Monday 26 November 2018

Zucchini Tikkis/Zucchini Cakes

Vegetables, whenever we feel like feeding our kids with veggies, most of the kids refuses to take them easily without any fuss. Fussy eaters are seriously very difficult to handle and everyday each mom struggles in their own way to feed their kiddos. Even i crossed all these situations,fortunately i always followed few tricks and tips to include veggies everyday in my kids diets. Now they are grown up, intaking veggies in their diet is quite a routine now. Most of my cooking involves vegetables though we are meatoholic. We get fresh vegetables every week from our farmer's markets without any fail. Some vegetables are seriously versatile and you can make some fabulous fusion dishes with them. My most favourite zero calorie vegetable is always Zucchini. Zucchini is quite an interesting vegetable to dish out any sort of dishes/bakes/cakes with them.

Zucchini Tikkis, Zucchini Cakes

Sunday 25 November 2018

Leek Masal Vada/Leek Channadal Fritters/Leek Paruppu Vadai

Leek is one of the most fabulous vegetable which i never forget to grab whenever they shows their head in our farmer's market. Usually they can be found easily during fall and winter season. French people uses this vegetable for making some creamy or chunky soups out of them. But being an Indian, i do make some delicious Indian dishes out this vegetables. Leek belongs Onions, scallions, chives,garlic, shallots familly, their edible part is their leaves though people calls them as stalk or stem. I came to know about this vegetable once i came to France, seriously i love this vegetable, as they have a subtle flavor personally for me. Earlier my kids are not fans of this vegetables but now they are grown up hence they know very well the nutritional benefits of this vegetable and they just love their bowl of leek soup.

Leek Masala Vadai,Leek Vadai

Saturday 24 November 2018

Dhingri Batata Vada/Mushroom Potato Fritter in Appe Pan

Mushrooms, though am a great fan of this edible fungus, my lil one is a complete hater. However i dont forget to feed him with this antioxidant rich mushrooms which is quite low in fat and calorie. I know adding those mushroom chunks with his favourite vegetable, he just cant discard them, hence i opted for our favourite batata vada. Batata vada is quite a popular street food which is quite known for their deep fried outer layer with a delicious potato masala inside. I have made my own twist by adding finely chopped mushrooms to the usual potato masala to dish out some ultimate Mushroom potato fritters. And i opted for Appe pan aka Paniyaram pan just to avoid deep frying.

Mushroom Potato Batata Vada

Monday 19 November 2018

Rajma Aloo Masaledaar/Kidney Beans & Potato Tomato Curry

Chickpeas and Kidney beans are our favourite legumes and i cant survive without these both beans. Obviously my pantry will always have these both dry beans while my freezer will always have already soaked and frozen beans. I have already shared about how to make frozen beans in few of my posts. And those frozen beans are really handy if you dont have enough time to soak your beans or if you have completely forgotten to soak your beans. Just pressure cook those frozen beans and your beans are ready to cook with. You doesnt even need to thaw those beans. How easy na, i have been following this method since a while and i dont regret for preparing these frozen beans whenever time permits.

Aloo Rajma Tamatar Sabji, Tamatar, Aloo & Rajma Sabji

Sunday 18 November 2018

Purple Cabbage Thoran/Kerala Style Red Cabbage Stir Fry

Purple cabbage is also known as Red cabbage is a variety of cabbage which is easily available in my nearby farmer's market than the usual green cabbages. You can make ultimate salads with this crunchy cabbage as they works and get mix prefectly to any sort of raw vegetables added to them. Purple cabbage is quite rich in vitamin C, A, potassium and fiber. Somehow i love to dish out our Indian style dals, gravies and stir fries with this cabbage. You can make delicious South Indian style kootu with purple cabbage and everyone at home just love it. Obviously i was lookingt for a chance to cook again with purple cabbage as a Kerala style thoran, and hubby got a purple cabbage head when he went to our favourite farmer's market last week.

Cabbage Thoran, Keralan Cabbage Thoran

Saturday 17 November 2018

Spinach Naan/Palak Naan

Naan, this leavened flatbread is prepared at home whenever i make some gourmet gravies for our lunch or dinner. Actually naan is one of our family favourite after Parotta. Eventhough i prepare both parotta and naan quite rarely as its consumes bit time than the rotis or phulkas, everyone at home love both Naans & parottas. Naan can be prepared with yeast or without yeast depending upon your tastebuds. Though no yeast Naan breads are prepared easily, dunno why my kids love this yeasty, spongy and soft Naan breads. Hence i do rarely make naan dough without yeast. One of our recent dinner for a chilled evening was some soft spinach loaded Naan bread. We had a fall vacation few weeks back, and i dished out this spinach naan for our dinner.

Spinach Naan, Palak Naan

Monday 12 November 2018

Vegan Sun-dried Tomatoes & Cashew Dip

Did i told you that i have still some Italian sun-dried tomatoes i carried all the way from Sicile when went for our summer vacation a year back. Back home i have prepared an aromatic oil by heating olive oil along with sun-dried tomatoes and rosemary sprigs. After finishing the sun-dried tomatoes flavoured oil for flavouring pasta dishes and pizzas, those sun dried tomatoes were sitting sadly in the bottle to get finished. When i picked Dip for snacks as theme for this week's blogging marathon, i prepared everything to prepare some dip with those sun dried tomatoes along with a handful of cashews. For my surprise, this dip came out extremely delicious as much as like cashew butter flavored with tomatoes.

Cashew & Sun Dried Tomatoes Dip,Sun dried tomatoes Dip

Sunday 11 November 2018

Curried Red Kidney Beans Dip/Curried Rajma Dip

You may wonder to read the name of my today's dish. Yes my today's post is Red kidney beans dip which makes an excellent,protein rich dip to serve with some store bought bread sticks or as a spread on grilled baguette slices. Very simple to make, this vegan and gluten free curried rajma dip calls for simple, easily available ingredients which makes an excellent nutritious dip. Rajma aka red kidney beans are tremendously healthy to add in our weekly diet atleast once a while. I do add them often in most of my dishes as this beans are my family favourite legumes as well. Am running this week's blogging marathon with Dips for snacks as theme, hence i dished out this simple, nutritious rajma dip for the theme.

Curried Rajma Dip

Saturday 10 November 2018

Chilly Garlic Sauce/Chilli Garlic Chutney

Am sharing a simple, easy and definitely a flavourful sauce to serve along with some crispy fritters or chinese style rolls. If you are a spicy lover then trust me this absolutely mildly sweet, spicy and aromatic chutney aka sauce will definitely tickle your tastebuds. I have some hot sauce lovers at home, though myself and my younger one like to have some deep fried fritters with tomato ketchup, others at home just love chilly sauces to have with. I have been looking for a chance to make some garlic loaded chilly sauce just to please my spicy sauce lovers since a while. Finally when i picked Dips for snacks as theme for this week's blogging marathon, obviously i couldnt stop myself to gather all the ingredients to dish out some homemade chilly sauce.