Sunday 11 August 2013

Watermelon Lassi

Lassi is a chilled drink prepared in every Indian houses during the weather is super hot, its an excellent drink prepared with yogurt and milk. A prefect thirsty quencher as well as body cooler, Indians goes crazy for this drink and obviously lassi is one of the most famous Indian drink well known all around the world. We can make lassi with any fruits or simply flavoured with cardamon or saffron. One of my recent trial is this watermelon lassi, its summer here and also peak season of watermelon. Obviously i tried lassi with this summer fruit, this lassi tastes fantabulous, a kid's favourite..

1cup Thick yogurt
1/2cup Watermelon (cubed)
Sugar or honey as per need
1/4cup Chilled milk

Take the yogurt,watermelon cuts,sugar or honey and chilled milk in a blender.

Blend everything well until they turns smooth.

Serve immediately or chilled.


Unknown said...

Sounds Interesting!!!! Hearing it for the first time!!!!

Anu Yalo said...