Wednesday 31 December 2014

Pesto Twisted Bread

Today is the final day of a month of Bake-a-thon, this baking event happens every december of the year since few years.Eventhough i want to finish this event with a sweet note, somehow i couldnt stop myself posting this savoury pesto twisted bread. This bread is quite easy to make and simple to shape. A homemade or storebought pesto is quite enough to make this incredible twisted bread. A prefect bread to have with a bowl of soup or one can have simply for their snacks.

Pesto twisted bread

Monday 29 December 2014

Oats Rolled Bread

Oats, this wholegrain is one among my most favourite, i have tried huge number of dishes out of this incredible grain. They are absolutely versatile and one can make varieties of foods and bakes with this grain. I have tried baking breads with Oats and today's bread is one among those trials. Actually this bread is a sweet bread, this bread is simply prepared with oats as main ingredient along with bread flour with wheat bran. The addition of wheat bran makes this bread more rich in dietary fiber.You can just have this bread for your breakfast without any fuss, since this bread is already sweetened you doesnt even need any spread to have with it.

Oats Sweet rolled bread

Friday 26 December 2014

Eggless Milk Buns

Milk buns are soft cute little buns, you can just have them for your breakfast or simply for your snacks with your favourite spread.Everyone at home just enjoyed this milk buns thoroughly. I tried making a simple sandwich with egg mayonnaise as they were some leftover buns. They came out simply milky with a beautiful smooth and pillow texture. Obviously you can enjoy this fantastic milk buns with any filling in it.An another milk buns exists with a butter-milk powder filling in it, which is quite famous in Malaysia and Brunei. However this one is a simple and dangerously addictive buns.

Spongy Milk Buns

Wednesday 24 December 2014

Cheesy Pizza Wreath

Some recipes doesnt need a specific name and you can just name it like that, but few recipes need a prefect name to tempt the readers, am i rite? its happened to me today, actually while preparing today's post, i dunno how to name this dish, but finally i decided to name it as pizza wreath.Initially i want to name this bread as flower bread and finally went for pizza wreath, i dunno whether this name suits prefectly but i loved the name of this bread.This cheesy pizza wreath makes an excellent finger food, one can have this bread as a side with a bowl of soup or simply for their dinner.

Savoury pizza wreath,cheesy pizza wreath

Monday 22 December 2014

Brownie Tart

We are chocoholic and chocolates are my weakness especially the dark chocolates. If consumed with moderation, chocolates are good for health.Obviously i love to make bakes with chocolates quite often. My today's post was sitting in my draft since few months, i tried this brownie tart during summer and we had this fabulous alluring tart for our dessert after a barbecue. Coming to this ultimate brownie tart, they came out simply delicious,definitely an elegant and a very simple tart. Since i went for the storebought puff pastry sheet and one bowl brownie batter, this decadent tart takes hardly less time to get ready.

Chocolate brownie tart, brownie tart

Friday 19 December 2014

Cauliflower Cheese

Cauliflower cheese or Cauliflower and cheese is a traditional British dish, it can be eaten as main course for both lunch or dinner, or else as a side dish to serve along with roasted meats. This dish is simply prepared by cooking cauliflower in boiling water, covered and baked in oven with a milk and cheese based sauce or else a simply  with a white sauce flavoured with nutmeg or with English mustard, topped with grated cheese and bread crumbs.This post was sitting in my draft since a long as i prepared this dish for International blogging marathon i ran with other marathoners few months back for the alphabet U but finally i made a dish from Uganda,obviously i couldnt able to post this dish earlier.

Cheesy cauliflower, cauliflower cheese

Wednesday 17 December 2014

Eggless Walnut Butter Cookies

Cookies are my lil one's favourite,obviously i never forget to bake cookies just to see the big smile on his face, he is my critic when its comes to cookies. Its festival season here and needless to day dry fruits and nuts started showing their heads in every super markets, i picked last week a packet of walnuts and bake home i tried making this gorgeous looking cookies with them. This buttery and super nutty cookies are quite easy to make, i skipped the egg here however making cookies with egg doesnt go for a dozen,just an egg is quite enough to make your cookies. I simply grounded walnuts and added them to the buttery dough, obviously walnuts plays an important role in these cookies.

Monday 15 December 2014

Eggless Banana,Chocolate & Almond Muffins

I love bananas in bakes, especially in eggless ones as i replace the eggs with mashed bananas. Banana and chocolate works absolutely fabulous in bakes. Obviously i love this combination. Today's post is a simple,very moist, super flavourful and easy peasy muffins i simply baked few days back with banana, chocolate and with almond meal. Muffins came out extremely fabulous with a spongy texture eventhough its an eggless.This muffins suits prefectly for a quick breakfast, you can carry this muffins very well in your snackbox. Even a kid can make these cuties easily with an adult's help.

Eggless Banana,Chocolate & Almond muffins

Friday 12 December 2014

Pizza Swirl Rolls

Pizza, the word itself makes my kids super happy, whenever they hear the word 'Pizza' they will get hungry immediatey.Obviously i wont forget to make pizza quite often at home and after so many versions, my today's post is going to be Pizza swirl rolls.Pizza swirl rolls, can be prepared quickly if you have store bought pizza dough, pasta sauce and grated cheese at home but however you can still make the pizza dough at home if you dont want to get rite from the stores. To prepare pizza dough at home, its really very simple to make with easy ingredients.With flour,yeast,salt,sugar and olive oil, you can just prepare your pizza dough at home.Earlier, i always get my pizza dough or frozen pizza base from stores, but blogging pulled me to make pizza dough myself at home.

Pizza swirl bread rolls, swirl pizza rolls

Wednesday 10 December 2014

Cheese and Bellpeppers Focaccia

After pizzas, my kids just love focaccia. This Italian bread is prepared with yeasted dough and can be topped as much as like pizzas. I love to add more veggies as toppings when its comes to focaccia, however sometimes i wont hesitate a second to sprinkle some grated cheese over it. This time when i prepared the dough for the focaccia, i know i will go for both red and green bellpeppers as the topping with mozzarella cheese. Instead of sauting the bellpeppers, i just chopped them as tiny bites,trust me they gets well cooked while baking. Focaccia topped with bellpeppers came out extremely well with wonderful flavors. When served with a bowl of soup,this bread makes a filling dinner.One can have this focaccia simply with the soup or else with a cream cheese spread. However we had this focaccia without any spread for our dinner few days back.

Bellpepper,cheese focaccia bread

Monday 8 December 2014

Eggless Cashew Crescent Cookies

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend, mine was good and am very happy to start this week's Bake-a-thon with an another dangerously addictive, very nutty and delicious cookies. Cashew cookies resembles as much as like India's famous Good Day biscuits, but this homemade cashew cookies are simply fantabulous. As i told earlier, these cookies are seriously very dangerous, if you start having them you cant just stop with one. With simple ingredients, you can make this cookies at home with less efforts. These cookies makes an excellent evening snacks or else a prefect snacks for your kid's snack box.If conserved properly in an air tightened box, these cookies stays prefect for a week but am sure that they wont stay so long.You cant stop yourself munching them.

Cashew crescent cookies; Eggless Cashew cookies

Friday 5 December 2014

Garlic Knots

Cant believe,we finished already a week of Bake-a-thon, days are running very quickly for me. And the weather makes us so lazy,actually we are all waiting for the festival holidays obviously am motivating myself to be bit active until the holidays comes. Its too hard coz the weather is too cold and its very sad to see the daylight gets reduced as the winter is approaching very fast. To keep myself active during this nasty weather, i'll keep on baking especially during weekends as my weekdays are very busy. Today's post goes for a flavourful baking, yes garlic knots. These garlic flavoured bread makes an excellent evening snacks to have with a cup of tea or coffee or else simply you can enjoy them with a bowl of warm soup for your dinner. Trust me, these knots are very hard to resist and they gets vanished very much quickly than you can imagine.

Eggless garlic knots, garlic knots

Wednesday 3 December 2014

Onion & Bellpepper Cheese Flatbread

We love cheese, my fridge will always have a box of cheese, obviously i'll try to cook atleast twice a week with cheese. However cheese are good for health if consumed with moderation. Coming to today's recipe, this flat bread goes for yeast which is stuffed later with tomatoes, cheese and topped with sliced onions and bellpeppers with some dried thyme leaves.This flatbread makes an excellent bread to enjoy throughly with a bowl of warm soup. Definitely a bowl of soup and a slice of this cheesy flat bread makes a super filling and satisfying meal. This flatbread is very easy to make, apart from the yeasted dough and few chopped vegetable and cheese, you doesnt need anything specific to make this excellent cheesy bread.Olive oil plays an important role in this flatbread, if you olive oil you will definitely love this flat bread.

Onion & bellpepper cheese flatbread,Vegetable flat bread

Monday 1 December 2014

Eggless Dark Chocolate Cookies

Last year because of my India trip i missed participating Bake-a-thon, a baking event happens every month of december with enthusiastic bakers. I seriously missed this event last year but am happy that today am posting my first post for this event after a year. Since i want to start this bake-a-thon event with a sweet note, i want to post this absolutely chocolatey and very attractive dark chocolate cookies. I baked this cookies long back for a baking event but unfortunately i couldnt able to post this fantabulous cookies earlier, hence am posting this cookies today, better late than never na. These cookies goes for both dark chocolate bar and chocolate chips. Obviously this chocolate loaded cookies will definitely satisfy your tastebuds if you love chocolates. A fabulous treat for a chocoholic person like me.

Eggless Dark Chocolate Cookies