Sunday 11 May 2014

Puffed Wheat Chocolate Bars

Puffed wheat or godhuma poori, a new addition in my pantry from Organic store.I got few packets from India and back home seriously want to make some quick and guilt free snacks with it. But my kids want something with chocolates for their snack boxes, trust me i was like oh no, not again chocolates.I couldnt resist to my lil one's demand and finally i ended up making this crunchy munchy chocolate bars with those humble puffed wheat and creamy peanut butter.

This peanut butter and chocolate combination works seriously awesome and with less efforts, with less ingredients and in less time, i prepared this beautiful snacking bars to my kids.These bars are seriously very addictive, dangerously attractive and none cant stop munching with just one bar of this crunchy munchies. This bars are completely fat free and no butter or any oil is added to this bars.If you dont get puffed wheats, just give a try with rice cereals or simply with cornflakes. Now the choice is yours and am sure these easy breezy bars suits prefectly for your kid's snackbox.Check out the Blogging Marathon page for the other Blogging Marathoners doing BM#40. Sending this pancakes to Kid's Delight-Fat Free Kid's Friendly Recipes guest hosted by me, an event by Srivalli..

2cups Puffed wheat
1cup Chocolate chips
2tsp Honey
1/4cup Peanut Butter

Line baking sheet in a square baking pan, keep aside.

Heat the chocolate chips,honey and peanut butter in a pan in low flame.

Let the chocolate melts completely, add immediately the puffed wheat.

Mix well until the wheat puffs gets well coated with the chocolate mixture.

Transfer it immediately to the lined baking pan,spread evenly, keep aside and let them cool completely.

Arrange in fridge for an hour or two hours.

Remove from fridge, slice it as squares.

Arrange in air tightened box.

Enjoy this guilt free evening snack bars or as breakfast cereal bars.


Srivalli said...

What a fantastic snack Priya! I haven't used puffed wheat till now, should see if we get it here..the bars will be a great and healthy one for snacking..

Unknown said...

Wow these look amazing and so easy!

vaishali sabnani said...

The bars look fantastic..but dont think we get the puffed wheat here..:(

pavispassion said...

Wow nice recipe surprised I didn't heard about puffed wheat before from where we get ?

Unknown said...

Puffed Wheat very new to me!! Beautiful bar dear

Denny said...

wow..looks great. Never heard of puffed wheat, but making these chocolate squares for kids is a great idea!

Sherin said...

delish.. they remind me of chikki - peanut brittle.

Pavani said...

Yummy.. Interesting use of puffed wheat.

Sandhya Ramakrishnan said...

These are so kid's friendly...I have not used puffed wheat before and this is very interesting!

Archana said...

Thats puffed wheat? Seriously? Wow Iam trying it out.

Harini R said...

Fantastic bars! I really should lay my hands on puffed wheat

Varada's Kitchen said...

Never used puffed wheat before. This is a really nice recipe to try. The bars looks really good.

Suma Gandlur said...

I have used puffed wheat as a cereal but this fudge idea is fantastic.