You might have heard lot about the popular Crepes served either with sugar, jam,nutella or sometimes flambée but savoury crepes do exists in French cuisine. Traditionally called as Galette de Sarassin, this thin crepes or pancakes are seriously very hearty and gluten free. Just milk, oil, salt, all purpose flour and buckwheat flour is quite enough to dish out this delicious crepes. Eggs are used in this crepes, but i skipped it. Buckwheat crepes are easily made at home as much as like usual crepes. These crepes are usually served as savory one either with ham, cheese or egg with cheese in it. If you are visiting Brittany region, you will definitely cross many roadside vendors and popular restuarants serves these savory crepes even late in nite.

Buckwheat Crepes