Tuesday 17 July 2018

Pineapple Basundi/Single Serve Exotic Basundi

Basundi, this word itself makes me drool, i just love milk based sweets very much. Yes my sweet tooth craves always for some milk sweets. Though we have few Indian sweet shops in Paris, i love to prepare myself those easily available sweets at home. However i love to experiment in my kitchen rather than grabbing some from shops. Coming to my today's single serve desserts, yes my theme for this week's blogging marathon is single serve desserts, i opted for a fruit loaded basundi. Basundi is prepared by reducing milk to half of the quantity.Its quite a fantabulous sweet, one can enjoy this dessert along with some deep fried pooris, actually basundi makes an excellent pair with pooris. However people enjoy basundi chilled as much as like rabdi, an another milk dessert prepared almost like basundi.

Pineapple Basundi, Basundi with pineapple

To bring the fruit flavor to basundi, i opted for Pineapple chunks which is cooked separately and added finally once the basundi gets ready. Since i want to keep the pineapple flavor, i skipped saffron strands and nuts in this dish. However its depends upon your tastebuds, if you want to add both saffron and nuts, please do add them. I want to keep myself as fruity basundi hence i dished it out simply with pineapple chunks. We loved this dessert very much, and am sure that fruits like mango, litchi works awesome to prepare some exotic basundi. Give a try and let me know.

PIneapple Basundi

1litres Full fat milk
1/2cup Sugar
1/2tsp Cardamom powder
1/2cup Pineapple chunks
Few drops Pineapple essence (optional)

Take the milk in a heavy bottomed pan and cook in medium flame. Remove two spoons of milk and drop the saffron strands in it, let it sit for a while

Reduce the flame and cook on a slow flame, stir continously till the volume is reduced to half, for approximately an hour, dont forget to scrap the sides of the pan.

Add the sugar and cook on a slow flame till the milk thickens stirring continuously and scraping the sides of the pan.

PIneapple Basundi, Exotic basundi

Meanwhile in an another pan, cook the pineapple chunks with a spoon of sugar until they gets hald cooked, put off the stove and let it cool completely.

Finally add the cardamom powder and cook on a slow flame for another 20 minutes. Let the basundi gets cool a bit.

Add the pineapple chunks, give a stir.

Spoon the pineapple basundi in glasses and place them in fridge for an hour.

Serve chilled.

Basundi pineapple basundi



Varada's Kitchen said...

Basundi on its own is a treat. When paired with pineapple it sounds divine.

Rafeeda AR said...

I love basundi, adding the pineapple makes it a notch higher... yum!

Nalini's Kitchen said...

Never tried basundi with pineapple,must be treat for sweet lovers.

Harini R said...

Basundi is such a sinful treat. As you mentioned, I am imagining pairing basundi with puris..oh my! The addition of pineapple is just genius.

Sandhiya said...

Adding pineapple in basundi sounds awesome. Love the color that you got that basundi, very inviting and delicious.

Srivalli said...

What a fantastic dessert to enjoy Priya, sounds so delicious.

Chef Mireille said...

i've yet to try basundi but since i'm a sucker for milky creamy desserts - I am sure I will love it and especially with the added pineapple

Sowmya :) said...

Pineapple and basundi sound like a delightful combination...must try this!!

code2cook said...

This sounds interesting. How was it after adding in milk? did milk curdle? Lookwise it is very inviting and delicious.

Ritu Tangri said...

Basundi in itself is so delicious and addictive dessert. Adding of pineapple must have enhanced its taste many folds

cookingwithsapana said...

Pineapple basundi must have tasted amazing as pineapple itself taste fabulous and in basundi it would be a double treat.