Sunday, 19 August 2018

Galette de Sarrasin/French Eggfree Buckwheat Crepes

Do you know buckwheat crepes are quite popular in Brittany region of France?. You might have heard lot about the popular Crepes served either with sugar, jam,nutella or sometimes flambée but savoury crepes do exists in French cuisine. Traditionally called as Galette de Sarassin, this thin crepes or pancakes are seriously very hearty and gluten free. Just milk, oil, salt, all purpose flour and buckwheat flour is quite enough to dish out this delicious crepes. Eggs are used in this crepes, but i skipped it. Buckwheat crepes are easily made at home as much as like usual crepes. These crepes are usually served as savory one either with ham, cheese or egg with cheese in it. If you are visiting Brittany region, you will definitely cross many roadside vendors and popular restuarants serves these savory crepes even late in nite.

Buckwheat Crepes

Saturday, 18 August 2018

Vegan Pissaladière/Vegan French Onion Pizza

Pissaladière is a French style of pizza which have its origin from Nice in Southern France. The dough used usually for making this dish is a bread doughwhich is rolled bit thicker than the classic pizza Margherita. And the topping consists of caramelised onions, black olives and anchoives. It is served as an appetizer and its traditionally cooked and sold early each morning around Nice. Pissaladière is a French style Onion pizza which can be enjoyed as a main dish or an appetizer depending upon how they are served. The main ingredient for preparing this aromatic pissaladiére is slow cooked onions, gently fried until they are soft, sweet and caramelized. Traditional Niçoise Pissaladière calls for anchovies,and my today's post is a Vegan Pissaladière. Vegan Pissaladière is definitely a fabulous treat for vegan lovers.

Vegan Pissaladiere,Vegan Onion Pizza

Friday, 17 August 2018

Soupe de Lentilles/French Vegan Lentils Soup

Soup is quite a comforting meal for me and most of our dinner calls for soups and salads. Soup will definitely please your hungry tummies easily. I just love to dish out some quick soups with loads of vegetables and legumes. One of our family favourite is always French lentils soup. Usually prepared with le Puy lentils, these gluten free and vegan soup will definitely makes your tummy happy. Definitely a satisfying bowl of this soup  is totally hearty and healthy. Rich in protein, this vegan bowl of soup is quite a filling soup if you are in diet. Extremely easy, this soup can be prepared even in advance if you feel lazy to cook after your hectic day. Indian pressure cooker works awesome to dish out this soup. However preparing this soup in a large pot also works prefectly if you want to make this soup in traditional way.

French Lentils soup

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Mint Sweet Corn Balls/Pudhina Sweet Corn Kola Urundai

Kola urundai, this deep fried balls are usually prepared with minced meat, but am trying to replicate those meat loaded balls with different vegetables. I have already tried couple of versions of this popular meat loaded kola urundais. Since these deep fried balls are my kid's favourite, i dont forget to make them once a while eventhough am keeping myself away from deepfrying. I have created few of my own kola urundais with varieties of vegetables and ingredients as these balls are just prefect to feed kids easily with vegetables. Though these balls are usually deep fried even you can prepare them as no deep fried balls just by cooking them through paniyaram pan.
Here comes few of own versions of Kola urundais:
1)Soya Chunks Kola Urundai
2)No deep fry Chickpeas kola urundai
3)Broccoli Kola urundai
4)Soya Kheema Cashew Nut Kola Urundai
5)Mushroom Spinach Kola urundai
6)Egg Kola Urundai

Minty Sweet corn Balls, Sweet corn kola urundai