Thursday 11 May 2017

Grilled Cheese Potatoes

Grilled cheese potatoes, this dish is definitely a real feast to whoever loves potatoes and cheese in their food. Cheese and potatoes when cooked together makes some tremendously delicious dishes. And my today's post is one of the best among those delicious dishes cooked with potatoes and cheese, kids will enjoy thoroughly this absolutely delicious super cheesy grilled potatoes. Very easy to prepare, this fantastic dish will definitely please anyone's tastebuds. Just a handful of sliced onions and few sliced baby potatoes when spiced simply with pepper powder, salt and dried herbs is quite enough to make this cheesy and flavourful dish. You can serve this Grilled cheese potatoes as main dish or else as a side for some grilled meats or with boiled vegetables.

Grilled cheese potatoes

And this incredible grilled cheese potatoes goes to this week's blogging marathon as i picked Vegetarian grilling as this week's theme.Grilled in aluminium foil, this incredible grilled potatoes gets cooked easily with less efforts. I prepared mine as completely vegetarian, if you feel like adding some meats, dont forget to add any sort of meat of your choice. As i told in my earlier post, i grilled this incredible dish with my favourite electric griller. Wrapped in aluminium foil, this potatoes gets cooked prefectly awesome with a fantastic flavor. Give a try if you want something cheesy or if you are planning a get together with your friends.

Grilled Mozzarella cheese Potatoes

1/4kg Baby potatoes (sliced)
1cup Onions(sliced)
Pepper powder
Dried parsley leaves
Cheese (as per need)
2tbsp Olive oil

Take an aluminium foil, spray it generously, keep aside.

Meanwhile, take the sliced baby potatoes, sliced onions, salt, pepper powder, dried parsley leaves and olive oil.

Mix well and drop it gently to the already prepared aluminium foil and wrap it.

Drop the aluminium foil to the hot grill, cover it and grill it for atleast 45minutes.

Grilled cheese potatoes, Grilled potatoes

Now open the grill and open the foil carefully.

Add the cheese as you desire and grill it again for 10-15minutes or until the potatoes turns tender.

Serve warm.


Sharmila kingsly said...

Yummy and Cheesy Potatoes!! Perfect Grill!!

Zerin said...

Would be great for a BBQ picnic.

Suma Gandlur said...

Perfect pocket of grilled potatoes. they look very inviting.

Gayathri Kumar said...

These grilled potatoes look awesome Priya. Perfect side dish to any of our Indian main dishes.

Chef Mireille said...

cheese and potatoes - a classic combination that never fails to please!

Srivalli said...

That must have been so yummy Priya..I love this cheese and potato combination..and recently made it differently for kids..

Pavani said...

I think my family will LOVE this grilled potatoes and cheese. It looks sooo inviting and delicious.