Wednesday 26 November 2014

Chinese Style Fusion Spaghetti

I love chinese cuisine,since am living in Chinatown chinese products are easily available for me hence i cook often foods with chinese ingredients. Few days back, my kids asked me to make some noodles for their lunch since ran out of noodles i simply replaced the noodles with spaghetti and made this fusion spaghetti dish. Served with a Hoisin sauce and sriracha chilly sauce based sauce, this chinese style fusion spaghetti tastes absolutely fabulous. Spaghetti or noodles however my kids went crazy when they saw this fusion spaghetti. I prepared the sauce with loads of vegetables and chicken breast, if you are a vegetarian just skip the chicken and go for soyachunks or simply tofu for making this same dish.

Fusion spaghetti, chinese style spaghetti

Tuesday 25 November 2014

Pizza Bread Cups

Pizzas, every kid's favourite, make it with anything am sure kids will go crazy. One can make pizza just with bread slices, even pizzas can be done with Indian breads like chappathis, Naans or with Dosa.Even pizzas can be prepared easily and quickly with vegetables, will post soon a vegetable pizza i tried with zucchini and eggplant. Coming to today's post, this pizza bread cups are very easy to make. With some bread slices, pizza sauce, few veggies and cheese, you can easily make this pizza bread cups. These bread cups makes a fantabulous lunch box or snack box depending upon your kid. However my kids loved these pizza bread cups for their evening snacks. You can go for any vegetable or cheese depending upon your wish. Just some chopped onions also makes an excellent filling in this pizza cups.

pizza bread cups, bread cups

Monday 24 November 2014

Pasta in Vegetable & Tomato Sauce

Pasta, this word itself makes my kids happy, they love it to core and they can survive for many days with just pasta spiced with pepper powder and butter.Obviously after rice, pastas have their important place in our weekly menu. I'll try to make pasta atleast twice or thrice a week, as they are very easy to cook and you can make varieties of dishes out of them. We never get bored of eating pastas,eventhough in earlier days i wasnt a big fan of pastas. But now because of busy schedule, my cooking goes for easy peasy dishes and hence pastas have became an obligation for me to carry in my lunch box. Now i can live just with pastas for many days. Today's recipe is one of the quickest and easiest pasta dish to dish out with simple ingredients. Just some chopped vegetables and tomato puree makes this fantastic dish.

Creamy pasta in vegetable & tomato sauce

Tuesday 18 November 2014

Eggless Custard Muffins with Speculoos

Muffins, these baked goodies makes a prefect car snacks, if kids are hungry or craving for something sweet, muffins can helps a lot to fill their tummy. Obviously if we plan of a long drive or a trip, i'll bake couple of muffins just to carry with us and keep them just next to me in case if we feel like having something while driving. Muffins are seriously a prefect finger food,you can have without any fuss. After roasted lotus seeds and salt biscuits my today's post goes to this week's blogging marathon as i picked Car snacks as theme. Today's recipe is eggless muffins with custard powder and crushed speculoos biscuits. These biscuits are easily available here. The spices used in Speculoos biscuits makes the difference from other biscuits. If you dont feel like adding spices in your bakes, just add some speculoos and see the difference. I used some crushed biscuits as topping to my muffins, the crispiness of this baked biscuits brings a different texture to this custard muffins.

custard muffins with speculoos, Eggless custard cupcakes

Salt Biscuits

Salt biscuits, these biscuits are seriously very addictive and can be carried anywhere to munch them without any guilt, obviously am posting this biscuits today as am running my third week of blogging marathon with an interesting theme  called 'Car Snacks', after posting a quick and healthy roasted lotus seeds yesterday, today am posting this salt biscuits. This biscuits are my kids favourite and i'll never forget to pack them if we are planning a trip or a long drive. Since this biscuits are mildly sweet and salty at the same time, you doesnt need anything to serve along with. These biscuits can suits prefectly to munch during anytime of the day. You can make this salt biscuits in large quantity and they stay simply prefect for many days if they are conserved properly. But trust me, they wont stay for a long and gets vanished very much quickly than you can imagine.

Salty biscuits, Sweet and Salt biscuits

Sunday 16 November 2014

Roasted Makhana/Roasted Lotus seeds

Going for a long drive need more organisation than a small outing, whenever we plan a long drive with kids, my mind will definitely look for some hassle-free snacks. A long drive do need some special attention when you plan with kids. I usually avoid oily foods for car snacks,so i always plan to make some baked goodies or oil less snacks which goes mostly for easy preparation. Am running my third week of blogging marathon with a fantastic theme, yes my theme for this week is Car Snacks and i simply loved this theme. Seriously Srivalli rock with her themes and dunno how she gets all these themes,am amazed to see the varieties of themes she suggest us every month.Coming to today's post, this roasted makhana aka puffed lotus seeds makes an excellent car snacks.

Roasted lotus seeds, Spiced Makhana

Tuesday 11 November 2014

Red Chori Curry/Cowpeas Curry - No Onion, No Garlic

Whenever i make rotis at home for dinner, everyone at home would love to have  with different side dishes than the leftover gravy from Lunch.Obviously i have to make different gravies or curries to have with rotis. This time when i picked No onion No garlic recipes as theme for this week's blogging marathon, i want to give a try to some nutritious protein packed curries. Since i had red chori aka cowpeas, i immediately tried with them. This curry is very simple to make and seriously very delicious to enjoy thoroughly with naans, parottas or else with rotis. Actually this dish makes a prefect side dish even with simple pulao, obviously you have so many choices to enjoy this protein packed curry.Personally i liked this curry with rice and papads but not to forget that this dish makes a delicious side dish.

Red chori curry, cowpeas curry without Onion and garlic

Beetroot and Peanut Stirfry-No Onion No Garlic

Have you ever cooked beetroot with peanuts, if not you should definitely give a try to this combination.The sweetness of the beets mingle very much with the crunchiness and the nuttiness of crushed peanuts. Seriously until am trying this combination, i never knew that both beetroot and peanuts works simply prefect together in a dish. This dish is completely onion free and garlic free, if you are a follower of my space, you might have noticed that am running my second week of blogging marathon with No Onion No Garlic theme. After a fingerlicking Konkani curry,today am sharing this easy peasy side dish for both rice and rotis.

Beetroot and Peanut Curry, Vegan Beetroot Peanut Curry

Monday 10 November 2014

Konkani Ashgourd Curry/Kunvale Sasam - No Onion No Garlic

Am a person who love to cook with loads of onions and garlic, i'll always make sure to keep atleast a kg of onions and garlic in my vegetable basket coz i cant survive without them. But when i picked No onion No garlic theme for this week's blogging marathon, i want experiment myself to dish out dishes without my favourite onion and garlic. Trust me, this theme simply pulled me to change my opinion about no onion no garlic recipes, they tastes very much delicious eventhough cooked without the onion and garlic. For my today's post, am taking you all to the famous Konkani cuisine. While bloghopping, i got hooked to this Konkani Ashgourd curry at Aparna's space. Since this recipe went for no onion no garlic, immediately i tried my hands in making this fingerlicking curry.

Kunvale Sasam, Konkani Ashgourd Curry

Wednesday 5 November 2014

Eggless Lemon Curd Bars

Am running my first week of blogging marathon with an interesting theme, yes this week's theme is Lemon recipes, obviously this week's posts are prepared with lemon. After an Eggless Lemon Curd and some lemon and poppyseeds biscotti, am sharing this absolutely delicious Eggless lemon curd bars. Actually this bars goes for Lemon curd and with a simple butter,sugar and flour mixture for the crust. This bars are one among the easiest bars i have tried till now. If you have your lemon curd at home, you can make this bars in a jiffy. Trust me if you love citrus flavoured bakes then this bars are for you.Serve chilled,dusted with confectioner's sugar, anyone can have this bars happily after a heavy meal.

Eggless Lemon curd bars, Bars with eggless lemon curd

Tuesday 4 November 2014

Lemon Poppyseeds Biscotti

I have been looking for a chance to bake some lemon biscottis and finally i got a chance to make some as am running this week's Blogging marathon with Lemon recipes as theme for this week. We love double baked biscuits which is well known as biscottis from Italian cuisine. Actually biscottis makes an excellent evening snacks to enjoy thoroughly with a cup of tea or coffee. My lil one love simply any variety of biscottis as he like biscottis to the core. Obviously i dont need any excuses to bake biscottis whenever i feel like baking some, but somehow lemon biscottis was sitting in my to do list since a long. Finally i prepared them for this week's theme. Trust me, we couldnt stop munching these beauties with our favourite drink.

Lemon biscotti, Lemon poppyseeds biscotti

Monday 3 November 2014

Eggless Lemon Curd

Fruit curds are dessert spread usually prepared with citrus fruits like lemon,lime,orange or else with berries like strawberry,raspberry. The basic ingredients for making fruit curd are egg yolks, fruit juice, and the fruit zest which is cooked together until the mixture turns thick. Once cooled, the soft, smooth and fabulous flavoured spread can be used in small pastries, tarts, fruit bars or simply as filling in cakes.Home made fruit curds goes for no preservatives hence its better to make this fruit curds in small quantity. Coming to today's fruit curd, i prepared mine as eggless lemon curd. Yes you read it rite, my lemon curd is simply prepared without eggs. My lemon curd goes for corn starch, butter, lemon juice,sugar and zest. The addition of butter gives a beatiful smoother and creamier texture.

Eggless lemon curd,lemon curd