Friday 19 August 2016

Vegetable Idly Waffle/Waffle with Idly Batter

Earlier my younger kid was a fussy eater, obviously i crossed some terrible situations to feed my fussy eater with healthy foods. We need to think sometimes out of the box to feed those kids. However my small brain works wonder when its comes to feed my kids. Its not a easy task but still we can make fantastic dishes out from our usual foods. My today's post is one among those kid's friendly breakfast. Idly waffles, if you have waffle maker and idly batter at home, you can dish out this waffles easily with less efforts.

Vegetable Idly Waffle
Served along with spicy side dish, kids will enjoy thoroughly this crispy waffles. Since i want to make these waffles with vegetables, i have added some chopped onions,grated potatoes with chopped green bellpeppers to make this idly waffles more interesting. You can add any veggies of your choice or you can completely skip it. Try this idly waffles for your kid's breakfast, and see how quickly these waffles gets vanished. I picked Kid's delight-Breakfast as this week's blogging marathon theme, hence am posting this post for this theme.

Waffle with Idly Batter, Vegetable Idly Waffle

3cups Idly Batter
1/2cup Chopped onions,grated potato & chopped bellpepper
Oil for greasing

Heat the waffle maker, meanwhile add the vegetables,salt (if needed) to the idly batter, mix well and keep aside.

Once the waffle maker gets well heated, grease it with enough oil.

Drop enough batter, close it and let it cook until the waffles turns golden brown.

Idly Waffle, Vegetable Idly Waffle

Remove and transfer the waffles to a plate.


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Sona said...

Innovative recipe with idli batter. Kids will love it. said...

No doubts mothers are always smarter. They devise the different ways to feed their kids, however fussy the kid may be. Nice way to make idly waffles!!

Kalyani said...

good twist on plain old Idli - this month many such recipes with the waffle maker :)

Harini R said...

Awesome idea.

Pavani said...

Wow I'm in love with these idli waffles. Will definitely try it out soon.

MySpicyKitchen said...

Haha, indeed you tiny brain does works wonderfully and you come up with such innovative recipes!! Good one with idly batter.