Tuesday 26 January 2016

Tulasi Rasam/Holy Basil Leaves Herbal Soup/Herbal Rasam/Thulasi Rasam

My today's post goes for Holy basil aka thulasi leaves, this leaves have numerous medicinal value and its really good to have everyday some freshly plucked leaves early in the morning. Obviously during my last India trip, i could resist to dish out this healthy herbal soup with this incredible leaves. I have bookmarked PJ's Thulasi rasam once she posted in her space and i know i can dish out this rasam only during my trip to India as these leaves are really hard to get or find here. Thank god, my aunt have her beautiful organic terrace and she grows many vegetables and greens, needless to say this thulasi plant have its place in her terrace. How can i resist to those fresh green thulasi leaves, i had them almost everyday and without any fail, i prepared this rasam. Though i followed PJ's recipe, i couldnt resist to make some changes according to my tastebuds.

HerbalSoup, Indian Holy basil Soup, Thulasi Rasam

Monday 25 January 2016

Chilli Babycorn/Dry Chilli Babycorn

The weather is getting too chilled since few days and we are waiting for snow fall now. Obviously our tastebuds asks for deep fried foods or else for spicy foods. Since my lil one asked for chinese foods for his sunday lunch, i ended up in making a quick sunday special lunch with fried rice and chilly babycorn.Though this kind of cuisine is quite available in roadside hotels in India, its quite a hard task for us to get this kind of dishes here. If we crave for some Indo chinese foods,we dont have any option other than cooking at home.As i told earlier, last weekend i prepared a chicken fried rice, to serve along with this fried rice i quickly prepared this dry yet an excellent side dish with babycorns. Quick to make with simple ingredients, this chilli babycorn will definitely please anyone's tastebuds. Give a try to this dish, am sure you will definitely prepare this dish quite often.

Chilli Babycorn, Chilly Baby Corn

Sunday 24 January 2016

Pappali Kootu Kari/Slightly Ripen Papaya Chanadal Kootu

As i told earlier during my stay in India, i couldnt resist cook for myself with the sesaonal vegetables and fruits easily available in markets. One among those dish is this Pappali Kootu kari, actually i picked this recipe from Aarthi's space which i bookmarked long back. This recipe is Aarthi's mom's special and trust me this dish came out extremely delicious. When i was in India, it was a peak season of papaya and my neighbour gave me both the raw and ripen papayas, i couldnt stay away from the ripen one and enjoyed it thoroughly as juice and salad, while the raw one i kept aside to cook some spicy dishes out of them. But blame the weather, that raw papaya  have turned into bit ripen still raw, i immediately prepared Aarthi's mom's Kootu kari which i have already bookmarked.

Ripen papaya kootu kari, papali kootu kari

Tuesday 19 January 2016

Sesame, Jaggery Poli/Til Poli/Ellu Holige/Ellu Poli

Sesame jaggery poli is one of the traditional sweet dish many of the South Indians prepare during every bhogi festival. You all know that Pongal, this famous harvest festival calls for 4 days celebration and the first day celebration starts with Bhogi festival, to celebrate this day my grandma makes usually poli, a kind of stuffed sweet flatbread prepared either with channadal filling or else with sesame jaggery filling. One of the delicious and our favourite poli always goes for channadal filled sweet poli though this sesame, jaggery, coconut filling is also our family favourite. Eventhough i make this nutritious flatbread often for neivedhayam or for evening snacks am yet to post it in my space.

Ellu Poli,Ellu Holige, Sesame Sweet Poli,

Monday 18 January 2016

Broccoli Black Urad Dal Vadai/ Broccoli Karuppu Ulundhu Vadai

For Pongal festival, i couldnt stop myself making some healthy vadas, yes after making barnyard millet sweet pongal, i simply fried this black urad dal vadais. Usually if its a festival, we usually prepare a feast at home. Though Pongal was a working day for us, i prepared a simple, healthy foods before leaving to my work.One among those healthy foods is this broccoli, black urad dal medhu vadai. Yes you read it rite, i simply added some finely chopped broccoli to the black urad dal batter. The addition of broccoli makes this medhu vadais more interesting and very healthy as well. Trust me, whoever hate broccoli to the core will definitely enjoy thoroughly this crispy and very delicious vadais.

Broccoli Karuppu Ulundu Medhu Vadai, Black Urad Dal Vadai

Sunday 17 January 2016

Barnyard Millet Sweet Pongal/Kuthiravali Sakkarai Pongal

Millets, this healthy small grains are excellent to cook varieties of dishes with it. These grains are seriously versatile and you can dish out many droolworthy foods. From desserts to main dishes, millets works awesome. I have tried couple of dishes with millets though i have many to cook. Sweet pongal is my all time favourite, usually rice and dal cooked together along with cardamom,sugar or jaggery syrup tempered with ghee and cashew nuts makes this ultimate sweet dish. Pongal is one of the popular harvest festival celebrated in Tamilnadu. Sweet pongal is a neivedhyam offered to Sun god during this auspicious day. Since i want to give a healthy twist to this usual sweet pongal, i prepared this ultimate dish with Barnyard millet aka Kuthiravali.

Barnyard Millet Sweet Pongal,Kuthiravali Sakkarai Pongal

Tuesday 12 January 2016

Kuthiravali Kanji/Barnyard Millet Porridge

If you are searching for a easy breezy, quick, healthy and definitely a satisfy breakfast for a hurry morning, then you should take a look at this easy porridge. Kuthiravali/Barnyard millet is one among my favourite millet which i never forget to get from India, and i have few packets in my pantry to make delicious foods out of it. If you are my regular reader you might know that am not a breakfast person, obviously i try to skip breakfast but since we started our low carb diet, i couldnt skip the breakfast and trying to take millet based foods in the morning. One of my favourite breakfast or else brunch is this barnyard millet porridge.

Barnyard Millet Porridge, Kuthiravali Kanji

Sunday 10 January 2016

Red Rice Flakes With Potatoes/Batata Poha/Aloo Poha

Rice flakes are heart healthy and fat free, they are good source of vitamins with loads of minerals. Poha aka rice flakes are easy to cook and very filling while eaten. You can dish out poha based dishes just in few minutes as they gets cooked quickly. Less in calorie, poha are very versatile and you can make many delicious dishes with this incredible ingredient. Batata poha is a popular Maharashtrian breakfast or snack prepared quickly with rice flakes and potato, poha means rice flakes and batata means potatoes.Usually thin and white rice flakes are used for making for this super filling dish. But i replaced it with red rice flakes and trust me this batata poha will definitely satisfy your tastebuds.

Red rice flakes with potatoes

Oats Onion Oothapam/Onion Oats Uthappam

Its been a while i posted a recipe with oats, my all time favourite whole grain. Finally here i am with an interesting breakfast dish. Oats are rich in fibre, its really healthy to take them quite often in our diet. This wholegrains are seriously versatile, you can dish out varieties of incredible desserts, bakes and many more interesting dishes out of this grain. I have been using this wholegrain since a long in our diet and they have their own place in our weekly menu. Even if i forget to cook with this grain, i'll grind them and add in while kneading the flour for rotis. Just love this grain very much, few posts were sitting in my draft and i seriously want to post them as quickly as possible, one among those drafted posts is this healthy uthappam. Uthappam is simply prepared with slightly sour dosa batter, but today's uthapam goes for an instant dosa batter.

Oats onion uthappam

Tuesday 5 January 2016

Eggless Coconut Cookies

Baking cookies with dessicated coconut was in my to do list since a long, finally i baked some during my Xmas vacation. This cookies came out extremely delicious with less efforts and we just enjoyed thoroughly. Yes these eggless baked beauties are dangerously addictive and you cant just stop with one. Trust me, these cookies are very easy to make, just with three ingredients you can make these coconut cookies quickly.Since i tried these cookies,they became my kids favourite and am planning to make again these cuties as they are very easy to make.

Eggless coconut cookies

Monday 4 January 2016

Keerai Masal Vadai/Amaranth Leaves, Channadal Vadai

Keerai vadai, the word itself makes my mouth watery, i just love hot masal vadas with hot tea while the weather is down. My kids are almost like me, we are foodie and we just love anything deep fried, though i try to keep myself away from it. My kids asks often crispy vadas or bajjis for their evening snacks especially while its raining or chilled. My today's recipe goes for Amaranth leaves aka siru keerai, this greens are rich in vitamins and they are very healthy obviously you can dish out many different dishes from this incredible greens.

Keerai masala vada, Greens and channadal vadai

Sunday 3 January 2016

White Chocolate Maltesers Fudge

Fudge is a kind of confectionary which can be prepared easily with less efforts and with less ingredients. One can dish out this incredible soft and smooth fudge easily though this dish asks for more than two hours of cooling process. Most of us makes fudge with chocolate, sweetened condensed milk while some goes for milk, sugar and butter along with chopped chocolate chunks or chocolate chips. You can add nuts or dry fruits in fudge though my today's fudge goes for maltesers, the addition of maltesers will definitely gives this fudge a fabulous delicious and crunchy texture. When i served this fudges to my kids, they kept on munching. Yes trust me, this dangerously addictive fudges is a big hit among my kids.

White Chocolate Maltesers Fudge