Wednesday 28 August 2013

Tomato Peas Briyani

I have already told in my earlier post we love one pot meals very much and i do quite often.Sunday lunch is always my favourite, especially if its something quick as one pot meal i wont say no. Most of our sunday lunch goes for briyanis, this weekend H was bit busy with some stuffs and he didnt stayed with us for the lunch. Obviously, i packed him this quick vegan briyani to carry along with him and went for an easy breezy tomato peas briyani.Serve it simply with hard boiled eggs or fried fryums,am damn sure you will definitely have a filling lunch or dinner..You can easily carry this delicious pulao in your lunch box.Sending to Priya's event Healthy Diet - Healthy Lunch Box guest hosted by Sowmya.

Monday 26 August 2013

Pan Roasted Brinjal Fry

If you are searching for a quick,easy breezy side dish to serve with your lunch, you have to give a try to this spicy,pan roasted brinjal fry. This fry gets ready in a jffy and goes awesome as side dish with any rice dish eventhough i love this fry with curd rice. Brinjal is one of my favourite veggie and i do make this pan roasted brinjal fry quite often, dont worry if you dont like brinjals you can make the same fry very well with potatoes. Thick slices of brinjal coated with a simple spice mix and  flour mix makes this incredible fry.Sending to Srivalli's Side Dish Mela.

25nos Aubergines or brinjals slices (sliced as thick pieces)
1tbsp Chilly powder
1/2tsp Garam masala powder
1tsp Fennel seed powder
1tsp Coriander powder
2tbsp Rice flour
1tsp Cornflour
Oil for shallow frying

Take the chilly powder, garam masala powder,fennel seed powder,coriander powder,rice flour ,corn flour and salt in a bowl.

Mix it and add water to make a thick paste.

Add the aubergine or brinjal slices one by one to the paste, coat them well with the spice paste and keep aside for half an hour.

Heat oil for shallow frying, drop gently the spices coated brinjal slices, fry on both sides until they gets well roast and brown in colour.

Drain the excess of oil with a paper towel.

Serve as side dish.

Wednesday 21 August 2013

Snakegourd & Channadal Kootu

What is kootu?? its a tamil word which means addition, when vegetable added with lentils forms a semi solid in consistency like curry is called Kootu. Whenever we serve a feast to a guest, we Tamilians never forget to serve rice, sambar,rasam,curd,poriyal,appalam,pickle and a sweet with this famous kootu. There are so many variations of kootu however kootu will always goes for vegetables and lentils combination.

Coming to today's kootu, snakegourd and channadal both works wonder together, this dish goes awesome as a curry with rice and as side dish with rotis. This thick kootu tastes fantabulous with papads or else with potato fries, you can also serve with any kind of non vegetarian sides as well. This kootu goes for an easy preparation along with a simple masala paste which makes the difference from the usual kootu.

Tuesday 20 August 2013

Gooseberry Rice/Nellikkai Saadham

One pot meals makes our life easier and obviously one pot meals are favourite lunch. Whenever i feel bored or lazy to cook, i'll go immediately for easy breezy one pot meal. One among those one pot meal is this healthy,quick and delicious gooseberry rice. This rice is one of our favourite lunch and its takes hardly few minutes to get ready if you have already cooked rice. Grated gooseberries cooked along with tempered spices and cooked rice makes this healthy rice.

Gooseberries have loads of medicinal value and its recommanded to add them quite often in your diet, eventhough we dont get super fresh gooseberries as in India,i never failed to get them if i saw them in Indian groceries here. Recently i got to get them as much as fresh like India during my last visit to Indian grocery and i couldnt stop myself to making this quick and healthy rice with it.A vegan friendly lunch box rice to carry and enjoy the goodness of this healthy berries.Sending to Priya's event Healthy Diet - Healthy Lunch Box guest hosted by Sowmya.

Monday 19 August 2013

Jeera Tomato Dal

For me comforting food means a flavourful dal or rasam served simply with papads or else with pan roasted potatoes. I can survive with these foods for many days without any hesitation. Nothing will beat a simple dal served with rice topped with ghee or rotis and obviously its a royal treat for me.Coming to today's post, this jeera tomato dal goes for a super quick preparation and its doesnt need sauting.

This fingerlicking comforting food goes for Yellow moong dal cooked with tomatoes together in pressure cooker. Finally a simple tempering makes a super delicious dal to serve with any food. This dal takes hardly less than 15minutes to get ready,a prefect side dish or dal to serve when you are in hurry.This aromatic dal is also a bachelor's friendly recipe too.

Saturday 17 August 2013

Peppered Coconut Rice

Who will say no to one pot meal, i love easy breezy,quick one pot meals very much. I dont mind cooking them atleast twice a week and everyone at home love one pot meal very much. Coming to today's recipe this peppered coconut rice, is an extremely flavourful,delicious one pot meal which gets ready very much easily. Tempered grated coconut mixed with rice and spiced with freshly grounded pepper powder makes this incredible rice. Serve this peppered coconut rice with papads, am sure you will have a filling lunch. This rice suits prefectly to carry in your lunch box too,if you have leftover cooked rice this dish will hardly takes very less time to get ready.Sending to my own event Healthy Diet - Healthy Lunch Box guest hosted by Sowmya.

Wednesday 14 August 2013

Sukku Paal/Dry Ginger Milk

When you have a sore throat or the weather is down, you can make a simple milk with dry ginger and palm sugar to make you comfort. This simple drink will definitely sooth your throat and its has numerous medicinal value. Dry ginger aka sukku is a dry form of ginger and it taken as sukku coffee when the weather is just freezing outside,while palm sugar aka panai vellam /panai karkandu is also well known for its medicinal value, whenever we make a drink with sukku aka dry ginger, its recommanded to add palm sugar than the usual white sugar. This sukku paal gets ready in very less minute and its can be enjoyed during anytime of the day.

Monday 12 August 2013

Cardamom Tea

I cant start my day without a cup of tea and its a must for us. Cardamom flavoured tea are our family favourite and i do it often. Making tea is an art and to get a prefect cup of tea doesnt need any experience. But patience and good tea powder makes a wonderful flavourful cup of tea. A cardamom tea served while its raining makes you feel comfort and keeps you warm, obviously i prefer tea than coffee and am trying to keep me away from coffee since few months. Tea can be flavoured with variety of spices eventhough my vote will definitely go for cardamoms.A cup of cardamom tea with some pakoras makes a satisfying evening snacks too.

Sunday 11 August 2013

Watermelon Lassi

Lassi is a chilled drink prepared in every Indian houses during the weather is super hot, its an excellent drink prepared with yogurt and milk. A prefect thirsty quencher as well as body cooler, Indians goes crazy for this drink and obviously lassi is one of the most famous Indian drink well known all around the world. We can make lassi with any fruits or simply flavoured with cardamon or saffron. One of my recent trial is this watermelon lassi, its summer here and also peak season of watermelon. Obviously i tried lassi with this summer fruit, this lassi tastes fantabulous, a kid's favourite..

Saturday 10 August 2013

Cauliflower Spinach Pakoda

Kids may like cauliflower and dislikes spinach or vice versa, if you combine both cauliflower and spinach together in a fritters am sure they wont say 'no' to munch them. This kind of fritters suits prefectly for both snacks or as sides for rice dishes. These crispy pakodas are quite addictive and definitely an another kid's friendly snack. Kids may enjoy this pakodas thoroughly with ketchup or else with sweet chilly sauce. Finely chopped spinach in this pakoda batter makes this simple pakoda more interesting and healthy as well. A vegan friendly snack to munch with a cup of tea or as a starter for a party menu..

Friday 9 August 2013

Bread Crumbed Spicy Potatoes

Potatoes, the most favourite vegatable for many of us. We do love potatoes very much and they have their important place in our menu. I cook atleast twice a week with them or else add cubed potatoes in gravies. Coming to this wonderful bread crumbed spicy potatoes, this dish takes hardly less than 5 minutes to get ready if you have already cooked potatoes. An excellent crowd pleaser, i shallow fried them for making this dish, if you dont have time or dont want to fry, you can also bake them in oven.

Cantaloupe Melon & Walnut Salad

Fruits and nuts in salad makes a wonderful dessert after a heavy lunch or dinner. This simple and quick salad gets ready seriously very less time and you can mix and match the fruits and nuts for making this easy breezy salad. Its peak summer here,summer fruits like melons and berries are very cheaper in most of the farmer's market . We never fail to get them and my daughter is an expert in making simple fruit salad. This salad is one of her creation and we loved it.She loves to add sugar pearls if she makes salad, the addition of sugar pearls makes the difference definitely.

Thursday 8 August 2013

Bread Butter Jam

Bread butter jam, doesnt need any particular preparation, they gets ready very much quickly with less efforts,this bread butter jam makes an excellent evening snacks. Kids love this quick snack and even with an adult's help, they can make their own bread butter jam. This snack makes me nostalgic, love this bread butter jam very much.