Monday 16 September 2013

Sago Badam Kheer/Javvarisi Badam Payasam

Happy Onam wishes to all my mallu friends..

Am celebrating today onam with a delicious,nutty and very aromatic kheer prepared simply with sago aka sabudana ,which is cooked in a grounded almond and chironji paste along with saffron strands. This kheer is just amazing with a super nutty texture. Usually we make badam kheer simply with almonds, but for a change i prepared the usual badam kheer with sago and this combination is just mindblowing. Actually i mixed both sago kheer and badam kheer which makes a fantastic sago badam kheer.

If you want to make a different,delicious and innovative kheer, dont forget to make this combination, am sure this kheer suits prefectly for any occasions. This very rich kheer makes a royal dessert for a simple lunch  as well as definitely a crowd pleaser, serve chilled or warm this kheer is just out of the world.

1/2cup Sago/Sabudana/Javvarisi
3cups Milk
15nos Almond (peeled)
2tbsp Chironji seeds
3/4cup Sugar
Few Saffron strands
1/2tsp  Cardamom powder

Soak the almonds and chironji seeds in warm water.

Grind the soaked nuts as fine paste with enough water or milk,keep aside.

Meanwhile wash and drain the sago..

Bring boil a cup of water, add the sago to it and cook until they gets half cooked.

Add the milk, sugar, grounded nuts paste, saffron strands to the cooking sago.

Once sago gets well cooked, add the cardamom powder and put off the stove.

Serve warm or chilled topped with some chironji seeds.

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