Wednesday 15 April 2015

Blood Orange Lemonade

Weather is too hot here suddenly, its almost like summer eventhough we are in spring. Needless to say that if the weather is hot, who will hesitate to second to make some refreshing drink. Today's post is one of my very recent trial with blood oranges.Blood Orange Lemonade, this refreshing thirsty quencher is definitey an ultimate drink if the weather is too hot outside. When i picked blood oranges from my near by farmer's market, they were bit sour as its almost the end of the season. After a salad, i simply prepared this very catchy drink. Guess wat happened, they just gets vanished very much easily than i imagined. This drink makes an excellent summer drink.If you dont get blood oranges, try this lemonade with oranges.

Blood Orange Lemonade

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Blood Orange Lemonade

3nos Blood oranges (peeled & deseeded)
1no Lemon
Sugar (as per need)
Ice Cubes (if needed)
A pinch Salt
Chilled Water (as per need)

Take the blood orange chunks,sugar,salt and chilled water in a blender, blend everything as a smooth paste.

Strain this blended blood orange juice.

Squeeze the lemon juice and ice cubes as per need, stir it well.

Serve immediately.

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