Tuesday 5 July 2016

Pizza Paratha

When i decided to prepare pizza dishes for this week's blogging marathon theme, the first dish which came to my mind was pizza quesadillas. Coz of my busy schedule, i couldnt prepare homemade tortillas eventhough tortillas are available in nearby provisional stores. When you love to make tortillas from scratch, you wont go to stores to pick them rite, i did the same. Then i changed my mind and went with some frozen spinach parathas which i have freezed after finishing our dinner last week. Freezing partially cooked parathas are really very handy, you can finish your lunch or dinner quickly if your freezer have this frozen parathas. Obviously those spinach parathas came to my rescue and hence this vegetable loaded pizza parathas.

Pizza with Spinach Paratha

Though initially i want to go for open faced pizza with these frozen parathas,but i couldnt resist to prepare them as much as like quesadillas. Again one more easy dish to dish out if you have pizza lovers around you. If you want to feed your kids with healthy ingredients in their pizza, then just go through this post. Since i want to stick with vegetable loaded pizza, i opted for some mixed finely chopped vegetables, trust me none at home missed the meat in this pizza. Give a try to this healthy, interesting pizza paratha to tickle your tastebuds.

Pizza with Spinach Paratha,Pizza Paratha

Uncooked parathas (as per need)
Pizza Sauce (as per need)
Mixed Vegetables

Heat a pan in simmer,drop the paratha to the hot pan, gently spread the pizza sauce to half of the paratha.

Sprinkle enough vegetables, top it with cheese, fold the another half of paratha over the cheese to form half moon shaped paratha.

Cook on both sides in simmer until the cheese gets melted.

Pizza Spinach Paratha

Once the paratha get well toasted, transfer to a plate and cut as a 4 wedges..

Serve warm with salad.
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vaishali sabnani said...

Yes this is what I love and make often...lovely..Priya I am drooling, want to grab it right away.

Smruti Ashar said...

Spinach parathas with pizza stuffing is lovely. Great recipe Priya!

Pavani said...

Wow love these spinach parathas with pizza topping. So inviting and delicious.

Sandhya Ramakrishnan said...

What can be a better pizza base than our own paratha. Lovely choice Priya!

Nalini's Kitchen said...

Pizza paratha looks so delicious,I am drooling and wish have few.

Srivalli said...

This is surely something that is so addictive!