Sunday 3 January 2016

White Chocolate Maltesers Fudge

Fudge is a kind of confectionary which can be prepared easily with less efforts and with less ingredients. One can dish out this incredible soft and smooth fudge easily though this dish asks for more than two hours of cooling process. Most of us makes fudge with chocolate, sweetened condensed milk while some goes for milk, sugar and butter along with chopped chocolate chunks or chocolate chips. You can add nuts or dry fruits in fudge though my today's fudge goes for maltesers, the addition of maltesers will definitely gives this fudge a fabulous delicious and crunchy texture. When i served this fudges to my kids, they kept on munching. Yes trust me, this dangerously addictive fudges is a big hit among my kids.

White Chocolate Maltesers Fudge

Am running this year's first week's blogging marathon with kid's delight-Finger foods/Party foods as theme and needless to say this dangerously addictive fudge goes for this theme. I used white chocolate for making this fudge, if you want to give a try with milk chocolate, just go on with your favourite chocolate. However anything with chocolate goes definitely to kid's favourite. This fudge asks for less efforts, dont forget to make if you are planning for kid's party or a get together. Am sure this fudge will definitely please anyone's sweet tooth.Check out the Blogging Marathon page for the other Blogging Marathoners doing BM#60.Sending to Kid's delight - Party food hosted by Priya, event by Srivalli.

White Chocolate fudge with maltesers

250grms White chocolate bar (chopped roughly)
1/2 tin Sweetened condensed milk
Maltesers (as per need)

Line a small square baking tray with a baking paper and arrange the maltesers in a single layer over the bottom of the tray.

Take the white chocolate and condensed milk in a microwave safe bowl, melt in for 2minutes (dont forget to take the bowl in between and stir ).

Pour the completely melted mixture over the already prepared baking tray.

Maltesers fudge, white chocolate fudge

Arrange in fridge for 2hours, and lift the fudge gently.

Slice it as small squares and enjoy.


vaishali sabnani said...

Oh that's a super recipe

Gayathri Kumar said...

Wow! My daughter would love it. Looks incredible..

Unknown said...

Looks fab sis

Beena said...

Inviting fudge. Love it

Padmajha said...

OMG! This is such a delicious recipe!! Superb!!

Kalyani said...

such a devlishly delicious recipe :)

Srivalli said...

wow I am sure kids will gobble this..very sinful!

cookingwithsapana said...

Omg the fudge looks so tempting.

Sandhya Ramakrishnan said...

How different and looks super tempting!

Pavani said...

What a delicious treat these fudge are... yummy, yummmy!!!

Harini R said...

Very tempting pieces there!

veena said...

omg omg...drooling here. Vibha will love this for sure