Friday 26 January 2018

Tawa Whole Wheat Aloo Kulchas/Tawa Potato Kulchas

Kulcha is a variation of Naan, its essentially a Punjabi dish. Though i have already posted few variaties of kulchas in both my spaces, i have still few more to post. Aloo kulcha is my kid's favourite, its quite a filling dish which doesnt need any side dish to relish with. Kulchas can be cooked in tandoor as well as through stove top in tawa. Am running this week's blogging marathon with Kid's delight- Cooking with tawa as theme, after posting two delicious tawa friendly dishes i couldnt stop myself to post my kid's favourite Potato kulchas.

Aloo Kulcha

Very easy to make, this Aloo kulchas suits prefectly to pack in your kid's lunch box, trust me this stuffed flatbreads is definitely a satisfying meal. You can prepare kulchas with different filling as per your desire, however my today's aloo kulcha goes for a simple potato masala which is very quick one to prepare.

Potato kulchas, Aloo Kulcha

2cups Whole wheat flour
1tsp Baking powder
1/2tsp Baking soda
1tsp Salt
1tsp Sugar
3tbsp Oil
1/4cup Yogurt
1/4cup Warm milk

For Stuffing:
4nos Potatoes (medium,cooked and mashed)
1tsp Red chilly powder
Few chopped coriander leaves
1/2tsp Roasted cumin powder
1/4tsp Chaat masala

In a bowl, take all the ingredients given for stuffing and mix well with your fingers, make 8-10 balls from the stuffing and keep aside

Mix the flour,baking soda, baking powder, oil, yogurt, sugar and salt in a bowl.

Add gradually the warm milk and turn everything as a soft but not a sticky dough, cover the bowl with a damp cloth and keep aside for half an hour.

Now flatten a portion of the dough, place enough stuffing in the centre.

Fold the dough to form a ball, dust the dough with flour and gently flatten them as round disc.

Heat few drops of oil, gently drop the flattened kulcha.

Cook on both sides until the kulchas turns golden brown.

Serve hot.



Preeti said...

Kulcha looks good n crisp...nice recipe but its little thick compare to authentic one.

Priya Suresh said...

@preeti gupta, am not trying to post the authentic one, its for kids, obviously i opted for the mini versions of kulchas.

Harini R said...

I am sure the kids will love this version of aloo kulcha in their lunch box.

Pavani said...

Soft, fluffy and delicious sooo kulcha Priya. They look very inviting.

Unknown said...

They are stuffedd so well and sure kids would have loved and enjoyed eating them. they are very tempting actually. Shaped them so well.

Amina Creations said...

wow.. kulchas look so yummy.. my mouth is watering now...

Rafeeda AR said...

Kids and adults both alike will love this in their lunch box! Looks so delicious and well made too...

Sandhya Ramakrishnan said...

I love how you have made it into mini pockets. The kids would love this mini kulcha and it is also very filling.

Usha said...

Aloo kulchas look delicious and it makes a filling meal, either for breakfast or as a lunch.

Srivalli said...

Priya I was sure you have all the versions already on the blog..hehehe..anyway this is a lovely dish to pack and I won't mind making these for myself..

cookingwithsapana said...

Tawa potato kulcha looks so delicious with that spicy potato filling.

Suja Ram said...

Soft and tall Kulchas with a lot of stuffing, definitely my kind of variation. my kids are fond of this type too!

Archana said...

Delicious Kulchas. It is a mistake that I am looking at the posts after lunch.
Thanks for linking to Cooking on Tawa.