Tuesday 12 July 2016

Oats and Palm Jaggery Kheer/Oats Panavellam Payasam

Oats is my most favourite wholegrains and i never forget to make varieties of kheer out of this incredible grain. When i picked Diabetic friendly sweets as this week's theme for blogging marathon, i couldnt resist to dish out a simple and diabetic friendly kheer. Yes my today's post calls for both rolled oats and palm jaggery syrup,when cooked together this two incredible ingredients makes an excellent kheer to relish without any fuss. Fortunately everyone at home just love kheer especially with rolled oats. When i told them about palm jaggery and oats kheer, my lil one asked me to go with as his sweet tooth were craving for some kheer.

Oats & Palm jaggery Kheer

Coming to this simple kheer, i used rolled oats and an easy palm jaggery syrup prepared simply with palm jaggery and water. Very easy to make, this kheer suits prefectly for a pooja as prasadam or else to celebrate a special day if you have diabetic peoples around you. Since i used palm jaggery for preparing this kheer, am sure this kheer will definitely satisfy everyone's sweet tooth. Obviously if you want to dish out something healthy for a kheer, just go with this beautiful diabetic friendly oats kheer.

Oats Panavellam Payasam,Palm Jaggery and Oats Kheer

1/2cup Rolled oats
1tbsp Ghee
1/2cup Grated palm jaggery
2nos Cardamoms
Few chopped nuts
1cup Coconut milk

Heat the ghee and dry roast the rolled oats until they turns crispy and a nice aroma comes from.

Meanwhile make a thick syrup with grated palm jaggery and water, once the jaggery gets melts, strain the syrup and keep aside.

Oats n Palm Jaggery Kheer, Oats Panavellam Payasam

Now bring boil the coconut milk and a cup of water, add the roasted rolled oats, crushed cardamoms and cook for a while.

Finally add the palm jaggery syrup to the cooking kheer, cook for few seconds,put off the stove.

Add the chopped nuts and serve warm.

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Srividhya said...

This is a great idea. Love it. Easy to prepare on festival days also.

vaishali sabnani said...

I am a kheer fan, and absolutely love the idea of oats kheer..awesome.

www.annapurnaz.in said...

A guilt free dessert...can have a big bowl

Srivalli said...

Another super delicious dessert Priya..

Smruti Ashar said...

That is a wonderful way to make kheer. Lovely twist with the oats and palm jaggery!

Pavani said...

Wow never thought of making kheer with oats. That is a great idea and love the addition of Palm jaggery in there.