Thursday 3 October 2013

Rocky Road Bars

None will complain having this fantastic,super chocolatey nutty bars either in their lunchbox or in their snack box. They are seriously very easy,handy and definitely an addictive snacks. Eventhough this rocky road bars goes for marshmallows,nuts,crushed biscuits, the dark chocolate chips used in this bars gives them mild sweetness when compared to the store bought ones. For this recipe, i used whole almonds, and marshmallows, since i dont get mini marshmallows i opted for the medium sized ones which i cut as two small pieces. If you dont like almonds, you can replace it very well walnuts, peanuts and gelatin in place of sweetened condensed milk. You can make the variations as you wish but however i like this recipe very much.

Today am starting blogging marathon and am running for three days, i chosed chocolates as theme for this week and obviously the next two days are going to be desserts or snack foods with chocolates. Do enjoy my virtual chocolate treats and dont forget to make these rocky road bars if you crave for some.An easy breezy chocolatey bars, a kid's friendly choco bars.

1cup Almonds (whole or chopped)
1can Sweetened condensed milk
2tbsp Butter
2cups Dark chocolate chips
2cups Marshmallows (mini or medium sized cut as two small pieces)
1/2cup Crushed biscuits

Line a square baking pan with baking sheet or wax paper..

Take the marshmallows, almonds, crushed biscuits in a bowl and keep aside.

Take the sweetened condensed milk, butter, chocolate chips in a large pan.

Cook in simmer and stir continously until the chocolate chips melts and turns as silky chocolate sauce.

Let it cool for 5 minutes.

Pour this chocolate mixture over the already prepared nuts-marshmallow mixture, mix gently until they gets combined.

Pour this mixtures into the already prepared pan.

Keep the pan in fridge for 2 hours or until its sets.

Remove from the pan and cut as squares.



Unknown said...

looks delicious akka

Anonymous said...

Definitely better than those store bought ones.. looks lovely and the method is so simple..