Tuesday 23 September 2014

Barnyard Millet & Sprouted Greengram Pongal/Kuthiraivaali Ven Pongal

Cooking with millets became one of my favourite culinary experiments which i never ever want to give up for any sake.Actually am trying to add various millets which i carried all the way from India whenever i feel like feeding millets instead of rice to everyone at home. I have  tried various dishes with different millets and my small family started loving these healthy dishes. One of my recent trial with Barnyard millet aka Kuthiraivaali or Kuthiravalli is this super healthy,protein packed pongal. Pongal is a south Indian breakfast dish which is prepared simply by cooking both rice and yellow moongdal together, this dish sounds almost like North Indian kichadi eventhough the tempering part of this South Indian pongal goes for nuts and different spices than the usual tempering spices. Usually Pongal can be eaten for breakfast or for dinner, however i'll like to pack them even for lunch whenever i feel lazy to cook.

Kuthiraivalli venpongal, Kuthiravaali Mulaikattina Payaru Pongal, Baryard Millet & sprouted green gram pongal

Today's recipe goes for healthy ingredients, Barnyard millet and sprouted green grams are used in this dish which gives an excellent nutritional value to this Pongal. You can serve this pongal very well to any ages as it is packed with proteins. Homemade green gram sprouts are used in this recipe, however you can replace very well with soaked whole green grams or simply with yellow split moongdal, however if you want to make a healthy pongal just try this dish with millets and green gram sprouts. My kids enjoyed this pongal thoroughly with coconut chutney while i had this healthy dish with tomato chutney. Sending this nutritious millets pongal to to Indus Ladies Kids Lunch Box Recipes.

Baryard Millet & sprouted green gram pongal, Kuthiraivaali Venpongal

1cup Barnyard millet/Kurthiraivaali
1/2cup Sprouted green gram
1tsp Ginger (crushed)
1cup Milk
2cups Water
1tsp Cumin seeds
1tbsp Peppercorns
1/4tsp Asafoetida powder
Few curry leaves
Few cashew nuts
2tbsp Oil
1tbsp Ghee

Wash the Sprouted green gram and barnyarmillet together.

Take everything in a pressure cooker along with milk,water,crushed ginger and salt,close the cooker with lid and put the weight.

Pressure cook everything for 2-3whistles and put off the stove.

Once the steam get released, heat the oil and ghee together..

Fry the cumin seeds, peppercorns,curry leaves, cashew nuts,asafoetida powder until they turns brown.

Add these tempered spices to the cooked barnyardmillet-green gram mixture and give a stir..

Serve hot with spicy coconut chutney or tomato chutey.


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intersting one, dear...

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I just had this last week.. Looks yum! healthy one

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Pongalum kothsum, paarkave sema temptinga irukku..

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Very healthy and tasty dish!

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Very healthy and innovative dish