Sunday 20 October 2013

Village Style Thakkali Sambhar/Tomato Sambhar

We love tomato sambhar very much, i often make them for our lunch and serve them even for our dinner with idlies or dosas. But recently i crossed this village style thakkali sambhar aka tomato sambhar in an another Snegithi supplement called 30varieties sambhar.While going through it, i found that this sambhar goes for easy breezy preparation just with a couple of ingredients like onions, juicy tomatoes, sambhar powder, green chillies,tamarind juice and the famous seasoning spice called vadagam. South Indians use vadagam for tempering their gravies, this seasoning spice mixture is prepared yearly once with onions and many more spices during summer season and they conserved properly in air tightened box for further use.

Whatever flavoured with this vadagam will take you to an another world, they will change the taste of any dishes they are added and we often use this seasoning mixture in our kaara kuzhambus aka tamarind based gravies. Seriously if you want to make a different,flavourful,simple and quick sambhar,make this village style sambhar with juicy tomatoes.This mildly tangy sambhar goes as a side dish with idlies,dosas or rotis. Make them and enjoy thoroughly for anytime of the day from breakfast to lunch.Sending to Srivalli's Side dish mela and to my event CWS-Toordal guest hosted by Madhavi of Madhu's Indian Recipes.This post goes also for the CC Challenge of the month.

1cup Cooked toor dal
2nos Onions (medium and chopped)
4nos Tomatoes (juicy and chopped)
Few curry leaves
1tsp Sambhar powder
3nos Green chillies (slit opened)
4nos Garlic cloves (crushed)
1/4cup Tamarind extract
1tsp Vadagam/South Indian seasoning
1/4tsp Asafoetida powder
Chopped coriander leaves

Heat enough oil, add the vadagam,asafoetida powder and fry until a nice aroma comes from.

Add the chopped onions, curry leaves,slit oepend green chillies, saute and cook for few minutes.

Add in the chopped tomatoes, curry leaves and salt, cook until the tomatoes turns mushy.

Now add the cooked toor dal,sambhar powder, water and bring it to boil.

Cook for few minutes, add the tamarind extract and cook again.

Finally add in the chopped coriander leaves and put off the stove.

Enjoy with rice and potato fry.

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