Tuesday 26 July 2016

Khichdo - Gujarati Cracked Wheat Sweet

My love for Gujarati cuisine, pulled me again to make a lipsmacking cracked wheat based sweet from this cuisine. Khichdo, an excellent delicious Gujarati sweet dish i have prepared recently for an occasion at home. This fabulous kheer like sweet is prepared in Gujarat during festivals like Makar Sankranti (Uttarayan-a kite festival).  This sweet is prepared specially for this festival which is eaten later and shared with the loved ones and relatives. Its quite a traditional dish and this dish calls for cracked wheat, milk with dryfruits. Some add channadal or toordal or else a combination of these two dals along with cracked wheat. Since i want to give a try with both dals, i went with both channa dal and toor dal. This sweet is a nutritious dish which is served along with peanut chikki and brinjal sabji for Uttarayan special.

Khichdo, Gujarati Cracked Wheat Sweet

Monday 25 July 2016

Rasawala Bateta Nu Shaak/Rasawala Aloo/Gujarati Aloo Curry

Anything cooked with potatoes will definitely make everyone happy. Dunno why potatoes are our most favourite vegetable, i cant just stop cooking with them. Twice a week, potato curry makes its humble entry in our menu and we just love it. Obviously if i get a chance to cook a different dish with potato i wont miss that chance. I love Gujarati cuisine very much,whenever i love to make a North Indian meal at home, i'll check definitely to make a different dish from this cuisine. I have bookmarked this Rasawala aloo curry from here long back, as this curry aka gravy calls for easy cooking. Very simple to make, this rasawala aloo takes hardly less than 15minutes if you cook this curry in Pressure cooker.

Gujarati Rasawala Aloo

Sunday 24 July 2016

Kayi Sasive Anna/Mustard Coconut Rice

Kayi means Coconut and Sasive means Mustard in Kanada, hence Mustard coconut rice as this rice have these two ingredients as main ingredient to prepare this alluring rice. Usually prepared with already cooked rice, this mustard coconut rice makes an excellent main dish to serve along with fryums and boiled eggs. Am blogging this week's blogging marathon with Bookmarked recipes as theme.I have couple of bookmarked recipes to dish out, a big thanks to this theme finally i could blog atleast three dishes from my huge bookmarked list for this week's theme.

Kayi Sasive Anna, Mustard Coconut Rice

Tuesday 19 July 2016

Mushroom Masala Stuffed Kulcha/Dhingri Kulcha

Kulchas is a cousin sister of Naan, made with baking soda/baking powder instead of Yeast which is usually used in making naans. This Indian flat bread  made with leavening agents are stuffed sometimes with spiced vegetable stuffings or else served simply as plain kulchas .Kulchas is quite a typical Punjabi recipe and Amritsar, a city in Punjab is famous for its kulchas and Naans.Usually eaten with chole aka channa masala, Kulchas makes a filling breakfast or dinner. If they are stuffed, they doesnt even need any side dish to have with.

Mushroom masala stuffed Kulcha

Monday 18 July 2016

Cumin Flavored Tofu Paratha/Tofu Paratha with Cumin seeds

After paneer, i couldnt resist to prepare some healthy parathas with silken tofu which is simply flavoured with slightly crushed roasted cumin seeds. Cumin seeds gives a pleasant flavor to this healthy and super soft paratha. If you are planning to add tofu in your dishes, just give a try to this fantastic paratha. Though silken tofu is usually used in many desserts, they suits absolutely prefect for making parathas too. Silken tofu grinded as fine paste works awesome for making parathas. It helps a lot to give the softness while making parathas. Trust me kids will definitely enjoy this healthy, protein rich parathas very well with any side dish.

Cumin flavored tofu paratha

Sunday 17 July 2016

Paneer & Bellpepper Peppered Rice

This week is going to be lunchbox friendly dishes, yes i picked Kid's delight-Lunch box as theme for this week's blogging marathon. Lunchbox is always something special if your kids carry their lunchboxes prepared from home. Though i dont pack lunch for my kids i just love lunch box ideas, and this theme is always my favourite among many fantastic themes suggested by Srivalli,the brain child of blogging marathon. Lunchbox is always the best part of school life, obviously every mom need to pack lunch boxes with healthy ingredients in it. Paneer is one of most favourite Indian cheese among the kids, anything cooked with paneer goes directly to my kid's favourite too. Needless to say paneer based rice dishes makes everyone happy at home.

Paneer & Bellpepper Peppered Rice

Tuesday 12 July 2016

Oats and Palm Jaggery Kheer/Oats Panavellam Payasam

Oats is my most favourite wholegrains and i never forget to make varieties of kheer out of this incredible grain. When i picked Diabetic friendly sweets as this week's theme for blogging marathon, i couldnt resist to dish out a simple and diabetic friendly kheer. Yes my today's post calls for both rolled oats and palm jaggery syrup,when cooked together this two incredible ingredients makes an excellent kheer to relish without any fuss. Fortunately everyone at home just love kheer especially with rolled oats. When i told them about palm jaggery and oats kheer, my lil one asked me to go with as his sweet tooth were craving for some kheer.

Oats & Palm jaggery Kheer

Monday 11 July 2016

Moongdal, Palm Rock Candy Sugar Laddoos/Pasiparuppu Panakalkandu Laddus

I have been posting beautiful diabetic friendly sweets for this week's blogging marathon as i picked Diabetic friendly sweets as theme for this week. After some fabulous steamed sweet dumplings aka kozhukattai, my today's post calls for yellow moongdal aka pasiparuppu. Instead of sugar, i opted for palm rock candy sugar and this healthy rock candy works awesome for making this incredible laddoos. Actually i was bit skeptical to give a try to this laddoos as i dont know how the final result will be. However i dont want to give up and dished out these beauties. Trust me, we just loved this healthy laddoos.

Moongdal, Palm rock candy laddoos, Pasiparupu Panakalkandu Laddu

Sunday 10 July 2016

Wheat Flour Palm Jaggery Steamed Dumplings/Godhumai Karupatti Kozhukattai

I have been cooking with palm jaggery since few years and love to dish out some traditional dishes out of this fantastic healthy jaggery. Obviously my pantry will always have this jaggery. I have been looking for a chance to makes some kozhukattais aka steamed sweet dumplings with both wheat flour and palm jaggery. Finally i tried my hands with this combination when i picked Diabetic friendly sweets as this week's blogging marathon's theme. Palm jaggery can be used by diabetic patient for sweetening. Though diabetic peoples can enjoy thoroughly many health benefits of this jaggery its better to have it in limited quantity.

Godhumai Karupatti Kozhukattai,Wheat Flour Sweet Dumplings

Tuesday 5 July 2016

Pizza Paratha

When i decided to prepare pizza dishes for this week's blogging marathon theme, the first dish which came to my mind was pizza quesadillas. Coz of my busy schedule, i couldnt prepare homemade tortillas eventhough tortillas are available in nearby provisional stores. When you love to make tortillas from scratch, you wont go to stores to pick them rite, i did the same. Then i changed my mind and went with some frozen spinach parathas which i have freezed after finishing our dinner last week. Freezing partially cooked parathas are really very handy, you can finish your lunch or dinner quickly if your freezer have this frozen parathas. Obviously those spinach parathas came to my rescue and hence this vegetable loaded pizza parathas.

Pizza with Spinach Paratha

Monday 4 July 2016

Toasted Vegetarian Pizza Sandwich

After a super flaky puff pastry pizza, my today's recipe goes for an another interesting pizza. When you dish out a sandwich with pizza flavors who will say no. As i told earlier, my family members are great fans of pizza and they will never get bored of pizza. If i serve pizza anytime of day, they will never says 'no'. When i picked Pizza as this week's theme, i know that i will dish out a sandwich with pizza sauce as my kids were asking me since a long. Obviously i couldnt resist to prepare this vegetable loaded sandwich with Whole wheat bread slices though you can still go for usual white bread.

Vegetarian Pizza Sandwich

Sunday 3 July 2016

Puff Pastry Vegetarian Pizza

If you are searching for something easy, quick,hassle free dinner for your kids, dont forget to give a look to my today's post. Pizza, this word itself makes everyone at home hungry, obviously i'll try to bake pizzas atleast twice a month with loads of vegetables or else with a combination of meats and vegetables together. Since i want to bake a pizza quickly for our yesterday's dinner, i opted for a store bought puff pastry sheet to bake pizza with vegetables. If you have puff pastry, pizza sauce and cheese at home, trust me your pizza will get ready within few minutes (less than 10minutes) to bake. You can top this pizza with any ingredients of your choice and trust me this pizza rocks.

Vegetable pizza with puff pastry