Monday 24 October 2016

Scallion Naan/Green Onion Naan

I just love scallion flavor in most of my dishes especially this green onions have a milder taste and gives a crunchy texture when added raw in dishes. I never forget to get them if i plan to prepare Chinese foods at home. Since am living in Chinatown i get these scallions easily which is quite a favourite ingredient to Chinese peoples. I have already tried couple of dishes by adding this extremely flavourful green onions, but still i want to include them in our Indian cuisine. Finally after making some chinese dishes, i had some scallions sitting in my fridge which tempted me to give a try to my today's recipe aka Scallion Naan.

Scallion Naan, Yeasted Scallion Naan.jpg

Trust me, we simply loved the addition of scallion in our usual flatbread aka Naan, and this makes this naan more flavourful and tastier when served with some side dish. However my kids enjoyed this naan without any side dish. The flavor of scallions will definitely tempt you to enjoy once the naan gets cooked in tawa. Not to forget this recipe calls for just 4 ingredients if salt and sugar are not considered as an ingredient. You may wonder am talking about 4 ingredients, i have a reason for it yes the theme for this week's blogging marathon is 4 ingredients Recipes and hence am posting this fantastic dish for this week's theme.

Yeasted Scallion Naan,green onion naan.jpg

2cups All purpose flour
1tsp Instant Yeast
3/4cup Luke Warm milk
1tsp Sugar
1/4cup Chopped Scallion/Green Onions

Take the flour,yeast,sugar,salt in a bowl.

Now add gradually the luke warm milk and turn everything as a smooth and soft dough.

Arrange the dough in a bowl, cover it with a damp cloth.Keep in a warm place for an hour.

Once the dough gets rised, punch down and knead again for few minutes.

Divide the dough as 5-6medium sized balls.

Slightly flatten the dough, take the chopped scallions in a flat plate, press the dough on both sides.

Slowly  roll it as a round shaped disc with a rolling pin.

Green Onion Naan, Scallion Naan

Heat the tawa in high flame.Brush some water on one side of the naan.

Drop immediately water brushed side of the naan to the hot tawa.

Once its gets cooked, flip the naan and cook the other side.

Remove the cooked naan from the tawa.

Serve with your favourite side dish.
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vaishali sabnani said...

Love the idea of adding green onions to naan , they must have tasted divine after roasting .

Nalini's Kitchen said...

Same pinch,same theme I am doing for this week.Scallion naan looks amazing must be a flavorful one ..

Harini R said...

I am sure it is very flavorful. My older one loves spring onion.

Chef Mireille said...

looks so warm and fluffy - delicious!