Sunday 25 March 2018

Kandi Sunnundalu/Toor Dal Laddoos

Once again am sharing Hari Chandana's dish which i seriously want to give a try. Yes my today's post is Toordal Laddoos, i know many of you might wonder how laddoos can be prepared with toor dal. Even i was as much as like you guys. But after dishing out this laddoos my vision was completely a different one. If you love moongdal laddoos, then you will definitely enjoy this laddoos. The secret behind making a prefect aromatic laddoos is to dry roast the toor dals with much care and patience. Nicely dry roasted toor dal gives a fabulous flavor and i enjoyed it while roasting.

Toordal Laddoos, Toordal Sweet balls

Miriyam Pulihora/Pepper Tamarind Rice

I couldnt stop myself to grab a Ugadi friendly recipe from Hari Chandana's Space,as she shares some lovely collections of Traditional and creative special dishes for Ugadi. Am running this week's blogging marathon with Festivals of the month as theme. Hence i have prepared my posts specially for Ugadi though its not quite late to prepare this dish. Ugadi calls for many delightful dishes with ressembles very much the mixture feelings of life. Obviously Ugadi special foods calls for tanginess, sweetness, spiciness, sourness. When i looked for a different rice dish for this special day, i got hooked to this different but yet a tangy rice dish aka Pepper tamarind rice. The name itself tempted me a lot, obviously i couldnt stop myself to prepare them at home.

Miriyam Pulihora,Pepper Tamarind Rice

Saturday 24 March 2018

Kobbari Rava Kesari/Rava Coconut Kesari/Coconut Kesari Bhath

Kesari, this Indian semolina pudding have their own place in most of the celebration, festival or else for special occasions. Obviously if i pick an interesting theme like Festival of the month for this week's theme for blogging marathon how can i skip making kesari. I want to showcase Ugadi festival as the festival of this month. Ugadi is New year day of Hindus of Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states of India.And this year Ugadi was celebrated on 18th March, though its late to post i couldnt stop myself to post Ugadi special dishes. For the first day of this week's blogging marathon, i couldnt stop myself to post this fantastic Coconut loaded rava kesari for this special occasion.

Coconut rava kesari, Coconut semolina pudding

Monday 19 March 2018

Chia Seeds & Chocolate Chips Rye Muffins

Rye flour is my recent favourite now, i have been baking many fantastic baked goodies out of this flour recently. Actually i grabbed a 2kg packet rye flour from Organic store as they were in special offer. I baked a loaf with rye bread few days back,obviously i want to bake some muffins or cookies with this incredible flour and finally i did. Since i want to bake a super duper healthy muffins, i didnt hesitate a second to add some chia seeds to this rye muffins. Whenever i cook or bake with a new ingredient i dont forget to add my kid's favourite ingredient along with. If its comes to baking, i dont forget to add chocolate, hence this muffins are loaded with chocolate chips.

Chia Seeds & Chocolate Chips Rye Flour Muffins

Sunday 18 March 2018

Sugar Coated Puffed Lotus Seeds/Sweet Makhana

I have tried couple of dishes with puffed lotus seeds aka Makhana, this puffed seeds are seriously interesting to cook. You can make some quick snacks out of them just by pan roasting them with some spices. My today's post is completely a different version of puffed lotus seeds. Sweet version of puffed lotus seeds are great to carry wherever you go, yes they are seriously prefect to pack for travel. If i plan a trip, i dont carry oily foods with us, i do pack quick snacks like oven roasted almonds, cashews or else quick and oil free rice flakes mixture/chivdas or else baked goodies.

Sweet makhana, Sweet Lotus seeds

Saturday 17 March 2018

Double Chocolate Beets Muffins

If you ask me to pack something to munch while travelling especially for kids, i will make sure to bake some muffins. Muffins are very easy to pack and ready to enjoy at anytime of the day. A prefect travel food for kids. From breakfast to dinner, muffins can replace very much a meal if they are baked with healthy ingredients in it. My today's recipe is an excellent baked goodies to pack if you are planning for a travel with your family. Since we are chocoholic peoples, i cant think more than baking some chocolate loaded muffins as i picked Kid's delight - Travel food as theme for this week's blogging marathon.

Double chocolate Muffins, Double chocolate beets muffins

Monday 5 March 2018

No Bake Oats Chocolate Cookies

One of the easiest cookies is my today's oats loaded chocolate cookies. With simple and pantry friendly ingredients, am sure this cookies will definitely become your most favourite cookies. Quick to make, dont forget to make these cookies as this cookies are completely 'No Bake'. These cookies calls for stove top cooking process. Usually peanut butter is used in most of the no bake cookies, but mine is completely a different one. I used butter and chocolate chunks to replace the peanut butter, and this works. As like always, i dry roasted rolled oats before preparing this cookies. If you are using quick cooking oats you can skip the dry roasting part.

No Bake Oats Chocolate Cookies

Sunday 4 March 2018

Chocolate Chia Seeds Milk

If you are looking for a healthy drink then dont forget to check my today's easy breezy chocolate loaded chia seeds milk. Very simple to make, this chocolate milk suits prefect for anyone's breakfast or else for a mid morning brunch. With just 4 ingredients, one can prepare this incredible drink with easy cooking process. Apart from the chia seed's soaking time, this drink is seriously very quick to make. Once chilled, trust me this drink will definitely fill anyone's hungry tummy quickly than you imagine. And this milk is my kid's favourite. Though the climate is too chilled, my kids enjoy this drink for their brunch. Its winter vacation here,hence i prepare this drink before i leave to work so that my kids can enjoy this milk once they wake up.

Chocolate Chia seeds milk

Saturday 3 March 2018

Crunchy No Bake Chocolate Cereal Squares

My kids love to have their breakfast with chocolate cereals or else with wholegrain cereal flakes along with chilled milk. Obviously my pantry will have different sorts of cereals, however whenever i do my weekly grocery, i dont forget to grab some packets of cereals as well. When i picked Kid's delight -Chocolate as theme for this week's blogging marathon, i was very much sure to prepare some no bake cereal squares with peanut butter and chocolate for this week's theme. Just with 3 simple ingredients and an easy breezy microwaving cooking process is quite enough to dish out this super crunchy cereal squares.

Chocolate Cereal Squares