Saturday 3 March 2018

Crunchy No Bake Chocolate Cereal Squares

My kids love to have their breakfast with chocolate cereals or else with wholegrain cereal flakes along with chilled milk. Obviously my pantry will have different sorts of cereals, however whenever i do my weekly grocery, i dont forget to grab some packets of cereals as well. When i picked Kid's delight -Chocolate as theme for this week's blogging marathon, i was very much sure to prepare some no bake cereal squares with peanut butter and chocolate for this week's theme. Just with 3 simple ingredients and an easy breezy microwaving cooking process is quite enough to dish out this super crunchy cereal squares.

Chocolate Cereal Squares
I used Nestlé brand crunch chocolate cereals for making this quick and dangerously delicious cereal squares. My kids went on munching these squares, yes this no bake crunchy cereal squares are seriously addictive. With a help of an adult, even a kid can prepare this simple cereal squares. If you want to make this same cereal square without chocolate, just skip it and use peanut butter and honey to make them as a peanut butter cereal squares. Sending this to Srivalli's Kid's Delight event, guest hosted by Kalyani, themed on "Chocolate Dishes" for Kids. ᐧ

No bake Chocolate Crunchy cereal squares

4cups Chocolate cereals
1/4cup Peanut butter
100grams Chocolate chunks

Take the peanut butter and chocolate chunks in a microwave safe bowl and heat for 2-3minutes.

Once the chocolate chunks gets melts, mix well until the peanut butter-chocolate mixture turns as a ganache.

Now add in the chocolate cereals, and mix well.

Drop this mixture to a baking tray or mould lined with a baking sheet.

Crunchy Chocolate Cereal Bar

Press well the mixture and sprinkle some sugar pearls (optional)

Place it in fridge for an hour, remove the baking sheet from the tray.

Now slice the chocolate coated cereal mixture as squares. Conserve them in an air tightened box.

Munch it with your favourite drink.


vaishali sabnani said...

Wow Priya this is awesome..wonder how you get such fantastic recipes..loving these quick and easy squares.

Srivalli said...

Oh cool, such an easy 3 Ingredient recipe Priya, very interesting Vaishali said you are so versatile!..

Pavani said...

Wow those chocolate cereal squares look sooo inviting and tempting. With only 3 ingredients these are definitely a breeze to make.

Rafeeda AR said...

I always have coco pops and cornflakes in my pantry at any given point of time... even with its bad name, I can't give it up completely... hehe... this looks like something my kids will love!

Jyoti Babel said...

I think any chocolate lover is going to love this one. Perfect for picnics and travelling days

cookingwithsapana said...

My girls would go gaga over these squares. Even I won't mind finishing them.

Harini R said...

Such an easy and kid friendly bites, Priya. I can imagine a combination of cereals that can be used. Bookmarked.

Ritu Tangri said...

Such an easy and delicious recipe. Kids are going to be gaga over this

Unknown said...

Omg!! those chocolate cereal squares looks so sinful.. Loved how youmade these delectables aks.. I always love your choices of recipes . Each time you surprise me :)

code2cook said...

I imagine myself chewing them while reading book. That crunch sound is there in my ear. so simple and easy to make.

Preeti said...

Love these chocolatey squares.. perfect.