Thursday 26 November 2015

Pasta Potato Cutlet

If i want to feed vegetables easily to my kids, i'll just go for tikkis aka cutlets. Mashed vegetables work out awesome for making shallow fried patties and we can just feed anyone with any vegetable. I seriously want to give a try to cutlets prepared with cooked pastas, and finally i did it. Again i used alphabet pasta for making this easy and dangerously addictive cutlets. Its was raining cats and dogs here, obviously once we are back from work and school everyone at home askssomething warm and crispy for their snacks. Since tikki or cutlets can be prepared very much earlier, i prepared the cutlets sunday afternoon and kept in fridge to fry for monday evening. Since pasta and potato works awesome in this tikkis, this cutlets came out extremely prefect to enjoy warm with a cup of tea or coffee.

pasta cutlet, alphabet pasta tikki, Pasta potato cutlet

Wednesday 25 November 2015

Spaghetti & Vegetable Pancake

As i told earlier,my kids just adore pastas in any form. Serve them anytime of the day with pasta they will never says no. After making a simple and super creamy pasta in mug, my today's post goes for an another interesting and definitely a kid's friendly dish. Yes my today's recipe goes for spaghetti pancakes. Very quick to make with simple ingredients. This pancakes goes usually for cooked spaghetti along with parmesan cheese and egg, since i want to feed my kids somehow healthy, i couldnt stop myself adding some grated carrot, celery and zucchini to make this delicious spaghetti pancake more colourful,catchy and healthy as well.

Spaghetti Pancake, Pasta omelette, pasta pancake

Tuesday 24 November 2015

Cheesy Alphabet Pasta in a Mug

Pasta, this word itself makes my kids happy, they can have pasta everyday without any fuss. Dunno why they go crazy if i says pasta for today's lunch. Obviously i'll cook pasta atleast twice a week at home and serve with different sauce or else simply some baked dish with pastas. Earlier if i make pasta for lunch or dinner, i'll keep aside a bowl of rice for me as i dont like pastas that much. But i think nowadays its not a big deal for me to have pastas as am trying to like them as much as like my kids. For three days of this week's blogging marathon, i'll be posting three different kid's friendly pasta based dishes as i picked Kid's delight - Pastas for kids.

Cheesy pasta in mug, Mac&cheese in mug

Thursday 19 November 2015

Pomegranate Molasses/Pomegranate Sauce

I was looking for a prefect molasses to prepare at home, some molasses are quite interesting to make at home, especially fruit based molasses. Actually i seriously want to give a try to a small batch of pomegranate molasses aka pomegranate sauce with fresh pomegranate pearls. Finally i made it, yes i prepared a small bottle of catchy and a very delicious molasses with pomegranate pearls at home. Its really very easy to make though the cooking part goes for a bit long than the preparation part. However its really worth to give a try to this eye pleasing sauce.Pomegranate molasses is an essential ingredient in Middle Eastern cooking though this sauce is quite interesting to relish with French crepes or drizzled over a slice of simple vanilla cake.

Pomegranate Molasses, Pomegranate Sauce, Pomegranate syrup

Wednesday 18 November 2015

Mumbo Sauce/Mambo Sauce

While i was searching for an easy breezy sauce to serve along with some french fries through google master, i got hooked to this new sauce which is completely unknown for me. Its seems this mumbo sauce or mambo sauce have its origin from Chinese take out restaurants in USA especially in Washington and its surrounding area. This sauce is an excelllent condiment to serve along with fried foods or else with crunchy vegetables, actually i loved it with some raw cauliflower florets. This red sauce is quickly prepared with easy ingredients like tomato ketchup and it is flavoured with paprika powder, vinegar,hot sauce with sugar. This sauce tastes mildly hot with sweetness, hence you can serve it easily to anyone.

Mumbo Sauce, Mambo Sauce

Tuesday 17 November 2015

Honey Peanut Butter Sauce

Though many varieties of store bought sauces do exists, nothing can beat the freshly home made, preservative free sauces to enjoy with fritters or with finger foods. Homemade sauces are easy to make some sauces even goes for no cooking, just whisk the ingredients which you need to make a quick sauce and your sauce is ready to relish with your favourite food. My today's recipe is one among the easiest sauce i have prepared at home. Just with 5 ingredients is needed to dish out this nutty and mildly sweet sauce. This sauce makes an awesome accompaniment with raw vegetable sticks,fried samosas or spring rolls else simply to drizzle over your salad if you like peanuts in your dressing.

Honey peanut sauce, Peanut butter dipping sauce

Thursday 12 November 2015

Eggless Cinnamon French Toast

Breakfast, actualy am a not breakfast person though am trying to eat atleast a bread loaf with my usual bowl of tea everyday. I picked Dorm/single serving recipes for this week's blogging marathon and my today's post goes prefect under this theme. French toast makes an excellent breakfast or brunch, many versions do exists. With eggs or eggless, french toast is definitely a filling and satisfying meal. Today's version goes for a simple custard powder mixture with milk,sugar and cinnamon powder. Yes this french toast is prepared using custard powder. Trust me you wont miss eggs in this french toast.

Cinnamon Bread Toast, Eggless French toast

Wednesday 11 November 2015

Microwave Vegetable Omelette in Mug

Everybody starts their culinary experience with easy dishes, most of us would have started the first recipe with eggs. Yes egg omelette is one of most favourite dish of many especially first trial in our mom's or in our own kitchen. Egg omelette makes excellent dish to serve along with rice or simply with bread slices. Obviously its a single serving dish or else a quick dorm recipe. My today's recipe is even much more better than the usual omelette we make in pan. I opted for Microwave cooking for making this delicious omelette and you just need some grated vegetables, an egg and mug is enough to dish out this incredible omelette.

Microwave vegetable omelette in Mug, Omelette in Mug

Tuesday 10 November 2015

Vella Aval/Sweet RedRice Flakes/Avil

Aval aka rice flakes makes excellent snacks just with some grated coconut and sugar. My pantry will always have rice flakes, earlier i always get white rice flakes from stores but as a health nut am converting most of our usual dishes with healthy twist. Obviously instead of  getting white rice flakes nowadays i buy red rice flakes and you can make varieties of dishes out this healthy rice flakes. Today's recipe goes for a super easy evening snack. if you have jaggery syrup at home trust me this vella aval takes hardly few minutes to get ready.

Sweet rice flakes, vella aval

Thursday 5 November 2015

Spicy Wheat Diamond Cuts/Sesame Seeds and Wheat Diamond Cuts

Am an ardent fan of deep fried snacks but now am keeping myself away from it. But kids just love crispy fritters, obviously we cant say no to them though they have rarely deep fried snacks. When my lil one asked for a spicy snacks, i couldnt say no to him, and prepared this wheat flour based diamond cuts with loads of sesame seeds and kasuri methi. Usually we make diamond cuts with maida or all purpose flour, my today's post of this diamond cuts calls for whole wheat flour, yes i deduced the quantity of maida and went for whole wheat flour, semolina to make them more healthy and crunchy. Sesame seeds and kasuri methi added to the dough makes this diamond cuts very flavourful and absolutely nutty.

Spicy Wheat diamon cuts

Wednesday 4 November 2015

Pearl Millet Meethi Seviyan/Pearl Millet Sweet Vermicelli

Meethi Seviyan is an Indian dessert made during festival days, seviyan means vermicelli and Meetha/Meethi/Mithi means sweet hence the name of the dish 'Meetha Seviyan'.Vermicelli, these thin hair like spaghetti used in Indian cuisine for making both savoury and sweet dishes. Sweet vermicelli makes an excellent dessert as well and the cooking process of this sweet goes for simple preparation. Well roasted vermicelli cooked with sugar syrup and topped with varieties of nuts. This sweet is made specially during the holy ramadan days.Coming to this Meetha seviyan, this sweet is prepared with both sugar and jaggery, i opted for jaggery. We loved it to the core and the jaggery syrup added to make this sweet gives an incredible taste and colour to this simple sweet.

Pearl Millet Meethi Seviyan, Pearl Millet Sweet Vermicelli

Tuesday 3 November 2015

Samai Semiya Kheer/Little Millet Vermicelli Kheer

During my last trip to India, i was surprised to see the varieties of vermicelli available in stores, especially different millet based vermicellis. Actually i can see many peoples even in our family started replacing the rice with millets now. Coming to my today's recipe, this little millet vermicelli kheer is quite a rich,creamy and very delightful dessert or a prasadam for a Pooja or as a sweet to serve after a meal for a special occasion. Since this little millet vermicelli are quite thin, the cooking process goes for a quick,easy and less time. I prepared this little millet vermicelli kheer for Ayudha pooja's celebration, obviously a healthy prasadam to enjoy the goodness of this millets.

Little Millet Vermicelli Kheer; Samai Semiya Kheer