Saturday 1 March 2014

Manga,Murungakaai,Paalakottai Kuzhambu/Raw Mango,Drumstick,Jackfruit Seeds Dal Gravy - A Kongu Nadu Special

Did i told you, i came back home with a bunch of Tamil magazine supplements i collected during my three months stay in India. I love going through those supplements and try to recreate many different dishes from those supplements. Today recipe is also from Aval Vikatan supplement called 30 Kongu Nadu Dishes, while going through this supplement i got hooked immediately to this dish. This dish is called kuzhambu but trust me this dish doesnt goes for the famous ingredient tamarind we usually use for making kuzhambu. Its a dal based kuzhambu,sounds interesting na.

This kuzhambu is completely a different one with mild spices which doesnt hurt even a toddler's tummy.This dish is just spiced with a grounded paste of coconut and green chillies and the mild sourness from the raw mango. Obviously you need a spicy side dish to enjoy along with this delicious kuzhambu. If you want a very mild ,spiceless,different kuzhambu, i'll definitely suggest this dish to you.This post goes  for the CC Challenge of the month.

1no Raw Mango (chopped as cubes)
10nos Jackfruit seeds (peeled )
2nos Drumstick (chopped lengthwise)
1/2cup Cooked toor dal
1/4cup Grated coconut
4nos Green chillies (can increase or decrease)
1/2tsp Mustard seeds
1/2tsp Urada dal
2nos Dry red chillies
1/4tsp Turmeric powder
Few curry leaves

Cook the jackfruit seeds with enough water until they turns soft, drain the water,keep aside.

Cook the drumstick and mango pieces with enough water until they turns soft in a vessel.

Meanwhile grind the grated coconut,green chillies as fine paste.

Now add the grounded coconut paste, cooked jackfruit seeds to the cooking drumstick,mango cubes,add enough water,cook for few minutes.

Add the cooked toor dal,turmeric powder,salt to the gravy.

Add water if needed, once the veggies gets well cooked and the gravy turns slight thick,put off the stove.

Heat enough oil for tempering, add the mustard seeds,urad dal,dry red chillies,curry leaves, fry until they turns brown.

Add the tempered spices to the gravy,give a stir.

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Srivalli said...

That's superb combination Priya..very nice..