Saturday, 14 June 2014

Strawberry Marmalade / Chunky Strawberry Jam

Marmalade or jam is just fruit cooked with sugar and citric acid which means lemon juice. Homemade jams are best and its hardly goes for less ingredients, no preservative no food colouring obviously i love to make my small batch of fresh fruit jams at home whenever its peak season for any fruits. Everytime i'll go to Farmer's market,i'll look in couple of stalls to get a good quality pulpy fruits to make jams at home. As i told earlier jams doesnt need anything particular, just fruit chunks, sugar and lemon juice is quite enough to make a bottle of preservative free jams.

This time i prepared this strawberry marmalade aka chunky strawberry jam with super juicy strawberries i have bought recently. Strawberry marmalade makes an excellent pair with crepes or as a delicious topping for desserts. I have prepared a bread rolls with this marmalade, will post it very soon. Usually for most us marmalade means orange marmalade but still you can make with strawberries.I picked this marmalade from Jams and Marmalades, a booklet i got while i went for a product launching here. This post goes  for the CC Challenge of the month.

4cups Strawberries (halved)
1/2cup Sugar
1no Vanilla gousse (slitted) or 1/2tsp Vanilla extract
2tbsp Lemon juice

In a bowl, take the strawberries, sugar and vanilla extract, keep aside for 15minutes to marinate.

After 15minutes, put them in a sauce pan over high heat and stir constantly for  few minutes until the berries gets mashed slightly.

Add the lemon juice, cook for few more minutes.

Put off the stove, and let the mixture thickens.


prachi agarwal said...

looks........yummy.......will try it soon........

Usha said...

Ha, that is such an easy recipe! Looks good and tasty. Thanks for sharing it.

Srivalli said...

Wow priya the marmalade looks so tempting and very easy to make, guess I can make with other fruits the same way..:)

Arthy shama said...

Strawberry marmalade looks completely yummy, my daughter would have them finish with one toast :)

Pavani N said...

With fresh strawberries available everywhere this is the perfect dish to make with them.

Chef Mireille said...

like the chunky look by not cutting the strawberries so small

Pavani N said...

Strawberry marmalade looks amazing.