Friday 19 May 2017

Strawberry Chocolate Custard

A simple sweet or dessert is quite enough to celebrate an occasion na, and my today's post is definitely one among those simple sweet or dessert to give a try if you dont have an idea of cook up something new. My today's post calls for very easy and simple ingredients, a couple of ingredients like custard powder, chopped chocolate, sugar and milk is very much needed to dish out this custard. Though i prepared this dessert with Strawberries, you can dish out this same fabulous dessert with any sort of fruits or else with a lovely medley of tropical fruits, its all upto you. Since strawberries started showing their heads in farmer's market, i didnt hesitate a second to grab some juicy,succulent strawberries. Obviously i cant think any other fruits than strawberries to add in this simple trifle like dessert.

Strawberry & Chocolate Custard trifle

This custard dessert takes hardly less than 15minutes to get ready and the chilling part take atleast an hour or two. Needless to say that this simple custard can please anyone's tastebuds and not to forget that this dessert is definitely an effortless sweet to prepare for a get together. Definitely a crowd pleaser, this strawberry loaded chocolate custard makes an excellent dessert after a meal or else a sweet to prepare and celebrate a beautiful occasion. Am running this week's blogging marathon with Mother's day Sweets as theme, hence am posting this absolutely sinful chocolate custard to suit the theme.

Strawberry Chocolate custard

1cup Sugar
1/2cup Chopped chocolates
3tbsp Custard powder
1cup Milk
2cups Cream
1tsp Vanilla extract
Strawberries (sliced, as per need)

Heat the milk, cream,sugar in a heavy bottomed vessel.

Once the sugar gets dissolved, add the custard powder, chopped chocolates,whisk in simmer until the mixture turns thick, keep this chocolate aside.

Let it cool completely. (dont forget to stir continously to avoid the skin form on the top of the custard.

Strawberry & Chocolate Custard

Spoon the cooled chocolate custard in a serving glass. Once half filled, top the chocolate custard with sliced strawberries as per need.

Now top the strawberries again with chocolate custard, finally top the chocolate custard with sliced strawberries again.

Arrange in fridge atleast for an hour or two hours.

Once chilled, enjoy!!

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Gayathri Kumar said...

Strawberries adds a great beauty to the delicious chocolatey custard..

vaishali sabnani said...

The chocolate and strawberry combo is heavenly ! Would love to dig in , the dessert looks fabulous.

Rafeeda AR said...

The combination of strawberries and chocolate is unbeatable... Looks really delicious...

Sandhiya said...

Simple yet delicious Custard. Strawberries on top of it makes it more vibrant.

rajani said...

Chocolate and strawberries is a wonderful combination. I am a fan of custard and puddings

Pavani said...

Yum, yumm, yumm!! That looks so scrumptious Priya. Chocolate and strawberries is an amazing combination.

Srivalli said...

Gosh that serving looks downright sinful must have been so so delicious..

Sharmila kingsly said...

Chocolate custard looks so delicious!!

cookingwithsapana said...

Chocolate strawberries are ultimate combo. The dessert looks sinful.