Wednesday 30 December 2015

Eggless Walnut & Dates Atta Cake/ Eggless Wheat Cake with Walnuts & Dates

Atta cake, this recipe calls for whole wheat flour aka atta, the flour we usually use for making rotis. This cake is eggless, butterless and i used condensed milk,dates puree to replace the egg and oil for butter. Apart from it this cake goes for simple and usual ingredients easily available in your pantry. I have added walnuts to give a nutty texture to this simple cake. You can add tutti fruity bites, chocolate chips or else more nuts as per your desire. However adding chocolate chips will definitely make this cake very interesting. Since i want to feed my kids with dates, i prepared a simple puree with dates cooked in water, if you dont have dates just replace it with apple puree.

Eggless Walnuts & Dates Atta Cake

Monday 28 December 2015

Eggless Walnut-Black Pepper Cookies

I was searching for some spicy cookie with peppercorns, while googling i found an interesting cookies here. Initially i was intrigued about the addition of ground black pepperin cookies but trust me this cookies tastes absolutely nutty, mildly hot with mild sweetness. Actually the addition of black pepper gives a subtle hotness to this delicious cookies. Whole walnuts grounded as coarse powder along with all purpose flour makes this fabulous cookies though the original recipe goes a cup walnuts but i went for half a cup of walnuts, hence i couldnt stop adding some flour to make this scrumptious cookies.

Walnut - Black Pepper Cookies

Friday 25 December 2015

Flourless Chocolate Muffins

My craving for chocolate pulled me to check for a gluten free, oil free and hassle free muffins, i googled immediately and ended up with a blender friendly recipe in which i made few changes according to our tastebuds. Trust me this muffins are super quick and very easy to make. This flourless muffins will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth, yes this muffins eventhough without flour, came out extremely spongy, moist and ultimate. You doesnt need any specific gadget, just a blender is quite enough. You can even go for a one bowl preparation, i used almond meal instead of flour and peanut butter instead of butter. If you want to make the same muffins with flour, just go on. However you wont miss the flour in this muffins.

Flourless Chocolate Peanut Butter Muffins

Wednesday 23 December 2015

Spicy Onion Buns with Coriander Leaves

Bored of baking always sugar loaded buns or dinner rolls, then give a try to this spicy sauteed onions and finely chopped coriander leaves loaded flavourful buns.This buns goes immediately to my favourite breads list. Just love the flavour of the sauteed onions in this buns. You cant just stop with one, when served along with herbed cheese or cream cheese, this buns makes an excellent meal as well. I used coriander leaves to give an incredible aroma to this buns. If you want to skip it or replace it with any other herbs, just go on. Parsley and rosemary leaves works awesome in this buns. However this buns are dangerously addictive.

SPicy buns, Khara buns, Onion & coriander leaves buns

Monday 21 December 2015

Dryfruits Tea Time Cake

My husband is an ardent fan of dry fruits cake, obviously my pantry will always have dry fruits and nuts. One of his favourite cake is fruits loaded cake, this cake ressembles almost like pound cake, though less egg is used. This recipe calls for butter eventhough you can replace it very well with any cooking oil. Actually i do this cake quite often by replacing half of the quantity of butter with oil. You doesnt need to soak the fruits overnite or in warm syrup, just add directly to the cake batter and bake it.However i couldnt stop myself adding some freshly squeezed orange juice and orange zest to the cake butter. This cake is quite simple to prepare, but trust me if you love loads of dry fruits in your cake then this cake is for you.

Dry fruits tea time cake, Fruits tea cake

Friday 18 December 2015

Rustic Wheat Bread

We love rustic style breads, these breads asks for less efforts and trust me the end result will keep you wowwing. I have been baking breads at home since a long, actually my H is a great fan of rustic breads. He can start his day with this bread slices with his favourite spread, rustic breads makes excellent sandwiches as well. Though am not a big fan of rustic breads, i love the sandwiches made with this bread. Anything filled inside the two slices of this bread makes super filling sandwiches. Now coming to this bread, just with four ingredients, you can bake this bread with less efforts. Seriously this bread goes for basic ingredients and trust me if you make this bread at home, sure you will bake it quite often.

Wednesday 16 December 2015

Sweet Milk Buns

Love baking especially buns or dinner rolls, they are easy to make and seriously very prefect to satisfy quickly any hungry tummy. I have already tried couple of buns, i have still a huge list of buns to give a try, one among from my huge to do list is this sweet milk buns. These buns are eggless and they came out extremely soft to enjoy with any spread either for your breakfast, brunch or else for your evening snacks. These buns when toasted makes an excellent accompaniment to relish with some grilled meats or vegetables though this buns are sweet.

Eggless Sweet Milk Buns

Monday 14 December 2015

Chunky Apple Ricotta Cake

Am allergic to apples, i cant eat them just like that. Though i cant eat them raw, i can enjoy them either as cooked or baked. Obviously whenever i get a chance to bake or cook with apple i dont hesitate a second to dish out with apples. One of my recent trial with apples is this ultimate cake, this cake batter  is simply prepared with usual basic ingredients along with loads of apple chunks and ricotta cheese.This cake tastes absolutely divine when served with a cup of tea for an evening snack that too when its cold outside..You can also start your day with this super spongy cake with a bowl of warm milk for a quick breakfast,seriously trust me  you will definitely have a super filling breakfast.

Chuncky Apple ricotta cake, Apple ricotta cake

Friday 11 December 2015

Jammy Muffins/Jam Filled Muffins

If you are not a breakfast person like me though breakfast is definitely a important one to kick start a day, am sure this jammy muffins will definitely makes you hungry to grab atleast one before leaving home.This simple muffins made with basic ingredients goes for an easy breezy preparation and having this muffin with a cup of milk or coffee or tea will definitely makes your tummy happy. If you are in hurry and dont have time to have your breakfast, this jam filled muffins is quite a blessing.

Jam filled muffins, jam muffins

Wednesday 9 December 2015

Eggless Oats Butterscotch Chips Cookies

Its been a while i baked cookies with oats as main ingredient, this cuties are my recent bakes which i simply baked out easily and quickly with quick cooking oats and butter scotch chips. Adding butterscotch chips makes this cookies more delicious, obviously oats makes these cookies more nutritious and highly rich in fibre. As usual these cookies are eggless but not butter free, if you want to make some scrumptious cookies dont skip butter. Butter plays an important role in this cookies and its winter here so we love to add some fat in our daily meal or bakes just to tolerate the nasty chilled weather. Since few days, the weather in Paris is very much down and its quite hard to tolerate. We keep ourself comforting by indulging some fat loaded foods just to make us happy.

Eggless oats Butterscotch Cookies

Monday 7 December 2015

Soyakheema Pizza Pinwheels

Making pizza at home is definitely an interesting one as this pizza dough doesnt need any specific ingredients to get ready, usual basic ingredients makes pizza dough. And this dough takes very less time to get ready though the resting time depends upon the weather and the humidity. I have baked this soya kheema stuffed pizza pinwheels for a weekly baking event few weeks back, but unfortunately i couldnt write a post before the deadline. Obviously this pizza pinwheels were sitting in my draft for a while. Finally am writing this post today as am running 13 days of baking for this month of december. Yes Bake a thon happens every year during the month of december and we fellow bloggers run this baking marathon thrice a week.

Soyakheema Pizza pinwheels, Pizza pinwheels

Friday 4 December 2015

Fudgy Jam Brownies

Brownies, this rich chocolate loaded baked dessert are quite famous for their fudgy texture. Usually served for desserts for their fudgy or cakey texture, these square shaped brownies are seriously my kids favourite. They can just have brownies anytime of the day as they just love it to the core. Obviously everytime i plan something with chocolates i usually end up with brownies. Needless to say how we love brownies at home. Actually i had a small bottle of strawberry jam sitting for a while in my fridge as none want to have in their bread toast. Instead of trashing it, i used for  making this fudgy and super jammy brownies.

Fudgy Jam Brownies, Strawberry Jam Brownies

Wednesday 2 December 2015

One Bowl Coffee Cake

I love coffee flavoured bakes, especially in cakes. I will be posting baking goodies during this month of december as am running 13 days of Bakeathon. Obviously thrice a week, you may able to see different bakes in my space. For the first day am kick starting this year's Bakeathon with a sweet note that too with my favourite coffee flavoured cake. This coffee cake was sitting in my draft for more than a month, yes i baked this cake for a baking event but i couldnt able to post it in time, but never mind finally i can post this super flavourful spongy cake for Bakeathon. Its time to clear my draft posts especially the baked goodies sitting for a while.Seriously i need to thank Srivalli for pulling me to clear my drafts. Coming to this coffee cake,this cake is simply prepared with usual cake batter flavoured with coffee granules along with chocolate chips and crushed cookie.

One Bowl COffee Cake, Coffee Cake