Wednesday 19 October 2016

Kelyache Shikran/Maharashtrian Kelichi Shikran/Easy Banana Milk Dessert

If you are looking for an easy breezy and a very quick dish to serve your loved ones, trust me you will seriously love this Maharashtrian dessert aka Easy Banana Milk. Almost like Banana Rasayana, an another no cook and easy banana dessert which calls for grated coconut or coconut milk, this dish is prepared with usual cow milk. Banana Rasayana is served for Neivedhayam, while Kelyache Shikran is served and enjoyed as dessert or accompaniment to relish with rotis or else for snacks. Served chilled this easy breezy dish makes an excellent dessert after a heavy meal as well. Whoever loves anything with banana will definitely enjoy thoroughly this ultimate dessert.

Kelyache Shikran, Banana Milk Dessert.jpg

Trust me this dessert will definitely become everyone's favourite as this simple dish tastes extremely delicious and a kid's friendly recipe as well. My kids enjoyed thoroughly and loved it to the core. Am running this week's blogging marathon with Kid's delight-Fruit based recipes as theme. After two different interesting dishes with fruits, i couldnt stop myself to post this popular Maharashtrian dessert aka Kelyache Shikran.Just with three ingredients, you can prepare this dish in less than 5 minutes.How easy na.

Maharashtrian Kelichi Shikran, Easy Banana Milk Dessert.jpg

2nos Bananas (sliced thinly or mashed partially)
1big glass Milk
Sugar (as per need)
A pinch Cardamom powder

Take the sliced bananas in a large bowl.

Add the milk, sugar and cardamom powder, mix well until the sugar gets completely dissolved.

Maharashtrian Banana Dessert, Kelyache Shikran

Serve immediately or chilled.

Enjoy as dessert or serve as accompaniment with rotis.

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vaishali sabnani said...

A bowl of chilled dessert always lures a person . Light and healthy dessert .

Beena said...

Simple yummy dessert

Gayathri Kumar said...

We make this every Friday as neivedhyam and we call it as Pal Pazham. It is a favourite of all in my house.

annuswamy said...

Soooo simple. I'm sure kids will enjoy.

Harini R said...

Simple and yumm. My inlaws used to have this almost everyday.

Chef Mireille said...

this is very popular in thai too except they use coconut milk

Pavani said...

What an easy peasy dessert that is. Looks great.