Friday 13 September 2013

Pomegranate Juice

Fresh juices have their important place in our diet,my kids love freshly squeezed juices from any fruits. Its quite a daily routine for me to serve fresh juices for their breakfast. Pomegranate is a seasonal fruit here and we get them only during summer abundantly, this juice is in my draft since a long and i want to post it today. This juice is a simple,quick,refreshing,healthy,sugarless and a fabulous drink to have if you have an hectic day in front of you.

I used agave syrup in this juice, mostly pomegranates we get here are very sweet so obviouslymost of the time i dont add sugar or either honey. This time my lil one asked me to add some sweetness thats why i have added some agave syrup in this juice, if you dont have agave syrup still you can add both sugar or honey.

2cups Pomegranate seeds
3cups Chilled water
A pinch of salt
Agave syrup (as per need)

Take the pomegranates seeds, salt, water, agave syrup in a blender.

Blend everything nicely until its turns as a smooth paste.

Strain the juice with a strainer.

Serve with icecubes.

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