Friday 4 March 2016

Chilled Potato Salad with Yogurt Dressing

Salad with some bread slices makes a prefect meal especially for people who want to diet. Dieting doesn't mean stay hungry, we can eat healthy, fibre rich and low calorie foods happily if you are in diet. One among the salads i recently prepared to fill my hungry tummy is this ultimate salad. Actually this chilled potato salad makes an excellent meal as they are seriously filling, healthy, refreshing and crunchy as this salad goes for easy preparation.I went for an interesting yogurt dressing to dress this healthy salad though you can simply prepare your dressing just with salt, pepper powder and olive oil.

Chilled potato salad, Potato Salad
If you have left over cooked potatoes sitting in your fridge, trust me this salad is definitely very quick to dish out. Apart from it, i used tomatoes, sweet corn kernels along with cooked cubed potatoes to make this healthy salad which is simply flavoured with finely chopped mint leaves as well. You can finish your dinner or lunch happily with a bowl of this chilled potato salad. Am running this week's blogging marathon with 'Salads' as this week's theme. And this salad goes to this week's theme.

Potato,tomato & Corn Salad, Chilled Potato Salad

2cups Cooked and cubed potatoes
2nos Ripen tomatoes (chopped)
1cup Sweet corn kernels
1/2cup Yogurt
Pepper powder
Olive oil (as per need)
2tbsp Mint leaves (chopped)

Whisk together the yogurt, salt, pepper powder, mint leaves in a bowl.

Take the cooked and cubed potatoes, chopped tomatoes, sweet corn kernels in a bowl.

Add in the already prepared yogurt dressing to the vegetables, toss everything gently.

Keep in fridge for half an hour and serve.

Enjoy this refreshing salad.

Mixed vegetable potato Salad, Chilled Potato salad

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Suma Gandlur said...

Simple and filling salad and love the bowl.

Amara’s cooking said...

Very colorful salad, love the simple ingredients and it's healthy too.

MySpicyKitchen said...

Salad looks so refreshing and filling. Perfect salad to satisfy those hunger pangs.

Beena said...

Colorful healthy salad

Ritu Tangri said...

After eating all that calorie laden food during winter, refreshing salads are a boon for weight watchers

annuswamy said...

Its time for salads... what a way to start!

Archana said...

Love the salad and in my place this will be much appreciated.

Gayathri Kumar said...

Looks like a colourful and filling salad..

Harini R said...

My kids love anything potato and so this will get done soon at my end.

Sandhya Ramakrishnan said...

Beautiful salad! Potatoes are definitely filling.

Nalini's Kitchen said...

Colorful looking salad..

Unknown said...

This is my favourite salad. I always search for this salad in resutaurant buffets...

Srivalli said...

Never had a chilled salad priya..very nice one..