Friday 11 July 2014

Bombay Toast/Sweet Bread Toast

Bombay toast or French toast, this sweet bread toasts are my favourite since ages, my mom makes often this toast for our evening snacks when i was kid. These sweet bombay toast aka bread toast makes an excellent snack for hungry kids. Back home, mom makes this bread toast with rolled breads in India but here in Paris, i usually prepare this toast with baguette slices. My lil one simply loves this super filling toast very much. Whenever i have some leftover baguette slices, i'll make immediately this toast. Obviously this sweet bread toast is my kids favourite too. These sweet bread toast suits prefectly for anytime of the day,make it for breakfast, lunch or for dinner, am sure kids will go crazy for this addictive sweet bread toast.

Dunno why this sweet bread toast is named as Bombay toast or French toast, but who cares about the name na.  Even a kid can prepare these easy peasy toast with an adult help. However this toast goes for a simple preparation with just 5 ingredients. Yes bread slices, sugar,milk, egg and butter is enough to make this super filling toast.This bombay toast is going to this month's Friendship 5 Series, an event by Geetha and Savitha as the theme of this month is Childhood memories series.

1/2 Baguette (sliced as thick pieces)
1/2cup Milk
1no Egg
3tbsp Sugar
Butter (for cooking)

Add the sugar to the milk, mix well.

Drop the baguette slice one by one to the sweetened milk, let it sit for few seconds,remove the bread slices immediately.

Dip now in the beaten egg on both sides.

Meanwhile heat the butter in a large pan, drop the egg coasted bread slices and cook on both sides until they gets well toasted.

Serve warm.


Shoba said...

Simple and quick to make akka

Sona said...

Delicious bread toast, simple and easy to make... said...

Love this toast, my Mom use to make it using regular bread. Will have to try it with the baguette. Didn't know that it was called Bombay Toast....