Friday 9 October 2015

Hyderabadi Qubani Ka Meetha/Hyderabadi Apricot Dessert

Wiki says Qubani ka meetha is an Indian dessert made from dried apricots originating from Hyderabad. It is a common feature at Hyderabadi weddingsKhubani or Khobani is Urdu for apricot; it is believed that apricots were introduced to the subcontinent by Central Asians.Dried apricots from Afghanistan are especially prized for their flavor. Khubani ka meetha is a very popular dessert of Hyderabadi cuisine.Preparation of the dish involves boiling apricots with syrup until they assume the consistency of a thick soup or compote. The dessert is topped with blanched almonds or apricot kernels, and is traditionally garnished with malai, an extra thick cream, ideally from buffalo milk, but also with custard or ice cream.

Qubani ka meetha, Hyderabadi Stewed Apricot Dessert

Qubani ka Meetha was in my to do list since a long, finally i just dished out this delicious Hyderabadi special dessert at home. During my stay in India, i was very adamant to get dried apricots just to make this ultimate dessert. Thank god, i got a packet of dried apricot and a week back i searched for a prefect qubani ka meetha through google and i landed to Mona's Zaiqa, her site is a place where you can find out fantabulous Hyderabadi dishes. I just followed her recipe and dished out this excellent dessert.Am running my second week of blogging marathon with Desserts as theme, hence am posting this popular Hyderabadi Qubani/Kubani Ka Meetha.

Hyderabadi Qubani Ka Meetha

250grms Dried Apricots/Qubani
A pinch Saffron threads
1/4cup Sugar
5nos Almonds
Thick cream/Custard/Vanilla Ice-cream for serving

Wash and soak the dried apricots overnight in a deep bowl with enough water, so that the water covers them well.

The next day, slit the apricots to remove their seeds and keep them aside in a cup.

Take the slit apricots into a large  saucepan with the soaked liquid. Add sugar and cover the lid. Let it cook on medium heat  until the apricots are very soft.

Add more hot boiling water if needed. Once the done, let it cool down.

Khubani Ka Meetha, Qubani Ka meetha

Soak the badam in a cup of water to loosen their skin. Remove the skin and chop it as small pieces

Once the apricots are cool, pour half of it into a blender  and blend till pureed.

Pour the pureed apricots and the other half of the cooked apricots back into the saucepan and let it cook until it has become thick in consistency.

Garnish with the badam slices.

Serve it chilled topped with fresh thick cream, custard or a generous dollop of  ice cream.

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Varada's Kitchen said...

The name is so unique and so it the dish. Nice one.

vaishali sabnani said...

Ah this meetha has been on my to do list too since a real long time ! Yours has come out so so well . Looks delicious .

Unknown said...

super delicious dessert..yumm

vimalalakshmi said...

different dessert to try this.........

rajani said...

It looks like a beautiful dessert beautifully presented!

Srivalli said...

The bowl looks so beautiful Priya..this has been on my to do list for the longest too!

Harini R said...

The bowl looks sinful, Priya.

Pavani said...

This dish has been on my to-make list for a very very long time. I even bought dried apricots on my last trip to India -- you are tempting me to try this dish soon.

cookingwithsapana said...

Yummy looking khubani ka meetha.

Sowmya :) said...

Wow....such an awesome dessert and quite simple too! Yumm