Wednesday 26 October 2016

Chinese Style Stir Fried Noodles

Noodles are our family favourite, obviously i always have dried noodles packet in my pantry which i never fail to pick from Chinese stores. Noodles are seriously life savers if you have less time to prepare your meal. My today's recipe is a prefect example for a quick meal, you doesnt any vegetables to peel or chop, just a packet of sprouts and scallions is quite enough to add the nutrients and flavor to this simple dish. Actually this Chinese style stir fried noodles makes an excellent lunch box meal definitely a kid's favourite dish as well.

Stir fried Noodles with Scallion & Bean Sprouts.jpg

Tuesday 25 October 2016

Pesto & Cherry Tomato Cheese Tart with Puff Pastry Sheet

Puff pastry sheet is a life saver for me, yes they are seriously very handy and you can dish out many super duper delicious dishes out of this flaky buttery puff pastry sheet. Obviously whenever i go to super market, i dont forget to get these pastry sheets and my fridge will always have it. When going through my fridge, i noticed that a small bottle of homemade pesto was sitting for a while. Since i want to finish that bottle of pesto, i decided to go with a simple and cherry tomatoes loaded tart. Some sweet cherry tomatoes, a small bottle of pesto, some grated cheese and a store bought puff pastry sheet is needed to make this extremely delicious tart.  An excellent flaky tart to enjoy with some salad, which is quite suitable for vegetarians.

Cherry tomato Pesto Puff Pastry Tart, Pesto Cherry tomato cheese tart.jpg

Monday 24 October 2016

Scallion Naan/Green Onion Naan

I just love scallion flavor in most of my dishes especially this green onions have a milder taste and gives a crunchy texture when added raw in dishes. I never forget to get them if i plan to prepare Chinese foods at home. Since am living in Chinatown i get these scallions easily which is quite a favourite ingredient to Chinese peoples. I have already tried couple of dishes by adding this extremely flavourful green onions, but still i want to include them in our Indian cuisine. Finally after making some chinese dishes, i had some scallions sitting in my fridge which tempted me to give a try to my today's recipe aka Scallion Naan.

Scallion Naan, Yeasted Scallion Naan.jpg

Wednesday 19 October 2016

Kelyache Shikran/Maharashtrian Kelichi Shikran/Easy Banana Milk Dessert

If you are looking for an easy breezy and a very quick dish to serve your loved ones, trust me you will seriously love this Maharashtrian dessert aka Easy Banana Milk. Almost like Banana Rasayana, an another no cook and easy banana dessert which calls for grated coconut or coconut milk, this dish is prepared with usual cow milk. Banana Rasayana is served for Neivedhayam, while Kelyache Shikran is served and enjoyed as dessert or accompaniment to relish with rotis or else for snacks. Served chilled this easy breezy dish makes an excellent dessert after a heavy meal as well. Whoever loves anything with banana will definitely enjoy thoroughly this ultimate dessert.

Kelyache Shikran, Banana Milk Dessert.jpg

Tuesday 18 October 2016

Green Guava Smoothie/Chilled Guava Smoothie

Green guava, this is one of my favourite fruit and now my kids just love this fruit as i prepared couple of drinks with this fruit. One among those drinks is this green guava smoothie with vanilla icecream, an excellent drink to give a try while the weather is too hot. Kids will enjoy thoroughly this fantastic smoothie as i prepared this smoothie with green guava chunks,milk and few scoops of vanilla icecream. Just with three ingredients, this smoothie is very quick to prepare.Trust me, this smoothie is definitely a fabulous drink to give a try if you want something chilled to beat the heat. Very simple to make, this smoothie gets ready in less than 5 minutes. You just need to blend all the ingredients together and enjoy the smoothie, how easy na.

Green guava smoothie, Chilled Guava smoothie

Monday 17 October 2016

American Apple Pie

An apple pie is prepared usually with a buttery pie crust in which the principal filling ingredient is apple. Served usually after a lunch or dinner, apple pie makes an excellent dessert to enjoy without any guilt. I love apple pie very much, i have already tried couple of apple pie with different variations, and trust me everytime i bake an apple pie, its a huge hit at home. Obviously apple pie is our family favourite especially for my kids. They can have happily few slices without any fuss as this apple loaded pie is definitely one of the best way to sneak apples in our diet. My today's post is an old fashioned apple pie which is often baked in American households. And this pie calls for two pie crusts with sliced apples coated with cinnamon powder,ground allspice,nutmeg powder and vanilla extract.

American Apple Pie, Old fashioned apple pie

Tuesday 11 October 2016

Cheesy Soya Kheema Pinwheels/Minced Soya & Cheese Pinwheels

You can prepare some dangerously addictive flaky snacks with Puff pastry sheets with less efforts. And one of my today's recipe is also one among those easy breezy snacks which i simply prepared with store bought puff pastry sheet. Pinwheels makes excellent evening snacks as well as a prefect party appetizer especially if you have kids around. This flaky pinwheels are ultimate finger foods and you doesnt need any sauce or dips to serve along with. Yes i used a spicy minced soya masala for preparing this pinwheels. To make this pinwheels more delicious, i couldnt resist to add some grated cheese. And this pinwheels are my kids recent favourite.

Cheesy Soya Kheema Pinwheels,Minced soya Pinwheels

No Bake Peanut Butter Pie

No bake desserts are extremely delicious and really very easy to dish out when you dont have oven at home. My kids are ardent fan of peanut butter and i have been looking for a chance to dish out a pie with it. When i picked 'Kid's delight- Anniversary Party' as theme for this week's blogging marathon, my mind went immediately to prepare some no bake pie.Obviously i gathered all the ingredients for preparing this delicious peanut butter loaded pie and finally here comes this lipsmacking no bake pie. Very easy to make, you doesnt need any special gadget to prepare apart from a springform pan which helps a lot for demoulding this incredible pie.

Peanut Butter Pie, No Bake Peanut Butter Pie

Monday 10 October 2016

Vegan Whole Moongdal Lollypop/Green Moongdal Lollipop

This week's blogging marathon is going to be Kid's friendly party menu dishes, yes the theme for this week is Kid's Delight-Anniversary Party. Obviously kids and even grown up kids will definitely enjoy my dishes i have dished out for this week's theme. Yes am sure in it, see how confident i am. However for the first day's post, am posting a Vegan and Vegetarian friendly lollipop/lollypop, usually this is prepared with meats or seafoods. Yes chicken wings are quite famous for dishing out meaty lollipops while prawns, fish or crab meats are used for seafood lollipops. My today's post is a Vegetarian lollypop which is completely prepared with Whole moongdal aka green moongdal. Extremely healthy and nutritious, this vegan lollypops makes an excellent starter to enjoy with your favourite sauce for a party.

Green Moongdal Lollipop,Vegan Moongdal Lollypop

Tuesday 4 October 2016

French Green Lentils Fritters/Le Puy Green Lentils Pakodas

French Green Lentils aka Le Puy Green Lentils are quite popular in France, as much as like our Indian lentils, this lentils are extremely nutritious. You can dish out many delicious dishes out of this lentils and i dont forget to get a packet whenever i go to our nearby super market. Usually prepared as soups or accompaniments or in salads, this puy lentils are extremely delicious and very versatile. I have been trying some Indian dishes out of this lentils and its works prefectly awesome. As like every lentils, this Le puy lentils calls for soaking time, but trust me you doesnt need to soak them for overnite. Just soaking for two hours is quite enough to dish out a healthy dish with this lentils.

French Lentils Pakoda, Pakoda with Green Lentils

Baked Potato Tater Tots/Homemade Potato Tots

Tater tots are well known in United states, these dish are made from grated potatoes and usually deep-fried. These tater tots are extremely crispy with a cylindrical shape and this crispy tots are very much served in most of the school lunch counters and cafeterias. They are sold in most the frozen food section of many grocery stores. I came to know about this tater tots only after i start blogging, i have been looking for a chance to give a try to this dangerously addictive potato tots. When i picked 'Small Bites' i gathered all the ingredients to dish out these guilt free baked potato tots.

Baked potato tots

Monday 3 October 2016

Cheesy Pesto Potato Sandwich Toast/Mini Pesto Potato Cheese Sandwich

After a month break, finally am kick starting this week's blogging marathon with 'Small Bites' as theme. Small bites, this mini snacks or appetizers makes an excellent crowd pleaser if you have a get together or else if you are planning a get together. Most of these small bites are finger foods, obviously they are easy to enjoy. Small bites are seriously very prefect to tickle anyone's tastebuds. However small bites are definitely kid's friendly dishes as they calls for mini versions of any sort of foods. My today's post goes for a lipsmacking sandwich toast, which i simply prepared with homemade pesto, mashed potato and cheese.

Cheese pesto Sandwich with potato, Potato pesto cheese sandwich toast