Saturday 26 April 2014

Chickpeas Soyachunks Masala

Usually we make masala either with chickpeas or with soyachunks separately, i crossed this masala dish from a paper cut which my mom saved a long back. Actually this masala is a dry curry which goes awesome with rice, rotis as simply as filling with bread slices. A quick side dish to have with any dish actually. Simple grounded masala gives a wonderful flavour to this dry curry and the spices goes for making masala is quite enough to give the spiciness to this simple and delicious masala. You can even have this masala as snacks if you like both chickpeas and soyachunks very much.

Definitely a different dish from the usual masalas we make with chickpeas or soyachunks. You can skip chickpeas or either soyachunks and make this masala just with any of these both ingredients. The choice is yours, i enjoyed thoroughly this masala with a bowl of rasam rice and trust me this masala tastes absolutely divine as side dish with a simple bowl of ric too. This post goes  for the CC Challenge of the month.Sending this dish to CWS- Chickpeas guest hosted by Nalini.

Tuesday 22 April 2014

Sundakka Kaarakuzhambu/Dried Turkey Berry Gravy/சுண்டக்காய் காரகுழம்பு

Without kaara kuzhambu, i cant think about a South Indian Thali. This tangy fingerlicking gravy have its important place. With a bowl of rice, some papads is quite enough for me to enjoy thoroughly this delicious looking kuzhambu.This gravy goes for dried turkey berries and this flavourful kuzhambu goes for simple preparation too. You can prepare this tangy gravy simply as Kaarakuzhambu or else like Vathal Kuzhambu.Turkey berries are good for controlling diabetes, gastric problem. Fresh turkey berries are used in making dal based gravies, while dried ones are used for tamarind based gravies. I used those dark dried turkey berries for making this kuzhambu.

This tangy gravy stays prefect for a week if conserved in fridge, usually this kind of gravies tastes super delicious after a day, obviously i love my bowl of rice with this kuzhambu the next day. You can serve this gravy even with wheat upma,idlies or dosas,even with chappathis, they tastes super good with everything. Since this gravy goes for gingelly oil for tempering, just guess the flavor of this gravy.This post goes to Tamizhar Samayal Tuesday.

Saturday 19 April 2014

Milagu Vazhakkai Poriyal/Raw Banana Pepper Stirfry

Raw bananas are our favourite, i 'll cook them atleast once a week and our favourite is always the pan roasted raw banana slices. My H love them simply with his rasam rice, recently i crossed this quick and easy breezy poriyal from a cook book which is quite an interesting pair for curd rice. This poriyal is spiced with green chillies and freshly grounded pepper powder. Both gives a wonderful flavor to this quick stir fry. I prepared this poriyal for our Tamil new year lunch, among the varieties of side dishes i have prepared everyone at home simply enjoyed this side dish.

Trust me, you can enjoy this stir fry even as a filling with toasted bread slices or as a side dish even with some chappathis, yes you hear me right if you are lover of raw bananas you can have it even with some chappathis. If you get raw bananas abundantly dont forget to make this delicious stir fry.This post goes  for the CC Challenge of the month.

Wednesday 16 April 2014

Broccoli Bajji/Broccoli Fritters

Do know how to feed broccolis to your kids, just make this super crispy fritters and see how quickly these most hated broccoli deguised as bajjis gets disappears. Actually its been a while i prepared this deep fried crispy fritters but since i havent posted it in my space, i prepared some again a day back. Hence am posting this addictive deep fried beauties today.Usually broccoli florets gets cooked easily and you doesnt need to precook for making this bajji as we do with cauliflower florets. Just soak them in warm water for few minutes, drain them and make this fantastic bajjis. Whoever hate this anti oxydant rich vegetable broccoli will definitely enjoy thoroughly these fritters.

You can have this crispy bajjis just with a cup of tea for your evening snacks or else as side dish with a bowl of sambar rice. Yes you can have this super crispy bajjis as side dish too. However the choice is yours and am sure this bajjis will be definitely your favourite soon.

Saturday 12 April 2014

Lunch Salad with Cherry Tomatoes,Red Bellpepper and Sweet Corn

Salads are one of my favourite whenever we dont feel like having heavy foods for lunch i'll make salads just for me, obviously if my kids and H wont come to home for lunch i'll go for salads.I do varieties of salads and salads are easy to make, just few lettuce leaves, cubed tomatoes and cucumber is enough to make a quick salad.My fridge is always stuffed with cucumber, cherry tomatoes, lettuce leaves and some canned sweet corn kernels.Summer is around the corner here and the Sun god is just showing his head here and there, its not too hot here but the weather is very prefect to have a bowl of salad for a lunch.

This salad is from a French magazine supplement called Summer salads, i picked this quick and super simple salad for my yesterday's lunch, trust me this salad is so simple even a kid with the help of an adult can prepare this salad easily. I finished my lunch just with this salad if you want to a filling lunch make a sandwich and have it along with this salad. As per the recipe, i went for a quick lime dressing with simple ingredients too. This post goes  for the CC Challenge of the month.Sending this salad to NCR - Soups and Salads.

Thursday 10 April 2014

Tofu Tomato Clear Soup

Soup plays an important role in our daily menu, honestly i can have my bowl of soup at anytime of the day. Yep am a sucker of warm soup, earlier am a person who dislikes the word 'soup', now am just opposite to it. Coz of the chilled evening weather here, i dont have any mood to cook our dinner obviously my mind goes towards the soup, which are quite easier for me than rolling a roti and finding a side dish to it. Coming to this clear soup, i just throwed some chopped tomatoes,chopped tofu cubes in a vegetable broth which i spiced up with green chillies and pepper powder, voila your soup is ready,this is enough to make this incredible warm bowl of clear soup.

An easy breezy soup, gets ready just within few minutes, the cooking time takes hardly less than 15minutes and the soup will be ready to enjoy. I love my soup with dried herbs and hence i used dried basil leaves in this soup, you can replace them very well with freshly chopped any herbs. With a simple sandwich and a bowl of  this soup is very much enough to have a satisfying dinner. If you dont like tofu, you can replace it very well with cubed potatoes, mix and match the vegetables as you desire, am sure this soup will become your favourite.

Tuesday 8 April 2014

Urulai Kizhangu Bonda/No Deep Fried Potato Bonda

Chilled weather means deep fried snacks for us. Paris weather is playing around between chilled weather, sudden rain and mild sunny days obviously everyone at home needs some hot,crispy evening snacks to keep them comfort. I prepared this potato bondas few days back with kuzhi paniyaram pan or aebleskiver pan which hardly need a half teaspoon of oil to get ready. This no deep fried potato bonda is definitely a guilt free snacks to enjoy simply with a cup of coffee or tea,trust me they will get vanished quickly one you remove them from the paniyaram pan.

Since this bonda is not deep fried,you can have two more bondas without any hesitation, if you dont like this method, sure you can prepare them by deepfrying. Enjoy this fantastic no deep fried bondas for your evening snacks.Today is the 2nd tuesday of the month, i belong to a group of friends  who shares authentic dishes from Tamilnadu and the name of the event is Tamizhar Samayal Tuesday, please do check the announcement if you want to be a part of it.

                       photo NodeepfriedPotatoBondaUrulaiKizhanguBonda_zps6f7c1b11.jpg

Saturday 5 April 2014

Peanut Shallot Chutney

Peanut chutney is our favourite side dish and we love to enjoy thoroughly either with Idlies or dosas. Since i want to add one more chutney with peanuts to my chutney collections, am posting this fingerlicking,nutty, flavourful chutney. This chutney tastes absolutely fantabulous especially with crispy dosas. I bet that you will truly have two more idlies or dosas definitely with this delicious chutney.I picked this chutney from a tamil magazine supplement called 30 varieties of Village foods. Peanuts and shallots makes a fantastic pair and this chutney is our recent favourite. Roasted peanuts gives a wonderful flavour, while the shallots makes this chutney more delicious, since this chutney goes for tamarind and coconut you can have this dish even as side dish for porridge. You can omit very well the tempering part, but i cant imagine chutneys without tempering.

If you dont get shallots, then you can use the red onions here, but trust me shallots will definitely take this dish to an another destination. A completely different chutney to enjoy if you love peanuts and shallots in your chutney.This post goes  for the CC Challenge of the month.

Thursday 3 April 2014

Carrot Coconut Chutney

Chutneys plays an important role in South Indian's breakfast, we love and make varieties of chutneys to relish along with dosas or idlies. My H is an aradent fan of variety foods, obviously if i serve dosas or idlies i need to prepare atleast two side dish to serve along with. Just imagine how much varieties of side dishes i would have tried to serve his breakfast. Coconut and carrot makes an incredible colourful chutney, i tried this chutney few days back for our dinner, we just enjoyed thoroughly this healthy, flavourful and mildly sweet chutney along with dosas.

I used carrot in large quantity and went for coconut in less quantity coz i dont want to add more grated coconut as they can change the texture of this carrot chutney, if you want to add more grated coconut please do, am sure they will taste much better too. Since i want to feed my kids with carrots, i went for this proportion. To spice up this chutney, i used ginger,garlic and tamarind which makes this chutney more flavourful and bit tangy at the same time. Do give a try,am sure your family will love this colourful chutney.This post is going to be a part of Vegan Thursdays, a vegan event happening twice a month.