Friday 25 November 2016

Vietnamese Corn Milk Drink - Sua Ngo Sua Bap

When its sweet corn season, dont forget to give a try to this nourishing milk. Simple to make, this extremely delicious corn milk is a must to try if you want to drink a different drink rather than having the usual milk. Prepared with sweet corn kernels and almonds, this milk makes an excellent breakfast drink to enjoy with your favourite breakfast. Trust me, this milk is very versatile and you can make it completely dairy free just by adding more almonds or else substitute the milk with vegan milk like soya milk or rice milk or else with any nuts milk.

Corn Milk, Vietnamese Corn milk

Am running this week's blogging marathon with Special theme - Bookmarked recipes as theme for this week. When i prepared chinese foods for an earlier blogging marathon, i couldnt resist to bookmark this corn milk to give a try a day. Finally i tried my hands and this milk drink came out extremely delicious. Simple and very easy to make, this corn milk is definitely healthy and a kid's friendly drink as well. Give a try and am sure you will definitely love it.

Sua Ngo Sua Bap,Vietnamese Corn milk

3cup Sweet corn kernels
6cup Water
20 Almonds (soaked & deskinned)
1cup Milk
1/4cup Sugar

Grind the sweet corn kernels with almonds, water until they gets well grounded as fine paste.

Pass this grounded paste in a cheese cloth and strain well. Now add the the milk, sugar to the corn mixture.

Boil this mixture for few minutes.

Corn Milk, Sua Ngo Sua Bap

Put off the stove and let the milk gets completely cool.

Conserve in fridge for around 3 days and enjoy.

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vaishali sabnani said...

That's a unique recipe , sounds interesting .

Sharmila kingsly said...

Lovely this corn milk.. This makes my breakfast easy and healthy!!

Pavani said...

Creamy and delicious looking corn milk drink.

cookingwithsapana said...

Healthy and delicious looking milk.

Harini R said...

Lovely looking beverage!

Srivalli said...

What an excellent drink!..Good reading and knowing a new one..very nice!

Chef Mireille said...

so rich and creamy - I made my version a little different but yours looks awesome too!