Tuesday 17 November 2015

Honey Peanut Butter Sauce

Though many varieties of store bought sauces do exists, nothing can beat the freshly home made, preservative free sauces to enjoy with fritters or with finger foods. Homemade sauces are easy to make some sauces even goes for no cooking, just whisk the ingredients which you need to make a quick sauce and your sauce is ready to relish with your favourite food. My today's recipe is one among the easiest sauce i have prepared at home. Just with 5 ingredients is needed to dish out this nutty and mildly sweet sauce. This sauce makes an awesome accompaniment with raw vegetable sticks,fried samosas or spring rolls else simply to drizzle over your salad if you like peanuts in your dressing.

Honey peanut sauce, Peanut butter dipping sauce

Usually roasted peanuts are used for making this sauce, but still smooth peanut butter can be used to make this ultimate sauce. I simply served this honey peanut sauce with vegetable sticks as a starter for a get together we had during diwali festival with a bunch of friends, they just enjoyed thoroughly this super nutty sauce even kids enjoyed thoroughly as i served some samosas along with. Sending this delicious sauce to this week's blogging marathon as am running with Dips & Sauces as this week's theme.Check out the Blogging Marathon page for the other Blogging Marathoners doing BM#58.

Honey peanut butter sauce,peanutbutter honey sauce

1/4cup Smooth peanut butter
2tbsp Honey
1tsp Lemon juice
Pepper powder
1tbsp Soyasauce

Microwave the peanut butter for 2 minutes in a microwave safe bowl until it gets melted.

Add the honey,lemon juice,pepper powder, soya sauce, whisk everything well.

Serve as sauce.

Honey Peanut butter dipping sauce


Suma Gandlur said...

One yummy and quick sauce.

Srivalli said...

Sounds like a fun option to use honey in it..very nice one.

Srividhya said...

yummy sauce with peanuts.

annuswamy said...

Honey in a sauce sounds interesting..... lovely pictures.

Harini R said...

That is surely a quick and delicious choice for a dip!

cookingwithsapana said...

That sounds a perfect dipping sauce.

Chef Mireille said...

soy sauce and lemon really add a unique twist

Pavani said...

Your peanut butter sauce looks so creamy & delicious.