Wednesday 7 May 2014

Flaxseed Rasam Powder/Alsi Rasam Powder

Rasam is a part of our daily meal, i cant imagine a day without rasam and obviously i make my fresh batch of rasam powder every month. We can survive for many days with rasam and even my kids can have their food without any complaint if they have their dose of rasam for their lunch. Usually i make my mom's style of rasam powder, you can check here.. But this time i want to make few changes and ended up with this incredible rasam powder. Yes this rasam powder goes for the incredible fibre rich seeds aka Flaxseeds. Actually its quite difficult and challenging to add this seeds in our daily menu, one of the most popular technique to add this flaxseeds are by grinding them as fine powder and using them in bakes or breads. They are wonderful egg substitutes in case if you are making eggless bakes.But trust me this seeds are very versatile, you can add them in our Indian cuisine in various way, either making spice powder out of it or else just adding them as powder in our curries and gravies. Will try to post different spice powders am going to make out of this interesting seed soon.

Coming to today's post, this rasam powder is definitely an interesting way to add this seeds in our daily diet. This seed is very much rich in antioxidant than blueberries or else olives. The addition of flax seeds doesnt change the taste this rasam powder, if you dont reveal the secret seed in this powder none will notice it.Obviously its a best way to sneak this healthy seeds in our diet.This podi is going to be a part of Friendship 5 Series an event by Geetha and Savitha.

1+1/2cup Coriander seeds
1/2cup Black peppercorns
1/2cup Cumin seeds
1/4cup Flaxseeds/Alsi
1/4tsp Asafoetida powder
1tbsp Toor dhal
1tbsp Channa dhal
1/4tsp Fenugreek seeds
10nos Dry Red chillies
3sprigs Curryleaves
1tsp Turmeric powder

Dry roast all the spices one by one everything without oil in simmer except the turmeric powder.

Let them cool completely and grind as bit coarse powder with turmeric powder.

Conserve them in air tightened bottle.

Serve them as per ur need.

1/2tsp of this rasam powder is largely enough to prepare a bowl of rasam.



ரொம்ப நன்றாக இருக்கின்றது...Flax Seeds சேர்ப்பது இப்படி அரைத்து சேர்ப்பது மிகவும் சூப்பர்ப்....

Baskaran said...

I have read somewhere that flax seeds lose their essential oils and neutrients if toasted or dry heated and hence the benefits of flax seeds are lost.It is even suggested to be stored cool if required to be preserved for a longer duration. Your comments please

Unknown said...

Rasam powder looks so spicy and flavorful...

Priya Suresh said...

Baskaran, thanks for ur comment, while googling i got a prefect answer for ur question.Flax seed that is roasted maintains the nutritional values of the seed .This is due to the seed hulls being weakened by the roasting. Merely chewing the tasty seed breaks the hull, thereby releasing all the omega oils and lignans essential for good health.

What makes roasted flax seed so popular is the fact that it contains Omega 3 fatty acids. As Omega 3 is not produced by the body,hope this helps..Btw flaxseed oil lose its health benefits if they are heated or used for cooking..

great-secret-of-life said...

so interesting twist.. will try next time

Priya said...

So from now on i will hunt for flax seeds .Looks so yummy and perfect powder .May be we can include in idli podi too right .Another way of including them in diet ..

Unknown said...

Flax seed in Rasam sounds interesting dear!!! bookmarked Will try and let you

chow and chatter said...

i really need to try making curry powders lucky my mum in law makes for us said...

Useful post.vl try it