Thursday 26 February 2015

Wheat Bread Dosa

Dunno what about you all, i just love making instant versions of breakfast dishes like idlies or dosas. My today's recipe goes for an instant version, one of my favourite since ever i had this dosa at one of my friend's place. Actually i made this dosas many time but never had a chance to click a picture to post them. Finally i clicked few pictures last week, when i prepared this bread dosa batter with whole wheat bread, rice flour and roasted rava. A prefect breakfast to enjoy thoroughly during a weekend brunch or else for breakfast to kick start a day and not to forget that this dosa suits prefect for dinner too.

Wednesday 25 February 2015

Carrot & Mango Paratha

I know few of you might be surprised to see the name of my today's dish, yes i prepared this wonderful looking paratha with carrot and raw mango. Actually i had some grated mango left aside after preparing sundal, i couldnt resist myself to add them while making the paratha dough. Honestly the addition of grated raw mango turned the parathas bit tangy while having eventhough they are grated. Carrot and mango works prefect in this paratha, however if you dont have or else dont feel like adding grated mango, just go simply with grated carrot. I used thinly grated carrots and thinly grated raw mango while kneading the dough, obviously none will notice the addition of veggies here.One of the best way to sneak veggies definitely if you have paratha lovers at home.

Vegan carrot, mango paratha

Monday 23 February 2015

Soya Kheema Masala Dosa

Soya beans and soya granules are my favourite and they have their important plae in my pantry. Whenever i ran out vegetables, trust me i can dish out numerous dishes with soya granules. You can cook anything with soya granules not to forget soya beans makes excellent dishes as well. Soya beans are excellent source of proteins and they have numerous nutritional value, its adviced to have soya beans atleast twice a week if you are a vegetarian. Coming to today's dish, this crispy masala dosa goes for a vegan kheema aka soya kheema. Am running my fourth week of blogging marathon and the theme of this week is Indian bread baskets. Dosa are consider as bread and hence am posting this delicious and healthy vegan kheema masala dosa.

Soya kheema masala dosa

Thursday 19 February 2015

Carrot Badam Kheer

Nuts, i cant survive without them obviously they will always have their important place in my pantry. Even if i ran out of vegetables or fruits, i dont get struck and will definitely dish out delicious nutty dishes. Needless to say cashew nuts and almonds are my life savers. Whenever we go to India i never forget to get few kgs of cashews as cashews are quite expensive here. Since i dont restrict myself when its comes to cashew nuts, its better for me to get them from India.Now you can guess my shopping list especially when we go to India.Coming to today's recipe, its a healthy,definitely super nutty kheer with carrots and badam aka almonds.

Carrot Badam Kheer

Wednesday 18 February 2015

Coconut, Black Rice Pudding

Black rice have their important place in Chettinad cuisine, i have been pampered with inippu kavuni arisi aka sweetened chettinad black rice obviously anything with black rice goes immediately to my favourite food list. Few months back, i simply tried a coconut milk and black rice pudding for our dessert after a sunday meal. Everyone at home enjoyed thoroughly and this pudding became my kids favourite as well. Obviously whenever i get a chance to cook with black rice i never forget to dish out this incredible and very flavourful black rice pudding.

Vegan Coconut milk and black rice pudding

Tuesday 17 February 2015

Tomato Pulao

My kids are great fans of one pot meal especially anything with tomatoes, obviously i make quite often their favourite pulao with tomatoes but everytime i make i forget to click a picture to post it in my space. Finally i clicked few pictures just to write about our favourite easy breezy pulao. Tomato pulao gets ready very much easily if you make them through pressure cooker or else simply with a heavy bottomed vessel. Usually i go for pressure cooker method but this time i opted for a heavy bottomed pan and the pulao came out extremely delicious with prefectly cooked basmati rice.

Tomato pulao

Thursday 12 February 2015

Eggless Dark Chocolate Pancakes

Pancakes are excellent fluffy cakes which suits prefect to kick start a weekend brunch. They are easy to make, quite filling breakfast as well. Pancakes are flat cakes, often round and thin can be prepared in a jiffy and cooked in a pan on both sides, served with a syrup or sauce. I usually make pancakes with basic vanilla batter, this time for a change i opted for chocolate pancakes, my today's recipe goes for eggless version and tastes simply prefect when served with anything especially with chocolate syrup, but i served mine with a simple orange syrup.

Eggless Dark Chocolate Pancakes

Wednesday 11 February 2015

Scrambled Eggs with Green Bellpepper & cheese

My family can have anything with eggs, obviously most of my sunday brunch will definitely have eggs. Even a simple egg omelette with some bread slices makes an excellent filling brunch. Since i picked Weekend brunch as this week's theme, i couldnt resist myself to post this lipsmacking cheese and flavourful scrambled eggs. This scrambled eggs loaded with green bellpepper and cheddar cheese will definitely satisfy anyone's tastebuds. Initially i thought of  preparing a frittata with bellpeppers since my lil one asked scrambled eggs, i just dished out this easy peasy scrambled eggs.

Scrambled eggs with bellpeppers & cheese

Tuesday 10 February 2015

Foxtail Millet Podi Dosa/Thinai Podi Dosa

Weekend brunch are something special for many of us, obviously my weekend brunch goes for many varieties of dishes,from Indian to continental i make varieties of foods just to have with my family as we dont have enough time to have our breakfast together during the week days. Am running my second week of blogging marathon with Weekend Brunch as theme,actually i want to make couple of dishes under this theme but unfortunately i went for easy dishes because of sudden cold. I couldnt make anything earlier actually i dished out everything just before two days back. Somehow am happy that atleast i prepared some weekend brunch easy breezy dishes instead of quitting this week's blogging marathon.

Thursday 5 February 2015

Rajma & Spinach Pulao

One pot meal works awesome if you are lazy to cook or feel bored to cook an elaborate dish. However we dont need any specific reason to cook one pot meal. Obviously i love to make quite often some easy peasy one pot meal just to feed quickly my family especially my H as he carry his lunch with him. One pot meal can be prepared in a jiffy if you are making them through pressure cooker. Pressure cookers are life saver, this vessel is quite enough to make quickly some fabulous pulaos if you are planning to make for your lunch or else something special or quick for your sunday brunch.

Spinach, Rajma Pulao

Tuesday 3 February 2015

Egg & Sausage Masala Rice

You might have noticed that this week's blogging marathon goes for an interesting theme, yes am posting dishes under the theme cooking for 1. After an easy breezy vermicelli pulao with babycorn, i couldnt resist to post my lil one's favourite rice. Whenever i have leftover rice or feel like making a quick dish, i dont forget to make simple egg masala rice, this time i couldnt stop myself to add some chicken sausages to make this simple rice bit meaty and eggy.

Egg & Sausage Masala Rice

Babycorn Vermicelli Pulao/Babycorn Semiya Pulao

If you are searching something quick, filling for an easy lunch or dinner, then you should check this pulao. This vermicelli pulao goes for an easy breezy preparation, once cooked this dish makes an excellent lunch or dinner when served along with raita or pickles. Instead of adding many vegetables, i just went with babycorns with cashews. This dish takes hardly less than half an hour and one can have their lunch or dinner without any fuss.I make this simple pulao whenever i feel lazy or else if am alone at home.

Babycorn vermicelli pulao