Tuesday 10 September 2013

Drumstick & Jackfruit Seeds Curry

We South Indians,cant imagine serving a meal without a side dish or dry curries. We do varieties of side dishes and obviously we try to serve two side dishes atleast for a simple lunch or dinner. Coming to this curry, this dish is a signature dish of my grandma who makes varieties of foods that too with freshly plucked veggies. She always makes this drumstick and jackfruit seeds curry, whenever its a peak season of jackfruits. My maternal uncle never failed to get a huge jackfruit from the nearby city which is quite famous for this fruit and we love eating jackfruits with honey. Once we get finished with the fruit, my grandma or my maternal aunt will definitely make this curry with freshly plucked drumsticks and jackfruit seeds. I love this curry with sambhar and rasam rice.

This curry goes for vadagam, a flavoured seasoning which is prepared mainly with onions and few more spices, this vadagam is prepared every year during summer and conserved in huge pots or bottles for tempering curries,gravies or sometimes sambhars too. This vadagam will give a distinct flavour to this curry, if you dont have vadagam,you can still make this curry just by replacing them with usual tempering.

25nos Jackfruit seeds (cooked)
3nos Drumsticks (chopped as medium sized pieces)
5nos Garlic pods
1no Onion (big & chopped finely)
2nos Tomatoes (chopped)
1tsp Vadagam or 1tsp mustard seeds+urad dal
1tsp Chilly powder
1tsp Coriander powder
Curry leaves

Heat enough oil, let crack the mustard seeds and cumin seeds or fry the vadagam.

Now add the chopped onions,garlic pods,curry leaves and chopped tomatoes, saute until the onions turns transculent.

Add the drumsticks pieces, already cooked jackfruit seeds, cook for few minutes.

Finally add the chilly powder, coriander powder, salt  to the veggies, cook everything in medium flame,sprinkle some water, cover it with lid closed, until the veggies get well cooked..

Serve hot with rice..

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