Monday 11 July 2016

Moongdal, Palm Rock Candy Sugar Laddoos/Pasiparuppu Panakalkandu Laddus

I have been posting beautiful diabetic friendly sweets for this week's blogging marathon as i picked Diabetic friendly sweets as theme for this week. After some fabulous steamed sweet dumplings aka kozhukattai, my today's post calls for yellow moongdal aka pasiparuppu. Instead of sugar, i opted for palm rock candy sugar and this healthy rock candy works awesome for making this incredible laddoos. Actually i was bit skeptical to give a try to this laddoos as i dont know how the final result will be. However i dont want to give up and dished out these beauties. Trust me, we just loved this healthy laddoos.

Moongdal, Palm rock candy laddoos, Pasiparupu Panakalkandu Laddu

This laddoos will definitely please everybody's tastebuds, though palm rock candy sugar is used. We always use this candy sugar while making a decocation with dried ginger chunks and few more spices. This rock candy sugar have loads of health benefits and much more superior to the cane sugar candy for their medicinal values. Panakalkandu aka palm rock candy sugar are not that much sweet as like the refined sugar, obviously these sweets balls aka laddoos suits prefect for diabetic peoples with limited consommation.

Pasiparuppu Panakalkandu Laddu

1cup Yellow moong dal
1/2cup Palm rock candy sugar
1/2cup Ghee
6nos Green cardamoms
Finely chopped mixed nuts

Grind together the palm rock candy sugar and cardamoms as fine powder.

Meanwhile dry roast the yellow moongdal until the aroma comes out, keep aside and let it cool completely.

Grind the dry roasted yellow moongdal as fine powder and add now with already powdered sugar-cardamom mixture,finely chopped mixed nuts.

Heat the ghee and add gradually to the flour-palm candy sugar mixture and turns them as round shaped balls.

Arrange them in air tightened box and enjoy.

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Unknown said...

Very yummy!! One small doubt .The palm candy which I get is full of mud .How to remove it?

Priya Suresh said...

Actually palm jaggery will always have mud than palm candy,check with organic shops am sure you will get them without any impurities. Hope this helps.

Ritu Tangri said...

Ladoo look very tempting... Want to grab them now

Srividhya said...

amazing.. perfect round shapes and that serve color and ladoo color combo works great. very tempting.

vaishali sabnani said...

Wow, these are beautiful their texture, must try this method of ladoos.

Srivalli said...

Wow when I saw this pic in my feed I thought it was perfect in shape and must have tasted so yum!

Unknown said...

very nice and interesting ladoos

Smruti Ashar said...

Such wonderful ladoos. I wish I could grab a couple of them!

Pavani said...

Such a nutritious and delicious laddoos Priya.