Saturday, 12 January 2019

Poached Egg Curry/Mutta Curry/Egg Drop Curry

Its been a while i blogged about a non vegetarian dish in this space, and this poached egg curry is our family favourite. With usual ingredients and flavored with coconut milk, this poached egg curry is definitely a fingerlicking dish. One can have this curry with a bowl of rice or with some rotis. This poached egg curry can be an excellent party friendly dish if you are planning for a Non vegetarian menu plan for your get together. Very easy and simple to make, this curry makes a prefect pair to serve with mildly spiced pulaos, variety rices or else simply with any sort of Indian flatbreads. I just love this curry with hot steaming rice and i usually call this curry as 2 in 1. Yes this curry doesnt need any side dish to serve with.

Poached Egg Curry, Egg drop curry

Friday, 11 January 2019

Aloo Matar Besan Curry/Potato & Peas in Gramflour Curry

Indian cuisine is loaded with many delightful dishes and its one of the flavourful cuisine of the world. From easy to traditional, many varieties of curries and gravies do exists. Am running this week's blogging marathon with Easy Dinner Dishes as theme, and i have been sharing some easy Indian curries for the theme. My today's post is an easy curry which is very simple, quick and delicious to cook with pantry friendly ingredients. This besan curry is my mom's signature dish which she never fail to make whenever she makes pooris for our breakfast or dinner. One of the simplest side dish to prepare with less ingredients and spices.

Aloo Matar Besan Curry, Potato & Peas gramflour curry

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Butternut Squash& Drumstick Leaves Dal Curry

Looking for a simple dal curry to serve with rice of rotis, then you have to check my today's recipe. Its definitely a simple, flavoursome rich and wonderful side dish or curry to have with anything for your dinner or for lunch. My today's recipe calls for both Butternut squash and drumstick leaves, and this is quite a unique combination to work with. Since i had some leftover butternut squash chunks after preparing a soup with, i couldnt stop myself to dish out this dal curry. This dish is simple, easy to make, definitely a flavourful rich side dish or curry to have with both rice and rotis. Butternut squash gives some mild sweetness but with our Indian spices, this dal curry came out extremely delicious.

Butternut Squash & Drumstick Leaves Kootu, Butternutsquash Dal

Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Khara Paruppu Poli/Channadal Paruppu Poli

Puran Poli is well known as Obbattu or Holige, is quite a popular sweet flatbread which have their own place in every festivals. And this Poli is prepared with channadal, jaggery and coconut which is flavored with cardamom powder.However even toor dal is commonly used in the state of Karnataka,Gujarat and Tamil Nadu as well. But Moongdal is very much used in Andhra pradesh where this flatbread is called as bobbatlu or bakshalu. However savoury version of this fabulous sweetened flatbread do exists. And we call it fondly as Khara poli, which is definitely a tasty and dangerously delicious evening snack to enjoy with your favourite drink. Stuffed with spiced mashed channadal filling, this khara poli makes a filling snacks or starters depending upon how you serve this fantastic flatbread.

Khara Poli, Channadal Poli