Monday 18 July 2016

Cumin Flavored Tofu Paratha/Tofu Paratha with Cumin seeds

After paneer, i couldnt resist to prepare some healthy parathas with silken tofu which is simply flavoured with slightly crushed roasted cumin seeds. Cumin seeds gives a pleasant flavor to this healthy and super soft paratha. If you are planning to add tofu in your dishes, just give a try to this fantastic paratha. Though silken tofu is usually used in many desserts, they suits absolutely prefect for making parathas too. Silken tofu grinded as fine paste works awesome for making parathas. It helps a lot to give the softness while making parathas. Trust me kids will definitely enjoy this healthy, protein rich parathas very well with any side dish.

Cumin flavored tofu paratha

Prefect to wrap as sandwich or to pack for lunch, these tofu parathas stays super soft in your kid's lunchbox. Served along with spicy side dish or else rolled as sandwich with any filling, these parathas are excellent for any ages. Since tofu is loaded with proteins, this paratha is an excellent food for vegetarians. Am running this week's blogging marathon with Kid's delight-Lunch box as theme, hence am posting this fantastic tofu paratha for this week's theme.

Cumin Tofu Paratha, Tofu Paratha with Cumin Seeds

3cups Whole wheat flour
1/2cup Silken tofu (pureed)
1tbsp Roasted Cumin seeds
1/2cup Warm water
Oil for cooking
Flour (for dusting)

Take the whole wheat flour,roasted cumin seeds,salt in a bowl.

Gradually add the pureed tofu, warm water and knead as smooth dough, keep aside for half an hour..

Make 8-10 medium sized balls from the dough, dust rolled balls with enough flour and roll as parathas.

Cumin flavoured Silken tofu paratha

Heat a tawa, drop gently the flattened discs,drizzle the oil and cook on both sides until the paratha gets well cooked..

Serve hot with spicy side dish or kurma.

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Srivalli said...

I don't like tofu much and the only one time I ever cooked was to make a stuffed paratha with it. I guess making a roti like this also should address the dislike of the ingredient!..good choice..

Unknown said...

Love those soft looking parathas nice one..

Smruti Ashar said...

Adding tofu to parathas is not only healthy, but also a welcome change from conventional parathas. Lovely pick!

Unknown said...

I don't like tofu much. Probably should try some rotis like this. Good one said...

I do make stuffed tofu parathas n my kids like it, but never incorporated it in dough. It must have made the job easier with the same taste n health benefits

Archana said...

Mmm I too like Valli dont like Tofu. But will try making this paratha

Pavani said...

Adding puréed silken tofu to parathas is a genius idea. Will have to try these some time.

Usha said...

Paratha look so soft. Will have to try it sometime.