Tuesday 15 July 2014

Roasted Urad Dal Flour

South Indian savoury snacks are not complete without the addition of roasted urad dal flour, this flour is must for savoury snacks like murukku,seedai,thattais. This flour can be prepared at home with just an ingredient. Yes just deskinned urad dal is quite enough to make this flour at home easily. When dehusked urad dals roasted in a pan without oil in low flame turned as golden brown is the only ingredients which makes this nice aromatic flour. Slow roasting urad dal makes an excellent homemade urad dal flour. You can make this flour earlier and they can stay prefect for a long if they are stored properly in an air tightened container or bottle. If your urad dal and rice flour is ready at home you can make savoury snacks quickly for your evening snacks.

You can make a huge batch of this flour, but however i'll prepare mine in small quantity. Since we have urad dal always in our pantry, we can make this flour quickly in small batches, but you can still do huge batch of this urad dal flour if you dont have enough time or you want this flour readily in your pantry.

1/2cup Deskinned Urad dal

Dry roast the urad dal in low flame without oil.

Once the dals turns golden brown with a nice aroma comes from, put off the stove.

Let them cool completely, transfer the roasted dals to a mixie jar.

Grind as fine powder, sieve it.

Now store the flour in an air tightened container for further use.

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