Sunday 26 July 2015

Cheesy Chickpeas Puff - #MonsoonMojo

We usually make puffs with different fillings, i have already tried from sweet to savoury version with various interesting fillings. But this time, i couldnt resist to give a try with an another interesting filling which i simply prepared with a spicy chickpeas masala. Puff with chickpeas masala sounds bit different na, but trust me they came out extremely delicious and you cant just stop with one puff. Once again the filling i went for this puff is seriously an easy one. No chopping, no sauting for hours, just some mashed chickpeas with simple spices is quite enough to finish the chickpeas filling. Since i had some grated cheese in my fridge, i topped the chickpeas masala with those grated cheese while filling the puffs. Those melted cheese gives an excellent texture to this already very flaky puff.Sending to Kalyani's Monsoon Mojo Event..

Cheesy Chickpeas Puff, Cheese & Chickpeas Puff

Saturday 25 July 2015

Chickpeas & Potato Open Sandwich

Sandwiches are definitely easy to make and very quick to dish out, you can make sandwiches with anything. A simple vegetable filling to a rich and fingerlicking filling, anything suits prefect to make sandwiches.My today's recipe goes for chickpeas & potato stuffing, but this sandwich is an open sandwich, you doesnt need two bread slices. Just a toasted bread slice is quite enough to make this nutritious,filling sandwich. You can feed easily anyone with this lipsmacking chickpeas and potato open sandwich. I went for an easy potato and chickpeas masala to top this open sandwich.

Chickpeas & potato open sandwich

Friday 24 July 2015

Chickpeas Summer Salad

Few days back, suddenly it was too hot here and i cant even stand in my kitchen to cook for our dinner. Since none at home want to have their dinner, instead of going to bed with empty stomach, i quickly prepared this simple, quick and very refreshing salad with chickpeas to serve for our dinner. We just finished having a small bowl of salad and went to bed with a satisfying dinner. This salad makes an excellent filling dinner, actually i love to make these kind of easy breezy nutritious salads for our lunch or for our dinner. Summer salads are easy to dish out depending upon the vegetables you can find in your fridge. Just add any vegetables, whatever you want to add in a bowl of salad and make your healthy bowl of summer salad.

Chickpeas summer salad

Sunday 19 July 2015

Oats Crusted Beetroot Balls - #MonsoonMojo

If you ran out of bread crumbs, no need to panic, use oats to make the outer crust while preparing the cutlets/tikkis or crispy balls. Using oats makes these deep fried snacks more interesting and definitely crispy as much as like bread crumb coated deep fried snacks. My today's recipe goes for these ultimate deep fried balls prepared simply with beetroot and potatoes crusted with rolled oats. These balls suits prefectly for a starter, for evening snacks and also as side dish to serve as side dish with rice and dal.Sending to Kalyani's Monsoon Mojo Event..

Oats Crusted Beetroot Balls

Saturday 18 July 2015

Soya Kheema Mini Puffs - #MonsoonMojo

If you are searching an easy breezy starter or appetizer for a kid's party menu, then you have to take a look at these mini puffs. Actually these puffs are one bite appetizers, a prefect finger food to serve and please kids. Actually the stuffing i went for making these mini puffs is the healthy and tasty soya kheema. Soya kheema goes for usual preparation with soya chunks and other spices. If you want to change or stick with different stuffing, just go on. However i want to make these puffs with nutritious soya kheema. Store bought puff pastry sheet makes our life easier, once again these pastry sheets makes incredible puffs with less efforts.Sending to Kalyani's Monsoon Mojo Event..

Soya mini puffs

Friday 17 July 2015

Grated Mixed Vegetable Pakoras - #MonsoonMojo

When i picked one bite appetizier for this week's blogging marathon theme, i want to give a try to something simple,quick and definitely an easy pakora with grated mixed vegetables. Actually this pakoras makes an excellent starter for a party menu, but still you can serve these crispy pakodas for your snacks and also as side dish for rice and dal. These pakoras suits absolutely prefect for any occasions, if you dont like chopping the vegetables, just grate them. Very simple pakoras to make, trust me these pakoras is our family favourite. Actually pakoras are usually made with gram flour and rice flour, but i couldnt resist to add wheat flour, corn flour and barley flour just to give a different try than the usual routine flour mix.Actually the addition of all these flours didnt changed anything in this pakoras.Sending to Kalyani's Monsoon Mojo Event..

Grated Mixed Vegetable Pakoras

Sunday 12 July 2015

Zucchini Moongdal Kootu/Vegan Zucchini Kootu

Kootu, this dal based thick gravy makes an excellent dish when served along with rice and papads. I can die for a plate of hot warming rice topped with a simple kootu and ghee served along with papads, my comforting food. So making kootu with different dals and vegetables been quite a routine at home. My today's recipe is one of the simplest and quickest kootu dish which i never fail to prepare atleast once a week with different vegetables. But today's post is going to be with Zucchini, this zero calorie vegetables are quite versatile and you can dish out many beautiful dishes out this squash. Usually i make kootu with pressure cooker but this time i cooked the yellow moong dal separately.

Saturday 11 July 2015

Potato-Moongdal Cutlet/Vegan Dal Cutlet

Crispy cutlets with moongdal and potato, watelse you need to enjoy for an evening snack with some ketchup.I love to make tikkis or cutlets often at home, i can feed anything to my kids through tikkis. Making tikkis or cutlets with different vegetables or dals makes an excellent side dish to serve along with a rice based dish. You can make simple sandwiches with them, however you have so many choice to enjoy this crispy pan fried beauties.My today's recipe goes for a simple,yet a delicious and definitely a healthy cutlets which i easily prepared with just cooked mashed potatoes and cooked yellow moongdal. This cutlets gets ready easily as they doesnt go for either chopping or sauting.

Potato Moongdal Cutlet

Friday 10 July 2015

Masoor Dal Sambar Bath

I never get bored of making one pot meal, actually one pot meal makes the life easier and you can happily feed your family without any hassle.I have already shared many varieties of one pot meal but still they are so many varieties of one pot meal to share. One of my recent trial with masoor dal was this irresistible sambar bath. Sambar is a routine dal based gravy at home, we either make sambar with toor dal or moong dal else with a combination of both dals. I cook very rarely with masoor dal,dunno why i never been attracted by this dal. Recently my H went for Indian grocery and picked a packet of masoordal instead of toor dal, obviously i have to finish the packet of masoordal. Hence i tried my hands with masoor dal sambar bath.

Masoordal Bisibele Bath

Sunday 5 July 2015

Eggless Butterless Carrot & Orange Muffins

Once summer starts here, we dont get oranges as they are seasonal fruits here, before the oranges gets disappear from my nearby fruit stall, i want to make some muffins to pack them for our after lunch snacks. Since i had some carrots sitting my fridge, i baked out this orange and carrot muffins. They came out extremely good and everyone just enjoyed them. Mild orange flavour with grated carrot makes excellent spongy and very moist muffins to enjoy thoroughly with a cup of tea or coffee. You can start your day very well with these muffins as they are loaded with healthy stuffs in it. They are eggless and also butterless, obviously a fabulous guilt free muffins.These muffins makes an incredible dessert when served along with few scoops of icecream or else simply topped with cream cheese frosting.

Carrot orange muffins

Saturday 4 July 2015

Apple Crumble

If your kids dont like apples, bake a cake or a crumble, am sure they will never ever says 'no' to apple. Apple is my favourite fruit, but since four years i couldnt eat them without cooking. Suddenly am allergic to my favourite fruit, unfortunately i couldnt enjoy the goodness of apple without cooking or baking them. I dont have any other option, obviously whenever i crave for apple, either i make apple sauce with them or else bake as a cake or crumble. Crumble with apples makes an excellent dessert after a heavy meal. My today's crumble goes for a buttery topping but you can still make the crumble with wholegrains like oats, quinoa flakes etc.

Apple crumble

Friday 3 July 2015

Eggless Mango & Tutti Frutti Muffins

Having muffins for breakfast will definitely fill a hungry tummy without much efforts, obviously i love to bake often muffins than cake or bread. Muffins are easy to carry that too when you are late to your work. Mango, this fruit is my favourite after pineapple and jackfruit. Obviously i love make variety of foods with this fruit. Anything baked with mango will surely satisfy my tastebuds. But this time, since i want to make a quick and easy breezy baked goodies, i opted for this egg free and completely butterfree mango muffins with tutti frutti chunks. Whoever love mangoes in bakes will definitely go crazy if they tastes this muffins.

Eggless Mango, Tutti Frutti Muffins