Sunday 27 November 2016

Chinese Breadstick Twists/Dza Ma Hwa

I have loads of bookmarks to dish out though few of those bookmarked recipes are very close to my heart obviously i couldnt give up those incredible dishes for any reason. One of those bookmarked recipes i have been looking for a chance to dish out is this Chinese breadstick twists. Easy to make, these bread stick twists makes an excellent snack or accompaniment to relish with a simple dip or else with a delicious sauce. However this twists are our recent family favourite and you can conserve them very well for more than a day to munch whenever you feel like munching something crispy and crunchy.

Chinese Bread Stick Twists

Friday 25 November 2016

Vietnamese Corn Milk Drink - Sua Ngo Sua Bap

When its sweet corn season, dont forget to give a try to this nourishing milk. Simple to make, this extremely delicious corn milk is a must to try if you want to drink a different drink rather than having the usual milk. Prepared with sweet corn kernels and almonds, this milk makes an excellent breakfast drink to enjoy with your favourite breakfast. Trust me, this milk is very versatile and you can make it completely dairy free just by adding more almonds or else substitute the milk with vegan milk like soya milk or rice milk or else with any nuts milk.

Corn Milk, Vietnamese Corn milk

Thursday 24 November 2016

Apple Fritters

Its getting too chilled here, obviously during weekends we look for something hot and spicy to munch with our cup of tea or coffee. I have couple of bookmarked recipes to try since a while and finally i got a chance to clear a bookmark recipe which i have been looking to dish out since a long. Yes finally Pioneer's Woman apple fritters, i fried these cuties last weekend while its was raining outside. Extremely addictive and dangerously delicious, these fritters are our family favourite now. If you are planning to dish out this apple fritters dont forget to prepare a huge quantity else you will regret definitely.

Apple fritters, Fritters with apple chunks

Friday 18 November 2016

Eggless Double Chocolate Oats Cookies

I cant imagine a kid's party without chocolates, chocolates are always favourite among the kids. Baked anything with chocolates makes everyone happy at home. Earlier when i was at home, i do bake loads of goodies, but now life is super busy and i dont have enough time to bake. However i try to bake during weekends just to please my kids. Today's post is something delicious, healthy and definitely a kid's friendly baked goodies. Loaded with rolled oats, this double chocolate cookies are excellent to munch with a cup of tea or coffee.

Chocolate oats cookies

Soya Chunks Balls/Soya Kola Urundai

This week's post are going to be Snack foods, as i picked Kid's delight - Birthday Snacks as theme for this week's blogging marathon. After a fantastic,cheesy kulchas, i couldnt stop myself to share this very delicious, dangerously addictive kola urundais aka savory balls prepared with nutritious soya chunks. Obviously this meatless savoury balls is our recent time favourite and trust me this balls will definitely become your favourite as well.These balls goes for easy ingredients and very simple to do. This vegetarian soya nugget balls makes an excellent starter or appetizer when served along with sweet chilly sauce or simply with ketchup.This kola urundai aka crispy balls is a very interesting way to include soya nuggets in our diet.

Soya Kola Urundai, Soya Chunks Balls.jpg

Thursday 17 November 2016

Cheese Kulcha

Kulchas is a younger sister of Naan,  usually made with baking soda/baking powder instead of Yeast, this flatbreads are my favourite. Since this Indian flat bread are versatile, you can make this delicious flatbread stuffed sometimes with interesting fillings or else served simply as plain kulchas .Kulchas is quite a typical Punjabi recipe and Amritsar, a city in Punjab which is famous for its kulchas and Naans.Usually eaten with chole aka channa masala, Kulchas makes a filling breakfast or dinner. If they are stuffed, they doesnt even need any side dish to have with.Though kneading the dough and making a filling asks for some preparation, this kulchas makes an excellent lunch for growing kids.

Cheesy Kulcha, Cheese Kulcha

Saturday 12 November 2016

Pressure Cooker Yogurt Chicken Biriyani

Biriyani, this royal dish is everyone's favourite at home. Prepared usually with meats or else with seafoods, this dish is definitely a treat for many hence its usually prepared during festivals, marriages or else for a get together. For us, Sunday lunch calls almost for Biriyanis. Prepared usually in a large pots, biriyanis can be prepared very much easily in pressure cooker as well. My mom makes excellent pressure cooker biriyanis and we love it to the core. Its been a while i prepared pressure cooker friendly chicken biriyani and few days back when i was alone at home i couldnt resist to prepare this easy breezy chicken biriyani as i was craving for some biriyanis.

Chicken Biriyani, One pot meal Biriyani

Friday 11 November 2016

Grilled Cheesy Potato & Carrot Masala Sandwich

Sandwich, this word itself makes everyone happy at home. Sandwiches can satsify anyone's hungry tummy. Whenever i feel like having something quick, easy and super filling, then i will immediately dish out sandwich. Often easily prepared with simple ingredients, a sandwich can satisfy anyone's tastebuds. However i couldnt resist to prepare a different cheesy masala sandwich with some cooked potatoes and grated carrots. Easy to prepare the filling, you can finish this sandwich very much quickly than you can imagine.

Grilled Cheesy Potato & Carrot Masala Sandwich

Thursday 10 November 2016

Vegetable Barnyard Millet Upma/Kuthiravali Upma

Millets have their important place in our weekly menu. I have been cooking with this healthy millets often as these grains are extremely versatile to cook with.Though i have cooked varieties of foods with millets, am yet to cook some dishes out of it. My today's recipe calls for barnyard millet aka kuthiravali, which is extremely nutritious and super versatime to cook many dishes out of it. Today am sharing an easy breezy dish which calls for a simple cooking process. With couple of vegetables and barnyard millet, you can prepare this healthy one pot meal with less efforts.

Vegetable Barnyard Millet Upma

Saturday 5 November 2016

Stove Top Toasted Chocolate Oats & Chocolate Mousse Parfait

As a chocoholic person, i couldnt stop myself to dish out this incredible parfait loaded with chocolates. This easy breezy parfait calls for a simple eggless chocolate mousse and a quick stove topped chocolate covered rolled oats. Trust me this parfait is one of our family favourite, yes we just loved it to the core. If you are planning to make something with chocolate, you doesnt need any excuse to dish out some eggless chocolate mousse with less efforts rite. If peoples at home asks me to make a dessert to indulge after a meal, my mind will always go for some chocolate based desserts.Actually chocolate mousse is my most favourite, i seriously looking for a chance to make a layered dessert with chocolate mousse since a while. Hence this mousse parfait with healthy rolled oats.

Toasted Chocolate Oats, Chocolate Mousse Parfait.jpg

Friday 4 November 2016

Banana & Peanut Butter Yogurt Parfait

After a simple but yet a delicious dessert in glass, my today's post is an another incredible dessert with peanut butter and greek yogurt along with banana slices. Very simple to make this parfait makes an excellent dessert after a meal. If you are lover of peanut butter in your desserts, you will definitely enjoy thoroughly this beautiful parfait with loads of creaminess. This gluten free, low carb diet friendly dessert packed with proteins will definitely makes you happy. This creamy peanut butter layers topped with slices of bananas will definitely tickle anyone's tastebuds.

Peanut Butter Parfait with Bananas.jpg

Thursday 3 November 2016

Toasted Apple Chunks & Salted Caramel Dessert

A simple dessert doesnt need much efforts na, i have prepared few for this week's blogging marathon as i picked 'Glass Desserts' as theme.A delicious fruit loaded dessert in glass, an easy breezy dessert to please everyone at home. You can prepare this dessert quickly if you have some salted caramel fudges at home. Actually this fudge is a must to make this dessert, which need some earlier day preparation, apart from it a simple dessert prepared in stove top. Simply toasted apple chunks flavoured with vanilla extract and a tablespoon of sour cream or mascarpone cheese is quite enough to prepare this alluring dessert.

Toasted apple chunks, salted caramel dessert