Thursday 12 July 2018

Instant Bread Dosa/Bread & Semolina Dosa

No dosa batter at home, dunno what to cook for your breakfast?? dont worry i have an instant dosa version to please your tastebuds. Very quick to prepare, my today's post is definitely a must to try if you want to have quick and easy dish for your breakfast. Instant dosas are seriously a life saver, just prepare the dosa batter by combining the ingredients, then let them sit for few minutes before making dosas out of them. You can finish your breakfast or dinner without any fuss with these instant dosas. I used wholewheat bread slices to prepare this dosa, semolina plays an important role to dish out these ultimate dosas.

Bread Semolina Dosa,Instant Bread Dosa

Am running this week's blogging marathon with Instant dishes as theme, after two interesting easy and instant versions my today's posts goes to this easy breezy bread semolina dosa. Makes these savory pancakes with less efforts and satisfy some hungry tummies around you if you dont have dosa batter at home. Also this bread dosa is definitely a wonderful dish to finish stale breads as they are just prefect to make this bread dosas. Dish out these dosas and do let me know.

Instant Bread Dosa, Bread Rava Dosa

4-5 large Bread slices(remove the crusts)
1/2 cup Semolina
1/2 cup Curd
2tsp Rice flour

Take the bread slices, semolina, curd, rice flour and salt in a blender, add enough water and blend until they turns as much as dosa batter.

Keep aside for half an hour.

If your batter is thick, add water to turn as pouring batter consistency.

Heat a tawa or griddle, drop a ladle full of batter and spread as dosa.

Bread dosa, Instant Bread Dosa

Drizzle oil and cook on both sides until the dosa turns golden brown.

Serve hot with any sort of chutneys.

You can add chopped onions, chopped chillies and coriander leaves to make this dosa more flavourful.

Instant Bread Dosa



shweta said...

Wow Dosa from bread !! Never thought of this idea .. I have had the Semolina and All -purpose flour instant dosa , but this is good in case maida is over at home.

Varada's Kitchen said...

Wow! Using bread slices for batter is very innovative. The golden brown dosa looks perfect.

farah saleem said...

bread slices?????????/priya!!! are u serious! wow!

Srivalli said...

This was one of the initial dosas I had made for Dosa mela and loved it...your dosas have turned out so good!

Sowmya :) said...

Wow, dosa with bread sounds awesome. They have turned out perfect.y golden brown...lip smackingly good!

vaishali sabnani said...

Super innovative recipe from your treasure box . Loved this instant version of Dosa and definitely worth trying .

Harini R said...

That is a wonderful way to use stale bread. The dosas look so appetizing.

Ritu Tangri said...

That's great Priya... Instant bread dosa...Wow! I liked it the most because with this I can finish up my leftover bread after bread making trials or sometimes failed trials :D

code2cook said...

loved the idea of another use of bread. soft dosa with chutney looking delicious.

Gayathri Kumar said...

This is quite interesting Priya. I have never tried this. The dosas look amazingly crispy and I would love to dig in..

preeti garg said...

Bread dosa is really interesting version and very quick also.

cookingwithsapana said...

I have never heard about bread dosa before, but it looks super inviting to try.