Thursday 19 July 2018

Melon Balls in Orange-Lavender Syrup

Looking for an easy breezy, summer style dessert for your meal or for a get together, i have something to share with you. My today's post is an excellent summer friendly dessert, which is definitely a quick dessert to prepare. Scooping melon balls may take some time but trust me its one of the quite interesting, fruity dessert to relish after a meal. This dessert can be prepared a day earlier, obviously you doesnt need to worry about to prepare these sort of desserts. I opted for an aromatic syrup to serve this melon balls. Once its summer here, you can see lavender plants shows their head in every corner of the streets or in gardens. We have planted some lavender plants in our school garden during spring season . After three months,lavender sprigs are just prefect to harvest to prepare some pot pourri (which is a mixture of dried naturally fragrant plants) or else to use in cooking or baking.

Melon Balls in Lavender Orange Syrup

I came back home with few lavender sprigs, after preparing a small pot of pot pourri with them, i decided to prepare a dessert with those lavenders as my theme for this blogging marathon calls for single serve desserts. When its summer here, you can see couple of summer fruits in every fruit shops and i love summer here as i get my favourite melon fruits. I can finish my lunch or dinner with half of the canteloupe melon, yes i love this fruit that much. Hence i decided to go with a simple aromatc dessert with my favourite fruits. Apart from making a simple lavender sugar syrup, this dessert is very easy to prepare. No much efforts is needed, if you dont have melon baller gadeget, just cut the melon as small chunks and prepare this dessert. An excellent summer dessert to try with easily available summer fruits in your place.

Melon in Lavender Orange syrup

1 Canteloupe melon
1/4cup Sugar
3sprigs Lavender
1cup Fresh orange juice

Bring boil sugar with a cup of water and lavender sprigs until the sugar gets dissolves.

Now strain the sugar syrup and let it cool completely.

Meanwhile scoop the melon as small balls with melon baller gadget. Take the melon balls in a bowl.

Add the orange juice, cooled lavender syrup. Give a stir.

Summer dessert melon in lavender syrup

Place the bowl in fridge for atleast two hours before serving.

Serve chilled.

You can prepare the same dessert with any sort of melons.

However canteloupe melons works absolutely tremendous for preparing this dessert.

Melon balls in Orange Lavender Syrup

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Varada's Kitchen said...

This is a very interesting dessert. The lavender flavor infused with lavender springs sounds delicious.

Rafeeda AR said...

Wow... very simple yet so full of flavors, and very healthy too!

Harini R said...

That truly makes an exotic dessert, Priya. Would love to work with lavender.

Sandhiya said...

Wow, you used the fresh lavender spring for flavoring, that's awesome. The dessert looks absolutely delicious and i would like to grab those glasses right now.

Srivalli said...

Wow Priya, this is simply too good!..what a brilliant idea!..I am sure this will be a hit in any party!

Sowmya :) said...

Wow! That looks so refreshing...infusing lavender is brilliant!!

code2cook said...

Thats cool, what a quick recipe, it will taste awesome if chilled. melon in orange juice sounds great

Ritu Tangri said...

LAvander, orange and melon....must be a super hit combo

Chef Mireille said...

I love anything with lavender and this sounds like a great way to use it

cookingwithsapana said...

I love lavender flavor in any dish. This looks a wonderful way to enjoy.