Saturday 5 May 2018

Cheese Stuffed Vegetable & Drumstick Leaves Balls

If you dont know how to feed your kids easily with vegetables and greens,dont forget to check my today's post. Trust me, though this cheese stuffed vegetable balls are deep fried, they are loaded with varieties of vegetables and drumstick leaves. Obviously its quite a best way to sneak vegetable and the healthy iron rich drumstick leaves as well. With less efforts and simple ingredients, these crispy cuties gets ready very much easily. Very simple vegetable balls stuffed with mozzarella bites makes this cuties. Kids will definitely go crazy if they see this deep fried beauties for their snacks. Trust me, anyone who ever like cheese especially mozzarella cheese will definitely fell in love with this cute balls.

Cheesy Vegetable Balls
Steamed cooked vegetables when mashed along with sauteed drumstick leaves is much needed to roll these vegetable balls. Since i dont want to spice these balls much, i opted for pepper powder. If you want to add some masala flavour, you can add a dash of garam masala or chilly powder depending upon your tastebuds. These vegetables are dangerously addictive, dont forget to have these balls when they were still warm to enjoy the oozinf melted cheese.Am running this week's blogging marathon with Kid's friendly-bite sized foods as theme.Obviously after two delicious bite sized foods i couldnt stop myself to post this incredible deep fried beauties.Sending this to Srivalli's Kids Delight event, guest hosted by Refeeda, themed on "Bite Sized Food" for Kids.

Cheese stuffed Vegetable Balls

2cups Mixed vegetables ( carrot, cauliflower,broccoli)
2nos Potatoes
1/4cup Drumstick leaves
1tbsp Corn flour
1/2tsp Pepper powder
1ball Mozzarella cheese
1/2cup Bread crumbs
1tbsp Maida/all purpose flour
1tsp Cornflour
Oil for deepfrying

Pressure cook the mixed vegetables with potatoes. Meanwhile saute the drumstick leaves with enough oil until they shrinks a bit.

Mash the cooked vegetables, sauteed drumstick leaves in a bowl, add the pepper powder,corn flour and salt and mix everything well.

Cut the mozzarella cheese as medium sized cubes,keep aside.

Make a neither thick nor a thin white paste with all purpose flour,corn flour and water,keep aside.

Take a medium sized ball of vegetable mixture and roll it as a round.

Make a hole in the centre and keep a piece of cubes cheese in it.

Close the cheese completely with the vegetable mixture and roll again as ball.

Roll it over the bread crumbs,keep aside for few minutes in fridge.

Cheese Stuffed Drumstick Leaves Balls

Heat oil for deepfrying.

Drop the balls and fry them until they turns golden brown.

Drain the excess of oil with paper towel, enjoy with your favourite sauce.


Varada's Kitchen said...

I like all the ingredients that went into these. Lovely flavor combo.

Gayathri Kumar said...

This is such a great option for kid's snacks. That mozzarella cube inside will make every kid crazy!

Rafeeda AR said...

That filling of cheese is the highlight... oh, how can I forget the moringa leaves! Nobody uses them in fried treats, this is so well done!

Srivalli said...

I would love to make this for my daughter, she will love it!..

Harini R said...

Interesting addition of drumstick leaves and the cheese inside will definitely get the kids to finish off their portion :). Very clever!

cookwithrenu said...

Simply awesome...drumstick and vegetables and cheese........lovely and healthy share

Sandhiya said...

Love how you incorporate country vegetable/leaves in these kind of fancy dish. Perfect snack to munch on with tea !!

Nalini's Kitchen said...

Kids will love it for sure and also the way you incorporated drumstick leaves is quite interesting..

Pavani said...

Wow what an inviting veggie balls these are. Love the addition of drumstick leaves and the cheese in the middle. Yummy!!

Padmajha said...

This is a great snack Priya and one of the best ways to get my kiddo eat greens.Looks very yum!